Yeah, she told them where to go. #Canada / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Seems like there’s a lot of this sort of stuff going on at the moment. The narrative may well be collapsing.? But something deep in the pit of my belly smells a trap..!! These beings( can’t be human) don’t/ won’t just roll over..

  2. You Know Hugo, Here is Canada, some of the Bravest People are Women standing up for what is right!!! Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the World!!! The Momentum is picking up speed. Love and hugs from Canada!!

  3. That is how you deal with these gestapo goons.Calmly but firmly at first and put them in their place ie. the waste bin. If they are stupid enough to come back for seconds with more force , that is when you get the cattle prods out and show them you mean business. Treat them as you would an armed masked up robber. Sadly we don`t do tar and feathering anymore. But those days may come back soon.

  4. We need more people like this woman to put the run on these cretins.

  5. Wish in the uk they did this more but many just rolled over and obey these “rules”…
    Saying that them “rules” and fines are not legal and go against human rights like all this crap last 2 years…
    Them face masks do make me laugh a bit as there so useless they may as well wear a colindar on there mouth and they are damaging themselves breathing in there own germs

    • Yes I agree lots of people did roll over but I think that is finally changing I went out yesterday to a well known place won’t say where it was but did not get asked about a mask hardly any one was wearing a mask nothing about bullshit Covid rules anywhere I think the tide is changing and they are just clutching at straws everywhere with bs they come out with people will only be pushed so far we need a global stand now I was so depressed with all this but now I’m seeing stuff like this it’s cheering me up it feels as if life is getting back to normal now I know we are a long way from that completely but we are getting there

      • They keep with these so called variants like the deltacron which is just common cold and flu and if you have a runny nose 50% chance you have “covid”😀…
        Its all been bollocks since day 1 and a society reset agenda based on a smokescreen called a “virus”…
        Never wore a face clamp or stayed indoors even with a positive test as theh never tested for sickness or infection in the first place…
        More will say enough is enough hopefully

      • I wish I could say the same in my neck of the woods. Well over 90% compliance with donning the muzzles in shops. And the farce of wearing one in a cafe when standing and removing while sitting! Well what can you say about the intellect of such people?

      • I was at a Harvester restaurant last week and a local pharmacist was there with his family. When they got up to go to the Salad Bar, they all ritually put on a useless blue face nappy and walked over to the buffet……. and then walked back to their table and took off their face nappies! What is the Fking Science behind that ridiculous charade????? It makes my blood boil when so-called intelligent people don’t use their fling brains that they were born with! Grrrrr!!!!

  6. The Irony is they take a job to earn money….to shut People down who are trying to earn money.
    The Irony is they took that job to earn money……To shut People down who are earning money to pay the taxes to a Government that wants to shut her down.

    • This is the biggest problem now, too many cushy high paid jobs have been created from this madness and it’s in the best interests of the goons in these cushy well paid jobs for this shit to continue forever. The same goes for people profiteering off the back of this with PPE signage etc…their making a killing while others lose everything they have ever worked for. Just to put this into perspective: average salary of a goon standing around at a test centre is approx £27,000 per year. Madness!

      • Yes it’s a joke I’m a roofer skilled worker and don’t earn that in a year

    • They would probably b NO BODYS if it wasn’t for CONVID. It like people hide behind them masks. She called them BROWN SHIRTS . BRILLIANT 👏 👏 👏

      • I Loved the Brown shirts comment too!! I will have to google what it means, but I know its derogatory !! lol

      • Yes, she was bang on and I thought “You tell ’em Missus!” . They also pout me in mind of Stalin’s “organs” who were the ones who rounded people up for the gulags. Despicable people!

  7. The problem is this. How many diners just looked the other way? We have been lied to on so many levels. Take the good book for instance. I have been an atheist all my life because I have been lied to about the Bible. How many stories are in the Bible about doing the right thing, not turning your back on someone who is being victimised and oppressed? Yet what do we see in these cesspits of countries? The exact opposite. And then they have the temerity to say they are ‘keeping people safe’. They’re using people’s fear to control them through constant propaganda and coercion and because these people have no real belief system, they can be switched on and off like a light switch.

