Shoppers Credit & Debit Cards May Be Declined From Monday / Hugo Talks

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  1. Any money you have in a bank, in FIAT currency, is not your money, it is their money, as they have centralized control over your access to it.
    Cryptocurrency, especially private coins like Monero & Pirate Chain are the only way toopt out of their system so as to have financial freedom.., fungible, anonymous, untrackable, untraceable, untaxable transactions..

    • Tell that to the Russians who had their accounts blocked by crypto exchange Coinbase, you crypto shill.

      • Crypto wallets can ony be blocked if they are stored online, in exchanges like Coinbase. Anyone thinking of starting in crypto should investigate self owned wallets. These are usually electronic, encrypted, offline devices. Since you own the wallet details and not an exchange, they cannot be blocked.

      • Yes. Exactly. I keep telling people that the moment “they” decide to, your crypto will disappear in a puff of smoke. You really think they don’t know how to close it down when they feel like it? Wake up FFS.

    • Cash.. fungible, anonymous, untrackable, untraceable, untaxable transactions… financial freedom

      • And that’s why “they” hate it. No control.
        As Bertolt Brecht once said: “Bank robbery is a dilettante venture. True professionals start a bank!”

    • Codes being texted has already started in US. Also with Android forcing you to use Chrome. What can be done? 🤷🏽‍♀️Hooked my cable TV, I had to download an app for it to be activated 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Nah,,, it’s just another step closer to the ‘Bank Bail-In’. People maybe need to start emptying their accounts before the banks claim it!

      • As I see it, a lot of people live off their credit card and are constantly overdrawn. They have changed the fees for doing that to a minimum compared to what it was before. So I doubt many people actually have money in the bank. Normal people, that is.
        Sadly in this area you can get pretty much F***All when it comes to anything other than food, even in the the nearest city it’s not much better. So online shopping for those goods it is. Paypal is sending codes via Whatsapp. Strangely, on the phone you can only block them, only way to get rid of them is via the PC app.

    • @davidjcaron “Any money you have in a bank, in FIAT currency, is not your money, it is their money, as they have centralized control over your access to it.”

      It’s worse than that, for they tell you in (((their))) wording = they DEPOSE you of your money when you deposit it. Money should be placed in a REPOSIT account, not a DEPOSIT account.

  2. We can’t win can we! It’s either Australia or NZ where they’ve got rid of all the ATM’s! Why is it that I click the box to remember my email address but it never does!

    • I live in Australia and even though a few years ago they got rid of some AGM machines there are still enough here to withdraw cash through them.I mostly use cash here no problem at the moment.

  3. i know from personal experience that the royal bank of scotland have been heavily stopping alot of my online payments. I do not have a mobile phone and have a home number only. now my bank will not send me authorization codes to my phone thus stopping me from buying things online. I think the rbs is close to going bankrupt and are trying to stop people from spending money

  4. They are doing this everytime you login into Gmail in Canada already

  5. Why have the supermarkets separated the tills for paying with cash from the tills taking payment from cards?
    And why have all the self service tills now got screens showing a live cam of the customer. I have asked the employees working in the supermarkets and none seem to know why.

    • My guess is so theycan scan your face “ Face ID “ and they’ll then check your I’d against a list of criminals & probably label you one even when your not that’s what I heard anyway & tbh I wouldn’t put nothing past those evil bastards they’ll try anything & everything if they think thru can get away with it

      • Facial recognition has already begun in NYC and some airports has started, saying you will get through faster

    • The Coop has face recognition cameras at their self-service checkouts which are manufactured and operated by a Chinese company.

      • I did not know it was run by a Chinese company. Thankyou for telling me

    • I cover up the camera with a little sticker while I’m still just out of shot. You can peel one off a product you’re buying. I don’t remove the sticker when I leave!

      • Great idea thanks, i will spread the word

  6. They know the people are so brainwashed now that they can do anything.

  7. WTF evil bastards they’re bloody well asking for it and they’re gonna fucking get it big time

  8. May not just be the banks encouraging mobile phone verification. I use DuckDuckGo as my browser as much as possible and I’ve noticed that using it, I can log into my bank account (B of S) without phone verification – Google always requires it.

