Govt Offer £350 To Home Ukraine Refugees / Hugo Talks

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  1. There is still no word on whether this is per refugee or per family

    ‘How will the scheme be funded?
    Households in the UK will be offered £350 a month to open their homes to refugees.

    The government has so far not specified whether this is the amount offered to hosts per refugee.

    More details are expected to be announced this afternoon.’

    • What happens at the end of the six months. What happens if they steal from you or destroy household items , what happens then
      Will they have squatters rights

      • Exactly Jane

        Yet another Huge disaster waiting to happen.

        I would help anyone …
        But not total strangers.
        It’s Ridiculous!

        Anyone who does it
        will find out the hard way.

        It’s ignored that Ireland & England, Scotland are in financial crisis people are struggling Bad.

        It’s a total shite show Jane

      • And sorry to any Welsh peps
        You,s to .

      • Some tenants even smash up all the fittings on their way out even down to electrical sockets and light fittings. You would have to have a screw loose to get involved with this scheme.

  2. The £350 payment appears to apply to one or more households. But a household could be just one person (unlikely!). So £350 a month regardless of how many you ‘accommodate’. And ‘up to twelve months’. I thought it was six months?

    Will I be paid rent?

    No. You should not charge any rent. We appreciate people’s generosity and do know that there will be costs associated with helping out, and so we are offering an optional ‘thank you’ payment of £350 per month to people who can accommodate one or more household (subject to the accommodation they have).

    The thank you payment is limited to one payment per residential address. You will continue to receive payments for as long as you sponsor somebody for up to 12 months.

  3. fuck supporting these refugees I know from enquiring about an ex yrs ago – that never came here – but I phoned up the embassy at that time and you have to cater for they’re every whim feed them cloth them Electroc water gas etc & loads more no doubt it’s folk literary giving them everything handed to them on a plate plus extra expenses on top of that & with everything food ekec etc all going sky high how can anybody possibly afford to literary keep them plus I can vaguely remember the embassy saying I would have had to pay for my now ex to come to uk – never happened thankgod – plus one of the requirements to get into uk is you have to be able to speak English plus I remember if they haven’t got a job waiting for them in uk then you have to pay for them to come here & cater to they’re every whim literally can you imagine how much that will cost a bloody fortune right plus it’s not just the financial side of it obviously they’re comming from Russia fuck knows what they’ve seen & lived through nobody knows what’s going on inside they’re heads and will they be tested & vaxed hmmmm and how the fuck could you trust a complete stranger esp if you’ve got your kids in the house to seriously fucking no chance just think of what they’d be doing while you & your kids are at school n your at work it’s a huge mistake and how the fuck are you gonna communicate with them if they can’t speak no English ffs it’s too risky it’s not practical whatsoever esp when those rich bastards have got room to house hundreds if not thousands of them but nope they won’t obviously coz it’s one rule and what hugo said basically turfing folk out of they’re own private homes for refugees wtf this is gonna end up in civil war making our own feel like 2nd class citizens while refugees set up residence in other folks houses folk can seriously no idea what they’re letting themselves in for

    • I really like your comments
      You are to the point & no sugar coating it,

      Fair play to u.

      Take care

    • It doesn’t work like that, if say, you brought a partner in from, say the USA, in that case they/ypu would be liable of thousands of pounds in ‘NHS surcharges’ and whatnot. If only seems to be certain people from certain countries who get everything handed to them on a plate.

  4. Bio Labs in Ukraine supposedly attacked by Russia. Ukrainians in lots of foreign households all over Europe then all of a sudden the super plague from the jabs kicks in, all blamed on the Super spreading Ukraine’s who were infected unknowingly by the lab leaks. It’s all about coving backs at this point before the deaths start.