    • Yes! I agree….. the diners looked the other way until these goons were sent packing by the marvelous proprietor of the business. This BS will not stop until ‘the diners’ all stand as one and evict the goons themselves, get involved, show the Nazi-thug-like police farce that they have an enemy. Once the thugs realise that they are not just coming to see one person and that 20 others will not back down, THEN we might see a change in attitude from the ‘authorities’.

    • U don’t need to b religious to stand up for what’s RIGHT. Surely any FOOL can see by now this is all bollocks. I got it from the start march 2020 I smelt a RAT 🐀. Religious believes didn’t come into it.

      • Agreed…. It is a war on the general population of the world! Black, white, yellow, brown, muslim, Catholics, C of E….. Herr Schwabb doesn’t care less about anything, other than depopulation and NWO. We plebs are just cannon fodder, so they think!

  8. I notice not much help from the diners in there though!
    as usual it’s a woman that stands up to the Nazi bullies.
    where were the emasculated men to help?

  9. ian M@ Nice observation and accurate one! What that thug in his face nappy didn’t say when he beckoned his team to leave, but probably was thinking, “we will be back”!

  10. I thought Canadian men were strong and would always help a woman in trouble
    Seems not to be the case, they are all like the pathetic skinny effeminate men on American comedies

    • Men no longer do women’s bidding. They will not take the hit for women. And what do you expect when men are treated as shit, as sub-human? This is the price to be paid for treating men like shit. I bet you would have waded in ‘ken’ – not.

      • Well, I would certainly have waded in! If these goons had come in to harass anyone, I would have stood shoulder to shoulder with the proprietor and hopefully would have a similar result as this wonderful piece of footage. But! We need everyone to stand up and be counted…. that is the problem!

    • And there is a distinction being ‘helping someone in trouble’ and taking a hit for someone based solely on gender.

    • Come to think of it, ‘ken’ it is YOU and your ilk that are the problem. Big ‘tough guy’ talk but no balls. Probably ‘trebled-jabbed’. One of *those*.

      • The way you are wadding into Ken, I am wondering if you are ‘skinny’, maybe!

      • Seems to me a lot of men on here have turned into BITCHS. 😂🤣😂

  11. This is great to see, and that’s how it should be. Unfortunately with us in the Netherlands you will not see this quickly. They still do far too much of what they are told.

  12. Novak Djokovic: Tennis star to be deported after losing Australia visa appeal

    Judges reject the tennis star’s last-ditch bid to stay and defend his Australian Open title.

    Tennis star Novak Djokovic has lost his last-ditch court bid to stay in Australia and is set to be deported.

    Judges rejected his appeal after the government cancelled the unvaccinated player’s visa for a second time this month on public health grounds.

    The decision has ended the 34-year-old’s hopes of defending his Australian Open title and winning a record 21st Grand Slam.

    He said he was “extremely disappointed” but respected the ruling.

    “I will co-operate with the relevant authorities in relation to my departure from the country,” he said in a statement.

    He had been scheduled to play his first match on Monday.

    During Sunday’s court hearing before a three-judge panel, Djokovic’s defence unsuccessfully argued that the grounds given by the government were “invalid and illogical”.

    Djokovic has been staying at an immigration detention hotel in Melbourne, the same place he was taken after his visa was first revoked following his arrival on 6 January.

    A judge later overturned that decision, finding that border officials had ignored correct procedure when he arrived, but the government stepped in last Friday to revoke the visa yet again.

    There has been much public anger in Australia over Djokovic’s attempt to enter the country while unvaccinated.

    The government has repeatedly said that no-one is above the strict rules in place to cope with the pandemic.

    • On whose behalf are you posting this, and what’s the motive?

      • It is just a news update? Are you suggesting an ulterior motive? CO (controlled opposition)? Shill? Talk about paranoid.

    • Senga, crap lawyers then?

      I would have hired Reiner Fuellmich & Delores Cahill.

      • Unvaxxed This cretin is on nearly $35 million a year – he’s owned, lock, stock and two smoking barrels. This whole thing is a psy-op, so it wouldn’t have mattered who his brief was – the script of the play is all that matters.

  13. The women have more balls then the men.
    I have been very proud of the ladies during this Covid charade.
    Too many simps in masks, complete cowards.