  9. Shove it up there arse…
    Others can shove there phones up there arse as i see too many brain fucked and stuck to them like glue which includes anti social behavioir and people lose what social skills they have left after taking off there face nappys…

  10. Yes i had a letter from the bank on Friday saying. Thought it was really odd. If i start leaving my phone in the car and using cash can i get round it? What if they start getting rid of atm’s? “Which report” have got a petition to stop the digital currency and keep cash. Signed it a few months ago.

    • I have an email saying my bank will have further security if I used a card online but I think I need to read it dont I

  11. I received the following from Barclaycard last week.

    “In line with new regulations, you might start to see a few extra checks when you shop online. This is to confirm it’s really you using your card so we can help protect you better from fraud and keep your money safe.

    When we need to carry out these checks, you’ll see a pop-up screen at the checkout.

    How to confirm your payments

    Choose from one of the following

    >If you’re registered, the quickest and easiest way is using the Barclaycard app – confirming it’s you takes just a few taps

    >Text message – we’ll send a code to your mobile for you to enter on the payment screen

    >PINsentry card reader – you generate a code that you enter on payment screen

    It’s important we have your current mobile number. If you already have the app, you can check and update this by tapping on the profile icon in the top left of the app homepage and scroll down to ‘Phone number(s)’.

    If you’re not already an app user you can download the Barclaycard app from the Apple app store or Google Play store (You need to be 18 or over to access this product or service using the app.T&Cs apply).

    Retailers should be ready by 14 March

    Some retailers haven’t updated their payment systems yet. This means online card payments to them might be declined, even if there’s no issue with your card or account.

    If your payment is declined

    If you didn’t get a pop-up screen but there’s enough money in your account, it’s likely that the retailer hasn’t updated their systems yet. You should contact them directly and ask about alternative ways they can accept your payment.

    We’re here to help

    You can find more information online – search ‘Barclaycard strong customer authentication’.

    Kind regards

    The Barclaycard team”.

    I do not yet know what “regulations” are being referred to but I intend finding out.

    • I bank with Santander, they got taken over by MasterCard a while back and implemented text checks. They have been going on some time. I can’t buy anything online now because I lost the phone my card was linked to and it’s a nightmare changing it. I work remotely and occasionally use my boss’s account to order supplies. This used to be straight forward but now I have to ring him and faff around with text codes. I’m concerned he’ll get annoyed and give the job to someone else. I can’t return to the office as I’m permanently homeschooling my kids. Welcome to the new normal.

  12. There is a lot to be concerned about but 2FA is not one of them.

  13. I totally agree about using cash…..but…….I live in a small town and all the banks have closed down over the past 4 years and we only have ONE atm !!

  14. Pretty much the only time I don’t use cash is when I’m running short and use my debit card to get cashback.

    Avoid automated tills. Even if means a longer wait, use tills operated by humans, or these will disappear.

    • They took the automated till out of our local Lidl as no one was using it. A little win for the good guys.

  15. Mom’s had a new knee, got infected, hot, swollen, rings up the doctor, ohh you might have Convid WTF we’ll have to send you for a Convid test WTF is wrong with these muppets, rang another doctor after shouting at him and got some sorted.

    Thinking about his holiday and making some extra cash no doubt.

    Banking wise I’m old school, I get cash out, people I buy from generally prefer cash, just like I do 🙂 Not giving Boris any tax money fuck that.

  16. As I have said before I only use cash except for the odd item I buy on line. I do not have a smart phone, only got an 11 year old flip open phone mainly for emergencies, just charge it up once a week , put £10 top up now and again and not many people have the number so I don’t keep getting texts or calls.
    I see mothers going past my house with youngsters in pushchairs and they are usually looking at their phone or texting, not talking to their children, not pointing out things outside to look at to the children, like the trees, flowers, even certain vehicles just having no conversation with the children at all.
    I wouldn’t know how to scan a code and even car parks want you to pay with your phone these days. Cash is king as far as I am concerned.👍 No trace of what I am buying.
    You are right Hugo we can see where all this is going.