  5. Hell yeah am in Scotland and skint doesn’t even cover it and here well weve got one shoe shop but coz of that first lockdown stayed open coz they were gonna close down but the guy said he’d been at home for too long but apart from that it’s turning into a junk town shop wise and there’s hardly any council houses empty here plus fucking hell we’ve more bloody foreigners here than locals I guess infact even in my st ffs in council houses they’re bloody everywhere and as for jobs huh what bloody jobs bcoz between trying to get a job and lockdowns how the fuck are you supposed to earn a regular wage esp in covi land when everybody’s going for it wtf plus god forbid none of them end up in my neck of the woods coz large power plant few miles away plus nato used to be nearby shall we say for decades well thankgod they’ve gone now it’s bt up there instead and as for pc plod here haha yeah that’s funny they couldn’t fight they’re way into a paper bag never mind out of it they’re so pathetic it’s embarrassing huh I argue with them anyday infact they walk away from me coz I get em told right to they’re faces am not scared of them whatsoever & these refugees can’t be trusted whatsoever ffs is nobody thinking of our kids seriously ffs what impact is this gonna have on our kids a mean ffs haven’t our kids been through enough already ffs and if uk wants to help we’ll try start helping – our kids in care – for a start or is that too much like hard work what not got the balls or the backbone for it huh oh of course money rules the world while – our kids in care – are going through fucking hell everybody completely ignores them & us they’re mums n dads But go apeshit fucking overload over fucking bloody refugees that’s not our responsibility but – our kids in care – are our responsibility this country makes me fucking sick that the uk puts bloody foreigners first before they’re own it’s absolutely disgusting the uk is the ‘too little too late “ as per reg our own but yet go Ukraine crazy over a bunch of bloody foreigners that will end up completely destroying this country and everything in it and I remember start of this covi crap it was said they want the uk to be an Islamic state wtf nooooooo my ex mate was married to a Muslim trust me hell no infact watch the movie – not without my daughter – & you’ll get an insight into Islamic law it’s control freak overload on steriods esp reg women and children but russia Ukraine this worlds in the biggest mess ever how the fuck can anybody expect to get back to any kind of normal when there’s more problems than there is stars – satalites – in space seriously if folk stopped putting themselves and money first before others and stopped bien so bloody self centred and selfish this world could be the most magical place ever but that’s just a fairytale right like you read your kids bedtime stories about monsters & the bogey man little do you realise that as we all grow up that the monsters and the bogey man are infact real and that this world is more evil than you could ever imagine more cruel than you could ever comprehend more sick than you could ever believe possible life is short precious but instead of treating it as such everybody is so obsessed with money material things bigger houses bigger cars designer everything and looking down on everybody else that’s struggling to survive everyday financially emotionally etc says it all what kind of life are children born today gonna have with this shit show in full swing and getting more fucking crazy by the day infact – the old normal :(((((( – yeah remember that huh feels like lifetime ago kids born today will never experience that freedom ever for them it’ll be all masks n vax n tracked n traced n hell on earth basically a mean doesn’t it brake your heart that our kids are bien subjected to this & living through this fucking hell coz a know it’s brakeing mine that ( my son ) is living through this fucking hell & even though ( my son ) is old enough to remember the “ old normal “ same like me it scares me that ( my child ) is growing up in a world where money rules the world evil is everywhere and that ( my son ) is subjected to this fucking bullshit a mean is this what we want for – our kids – a mean is everybody that selfish greedy that the only person they care about is themselves is this the kind of childhoods we want for our kids huh so broken that kids in lockdown even took they’re own lives that’s absolutely heartbreaking beyond belief isn’t that enough to shock & anger everybody into getting up off they’re fucking arse & fighting like they’ve never fought before is – our kids – worth fighting for yes big time or is it the usual they’re all waiting for everybody else to do it for them coz they’re too bloody lazy & ignorant bloody typical of this fucking country I would have it out with blobby Johnson & sturgeon anyday they’re a sick joke and no mistake just like the uk & this world we get a beautiful planet & what do we do with it completely destroy it says it all uk I’m ashamed of you it’s time the uk get they’re priorities right our kids come first and our own before fucking money before it’s too late bcoz regrets last forever and no way back means just that – no way back

  6. ok you want blunt truth honest ok how about this the longer this living hell continues it wont be houses etc that will need building it’ll be graveyards that will need digging don’t let this be the future for ( our babies ) they deserve better :((((( hearts of stone says it all

  7. Why has my previous comment not bien posted ??? I know it was long but it had to said blunt truth honest thought that’s what this forum & hugo was all about or am I missing something ????

  8. Hugo thankyou for posting my comment a know it’s long but it’s truth plus I am fighting for – our kids in care – bcoz ( my child ) is one of them yeah imagine having your child in care in covi land with all this hell going on and anybody that acknowledges – kids in care – and actually tries to help and I do mean actually tries to help means a lot to me

  9. Interesting, though coincidental. @ 2:50 into the video, how the Masonic Craft Provincial Full Dress Apron & Collar matches that of the Ukraine national flag, which we seem to be seeing everywhere right now.

  10. Thought I share this,
    Was informed today that calls from landline or broadband services if I receive them still,
    are being adjusted so all calls to Ukraine – landline & mobile calls will be free.

    I begrudge no one anything

    But I not sure about anyone else
    but I can’t afford to heat & eat
    & trying keep roof over my head is Very difficult but I doing it
    just about.

    Free call adjustments
    (no consent given to me by way, just information that basically was..
    this is happening, like or lump it!)

    I don’t get it!
    We are all financially being sucked dry by energy costs
    But free calls for strangers.

    It gets more insane

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