    • Some great women out there,love them for standing up to the tyranny,but there’s also a big majority in the education system who are zealots for the petty covid rules,I have to deal with them regularly when I do work in schools and are a big part in keeping the bs rolling along,as to the blokes, they need to stop going along to get along and man up and shake off the propaganda emasculating them,then stand up and be the protectors of family that they are meant to be.

  14. Good morning, in my opinion these are just Brainwashed members of the public that know nothing about the law, it is literally the old war strategy of ‘Divide and Conquer’ .☠☠💉💉😷😷

  15. Great this lady stood up for herself and her customers who all cheered her. This is the way to deal with these horrible people.
    Things look pretty grim in Canada at the moment so it’s good to see the customers supporting her. Good lady.

    • Well….. her customers didn’t actually ‘support’ her UNTIL she had sent the goons packing! They clapped and cheered after they had left, but didn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with her and show their physical support.

      • In the other video jimmy mentioned this morning of fella in NZ
        It’s bit long but mate does the customers Go For It!!

        The two coppers in it were told Straight As!! Lol
        Brilliant both shares of this
        Shame it not happening here!

  16. Divide and conquer. Look at you lot playing into their hands. Anyone playing the gender card in this chat is moronic shill and you don’t even know it. There’s footage of a male coffee shop owner doing exactly the same thing in NZ.

    • Bro, no one is playing any card, I’ve said what I think that’s all, and when I go on demos like the big one in Londonstan Saturday there will be just as many women as men, they do seem to be more staunch than a lot of so called hard blokes!
      I see the big tattooed men going into shops etc fully masked and looking total emasculated, but they don’t seem to realise….

    • Show us the footage then jimmy please fella
      Then so I can praise ya,man to who you mention in this other coffee shop in NZ.. doing the right thing it sounds , all good

      Thank you

    • All through the years the elite have been dividing men and women,making us fight amongst ourselves,now they have no need to instigate division as we do it to ourselves,each feeling aggrieved that the other gender is doing us down,let’s fight the real enemy not each other.

    • Saw that on YT. They tried for 20 mins but gave up. He had a lot of support from his customers which was good to see.

    • Maybe that is exactly the point, and the difference IT was in NZ!

  17. BRILLIANT! She’s a force,to be reckoned with! as for those half asleep customer’s!it’s a good job she didn’t need any help! Hugo!cheered me up!👍

  18. Well said that lady. The Police, Government, Councils, virtually all politicians, Covid martials, Doctors etc have turned on their own people. They should all be held responsible for their criminal actions. Then there needs to be a special place in hell for all of them.

  19. Yeah, she sure told them! Oh yes she did – it was sweet to hear this lady defending her right to run her business and feed her family. Pandemic ??? No, it’s a well planned scamdemic! Nothing to do with people’s health but all about control and the globalist elites trying to lord it over others. Good luck to that …..

    • Ambush omg Lol

      The media can’t help themselves

      Cheers for that

  20. They will be back and will weld the doors shut. When the lady becomes ill (by arrangement) she’ll be taken to the hospital where, ‘despite their best efforts’, she will die.

  21. This lady knows how to stand up for herself and her family most women do they won’t back down ever good for her

  22. This shit is getting dirtier, they are in full panic mode now, Irish government (cabinet members) are now getting new drivers/cars and armed Gardai (police in irish).

    To the best of my knowledge this is the first time Irish politicians have had armed personal security.

    This to me is them admitting we are at WAR.

    I myself was arrested for the 3rd time since this all started the other day for not wearing a mask, but this time they have invented an assault charge.

    I believe this assault charge to be politically motivated…

    [ I will omit all the details for now, for fear of prejudicing court proceedings ]

    As this is a 3rd arrest,
    I am now facing the real possibility of a custodial sentence.
    Court appearance set for early march..
    But I will not give in, or give up.