    • I see mothers on their phone when I use the cycle way, which is most days. The dog is off the lead, the (tiny) child is wandering in front of my bike, and they are oblivious to it all. Whenever I hear one of these talks from Hugo, I switch my phone off! It sits on a shelf above my PC. After a few days, I think, ‘I’d better check for messages’. I switch it on and, nothing! People do need to wean themselves off these things. I use my PC for many things, but I can turn it off and go out in the fresh air. If anybody wants me, they will find me somehow.

  17. I try to use cash as much as possible and I have boycotted PayPal.
    I do bank online for somethings like transfers and one off payments as I’m so busy. {however through their website and most definitely not through a banking app}

    I do pull cash out of Atms regularly though to pay for shopping and fuel.

    I just hope cash never goes… If it does.. They have us by the danglies and…. We’re fecked!

  18. On about restricting diesel useage from next month, I put £210 at current prices every day ( not my money ) into the Lorry, guess that’ll be me on holiday for a while 🙂

    Also 4th Pfizer Death jab needed aswell, guess they’ve forgotten, to many jabs will cause Aids, and Isreal massive deaths from Aids and there is 4 x’s jabbed.

  19. Yeah i got 1 of them letters aswell,, security blah blah blah………………………..
    My phone has 2 apps, 1 Tube Map & 1 Train timetable That me lot appart from 1s in phone allready to make it work,, Even some of them have been deleted like the health app ………….. Aswell as it aint been updated scince march 2020,,,,,, Enough Said !
    No bank phone app & No internet banking ………….. A Message to ALL banking cartel control freak wankenstein faggots & bank of international settelments faggots aswell

  20. They are pushing.hard to destroy society now. Our only hope is God.

    • I think society has destroyed itself by allowing 25 years of mad woke, lefty, lying politicians to infest everything and turn morality on it’s head.

      Remember kids a trans polar bear is a real polar bear.

    • He has worked well so far hasn’t he. Where is he when you need him. Get of your bum and do something about it. Waiting for God is worse than lazy.

      • Repent! Repent! Only Jesus can Save Us!

  21. Yes the money in banks is NOT YOURS!! Your are not personally printed on the money are you? Its theirs!
    If you make normal deposits into a bank, it becomes theirs once again and they are under no legal obligation to return it to you.

    This is enshrined in LAWs and here are the case law precedents of such, in the final paragraph. Plus a clip explaining just such.

    COPIED from elsewhere
    “Although the bank says that at least £85k of an individual’s deposits are safe, they’re talking to the public realm, so that could change in an instant, as it is the central banks that control the governments and the economy.. Without wishing to scaremonger, you never know what they could do. But I wouldn’t worry about it. £85k to a bank is small fry, so they could easily adhere to the ruling and still succeed in their wishes to change “society” into their image….

    The main point to remember in all of this is that once you hand your “money” over to the bank, it is no longer your money – it belongs to the bank. Yes you read that correct. When depositing “money” in the bank, unless you specifically state that it’s a “special deposit” and not a “general deposit”, all your fiat currency currently in the bank, belongs to the bank. The “elite” never make a general deposit – only a special deposit, buy tangible assets, and utilise private trusts…. The bank is meant to give it back to you if you ask for it, hence the receipt. But it’s no longer yours. Have you ever attempted to withdraw a large amount of money from the bank to have the cashier ask you, “What’s the money for??” or “You’ll need to book that withdrawal 48hrs in advance”, or something similar. That’s why they make the cashier ask you the question – it was their “money”, and they’re not happy seeing it leave. It has nothing to do with the amount of cash that they’re holding in the building. They obviously don’t publicise this fact, or no-one would entrust their fiat currency to them.
    Here’s the case law from 1954 where Lord Goddard explains it:
    Case Law:
    Lord Goddard CJ in R v Davenport [1954] WLR 569; [1954] 1 A11 ER 602,603 – “although we talk about a person having money in the bank, the only person that has money in a bank is the banker. If I pay money into my bank either by cash or cheque, that money at once becomes the money of the banker. The relationship between banker and customer is that of debtor and creditor.
    He does not hold my money as an agent or trustee, the leading case of Foley v Hill (1948) 2 HL Cas 28 exploded this idea”.
    A point worth noting moving forward.

    A beautiful animated video related to this subject:

  22. I’ve been aware of what they’re doing for a while. Use cash most of the time. On 22 February my bank said I couldn’t use online banking to make transfers or set up direct debits. I have to use the app. I phoned up to complain and said I was old and couldn’t read my phone. They said the only alternative was to call them. I made an expensive transaction 2 days ago and the code to get it authorised came through on the app. They’ve stitched us up royally. You can’t do anything online without your phone!

  23. Yes, I got an email from my bank saying I not only have to use their app but have to use fingerprint and facial recognition- not a chance I’m doing any of it!!!

  24. Had thus for 2 years now with works credit card. Its a text message I get, so no need for a smart phone.

    • Santander dont do it….other banks wont either but check…

      • NatWest & starling bank

        Starling are only online banking
        they were crafty as they came out I believe just before this crap began

  25. From today 14 March 2022 it’s cash only. I will go to the bank and withdraw the money. This is all about control over the public and their sick satans new world order.

  26. To put the boot on the other foot, if as a pensioner at 76 looses his card and doesn’t know it , then at night for instant he gets a message to confirm say a payment of £50 or whatever pounds , I would be quite pleased that I wouldn’t have to pay it.
    The bank follow your spending habits. A few years back my wife got a call from our bank to ask if I was in Dubai buying jewellery, she said no and the transaction was declined .
    So well done to the bank.
    Millions are stolen every day from cards so in a way I feel comfortable that if I lose my card it would be more difficult for it to be used.
    But Hugo I see completely where your coming from.👍🏻

  27. Covert 19 straight into covert war and all practice for computers which learn.

  28. I`ts important that we remind people (FB) at the end of the month when salarys are payd out !

  29. been using only cash for the last couple of years. bank for sanding orders, rare online shopping. butt even then i get mesages re this.

  30. The whole point of your PIN is it identifies who you are.

    I’m gonna carry on using my card and just cause a massive inconvenience to the retailer. “Oh, I can’t pay for my petrol today? What I’ll have to do is leave my car blocking your forecourt and stroll to the nearest cashpoint. Let’s hope it’s working, eh. And that it doesn’t require secondary authentication, otherwise my car will be there until the bank opens!”

    The retailers will soon start complaining to the banks when people are walking out without buying anything. Get a big trolley of shopping then walk out when your card won’t pay for it.

    • Same here. I’m ‘forgetting’ my phone – which is actually just my trusty Nokia 3310 anyway – and using my card everywhere hoping to cause as much delay and disruption as I can. So far, so good.

  31. I personally will not bring my phone into supermarkets. If they refuse the sale, I will empty my packed bags and leave it all at the checkout for them to deal with and leave the store with my empty bags. If lots of people do this, it will cause absolute chaos and destroy their plan.

    • Yes that is a great idea. I wish everyone would do that. Someone else said they put a sticker on the cam corder on the self service till.

  32. don’t be surprised about this, the beast of revelation 13 is on the loose as you say hugo the entire worlds governments will tighten their control, only allowing those who have the mark to buy and sell. “Accepting the mark of the wild beast in our hand or upon our forehead” would amount to permittingthe wild beast to control our actions or affect our thinking. Fortunately the rider of the White horse: jesus, is on his way to kill the beast

  33. When online shopping I’ve had the phone verification thing (to my landline as I have never given any banks my mobile number) and what I’ve done is cancel the order and then place it again. Usually goes through the second time.

    I cancelled my Halifax credit card because it was becoming such a rigmarole to shop online with it. Kept sending a code to the made up phone number I gave them!

  34. There are loads of people offering degoogled and De blackboxed phone sin the US. Anyone heard of someone offering it in the UK?

    • Make your own. I’ve de-Googled plenty of Android phones. Always best to start with a lightly used one (or a new unwanted upgrade is even better) you pay cash for, otherwise Big Brother Googol still knows where it is via the IMEI identifier.

  35. Ok I see you all stuck in a false sense of thinking .darn programming forget about money crypto or what ever. So where does that leave us how do I get food ect,how do I get things done. Well you trade direct with your neighbors friends ect you can trade someone fixing your car for doing something for them.for example and the best thing is it cuts out the w bankers ..brings people may not think you hav e a skill or talent but we all half something to give(trade) spiritual currency

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