    No Masks,
    No Injection…

  23. women always ran this planet , The parents were 19 women and 2 men, when i was growing up ,born late 1950,s the power was with the women. The deman ie de means no ie, no man . mon is french english is a BASTARD Language. demon. used all his demonic tricks to control. Short story is woman is the creator, man is just the seed, the husband the forager of food.The greatest power on this earth is women ,ie. mother earth. The greatest thing a woman can give a man is a child, and they are now told you can not afford it.??????????????????.MY MOTHER WAS THE GREATEST WOMAN I KNOW,SHE WAS EFFECTED BY THE FIRST WORLD BANKERS WAR, LIVED THROUGH THE SECOND BANKERS WORLD WAR AND CREATED A FAMILY ,WOW WOW WOW,JUST A SIMPLE WOMAN, WITH POWER I THINK THERE FOR IAM. Woman change the world good. man cannot do it. SOLDIER,S MEANS SOUL DIERS. THE BLOOD SACRIFICE. FATIMA 1917. CHECK IT OUT. IT IS A START, A LONG STORY,A NEVERBENDING STORY?????????????????/,SING IT

  24. @Michael mc Kenna “women always ran this planet.” Oh yeah, I agree, and that’s why this world is going to hell in a hand cart!!

    Isaiah 3:12 (MCV) As for my people, children are their oppressors (infantile Cultural Jew Marxists), and women (Cultural Marxist feminists) rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  25. Grrreat as Tony tiger would say on the cornflake add. That’s what these stuck up turds are cornflakes following orders without question. That woman’s a hero (loved the Brownshirt slur) and the customers fabulous! The Great LIE is OUT and people ARE waking up.

    • Yep
      Glorified Debt collectors
      with No rights to be Arriving fully out-numbering & intimidating innocent people

  26. Am catching up on missed posts and this one really brought a smile! Loved the brown shirt comment. Well done, that woman. I’m not good at confrontation as I do get tongue tied so tend to back down. This lady was strong. Awesome.

    Meanwhile went to Te$co yesterday, did not wear a mask, but I did see the “mandatory” notice and said bugger you, I’m going in. Saw one worker without a mask. Saw two older gentlemen without and two young people without. Worst bit was a child about 8 years old with his mother masked up. Stupid moo. Today I went to Halfords with the same “mandatory” notice. Went to the parts section. It wasn’t very busy but one other man in his 40’s by the look also was unmasked. Taunton seems to be much more free and a lot of people without. I embarrass my family – I’m beyond caring what they think now.

    • Oh! My like minded friend! We Free Thinkers are ALL despised by family and friends, let me tell you! The reasons are many-fold.
      1. They wished that they had our conviction and stood up for something.
      2. They know that they’ve probably been fooled ….and it hurts that WE haven’t been fooled.
      3. They now know they’ve been on the wrong bus all this time and they feel STUPID and they’re angry with themselves for being so stupid!
      My wife, total sheep, said yesterday, ‘ will you promise not to gloat when this ends and you were right’. I couldn’t hide my HUGE SMILE!!! Then I said something like…’ you have no idea what it’s been like for me these past 2yrs! Vilified, verbally abused, called names and told that I should catch COVID ( 😱😂😱) and not been given any drugs to fight it! I’ve been discriminated against and couldn’t go on my 3 week Caribbean cruise coz if the obvious BS, which YOU went on! And you think I should not gloat??? I was a little angry! When you weigh up all the BS that we Free Thinkers have had to go through, we should have a Bring your own Beer party!!!! 😁🍻😷😂 Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • Hi ya Viddy.
        Does it sound like your wife is actually coming out of deep sleep sheep mode? I hope so. And I don’t blame your response because we have been told we’re insane etc. and that is verbal abuse. You were right to put her straight even if she didn’t like it. I think my husband is in denial and he’s now so far down the booster shoot that I doubt he will wake up.
        Well at least I got a hug from my son even after the “friendly persuasion” with unfriendly embellishments (not the Pat Boone song – which is now an earworm for me!) that I had from him when I was ill. My daughter rings my husband – she isn’t speaking to me, don’t care, end of toxic relationship I think and always says to him “are you alright” which I think is more like her horrible mother is a weirdo and she believes I’m doing him some harm. Ridiculous. I would have done that long ago if I were that way inclined.
        Hey ho, full moon tonight – think I’ll go outside and howl at it! Sweet dreams xx

      • Howlllllllllll! Oh yes! A BIG full moon! Yes, fortunately my wife is seeing the light, I’m sure. Two reasons were, unfortunately it came to this, I was told only this weekend that 2 old school friends had been badly affected by the vaxtermination jabs. I’ve known these mates for over 57yrs, we were in infant school together. One lives in Japan and now has myocarditis, he texted me on Friday. Then on Saturday another school chum let us know he had a stroke on 2nd January and still in hospital. I’m sad but happy that these 2 people MAY wake up some of our other school friends! It’s terrible really, isn’t it???? 😟

      • It is terrible, but finally the tide is turning. Glad your wife is seeing the light, slowly but surely. Some of my terribly brainwashed chums are now getting confused with their PCR tests which seem to be rather irregular. How can that be they say – me, I just roll my eyes. Yet they still test and test and test. Best of three? Just do another to make sure. One’s husband had a lurgy, tested positive. He only had a bit of a cough but stayed indoors with his mask on. Even now after 2 positive tests he’s come out of his isolation chamber and wearing a mask! Now that is what I call successful conditioning. He must be in his 70s. Luckily one friend’s daughter has not had the stabbing sessions because she has a rare skin allergy thingy. Then again she would have if she could – her doctor advised her not to. Now that is a plus – a doc saying no instead of raking in £20 a pop. Sadly my family are still all hail to the NHS and the wonderful docs and the dictators. Seems a lot of people are not going down the booster shoot now, so much so that the phials are making a mountain. I wonder if they’ll just pour it down the sinks like they did at Purford with the foot and mouth stuff years ago.
        A local friend was fed up with her doc, so she’s been researching things that she’s been given medication for but not worked. She’s now on the holistic approach and feeling wonderful. So now she won’t refer to the fuhrer in reception and completely has blanked out her doc.

    • exactly Kelly
      i just getting on with my life
      I to have seen more & more people not wearing masks
      around near me so its something Kelly for sure

      Have good day now

      • Morning Janie, cheers. Determined to get my bum in gear today. I have the house to myself until Friday and it is sooooo lovely. You have a good one too. xx

      • Morning x

        OO how nice… house to yourself… Enjoy that peace hunny

        have great day, don’t over do it now! xx

      • I’m spending the day pottering inside and outside and time with my ducks and chickens. Chickens are in the barn, when the weather so bad these poor little mites suffer. Ducks are tough. Currently lockdown exists for them, but locking up ducks where they make mud in abundance isn’t healthy so while food is under cover, they still fly around. It is cruel to shut them in a smaller area. Funny that this year it is the same “highly pathogenic” virus. Previous years have a variety – not so this year, so I guess they’ve been meddling there. Besides, if battery places still have bird flu issues then nowhere is safe. Plus where are the thousands of wild birds dropping like flies? They aren’t. The only ones dropping like flies are the domestic ones being culled.
        Oh dear, sorry – that turned into a rant! My bad!
        Currently catching up on 21st century wire – the podcasts are long but Patrick Henningsen is in Ireland and doing interviews with some great people.
        If you haven’t come across it already . . . hope the link works. Get a cuppa or two! I usually do it in stints because of brainwashed company are about. Enjoy!

      • Lol your funny I enjoyed your Go for It bless you
        I love birds in general
        Ducks are hardy geese to x

        I will get a cuppa laters on for sure & have a listen that’s very kind Kelly thank you x

        Enjoy your peaceful day
        Keep strong
        Keep smiling Kelly x

      • 😁 still smiling, although picking son up tomorrow. Peace short lived! I didn’t get to do what I intended as I was talking on the phone with an old friend for a good couple of hours! Son signed off again. Depression is not a nice thing to suffer with. I told him, sorry, we have given him our crappy genes! I didn’t say thank goodness Phfizzer has been working on gene therapy! LOL! I don’t know if he’s on his third shoot up or still just the two. I’m just happy he wants to be here – even if I haven’t been stabbed multiple times like his father and the rest of the family. Or he just wants to be with me while I’m still living and not dying with covid because I’m the vulnerable one! However, washing has been done! Not the way I intended to spend my time. Who likes doing that said no-one ever!!!!

      • sorry my laptop pressed send before i could finish!!

        see tech Annoying lol

        the generation today are having it hard because its so confusing
        for them
        my is only un because i have been telling them for years
        this is going be a tough world when they hit it!
        bless them

        your son has You
        he be ok so keep that faith Kelly you got this my dear
        i am sending lots hugs & you keep strong
        take care have a nice day

      • *blows kiss over to you! xxx or three!
        And he’s back again. Yesterday he had a good chat with his boss and she said he wasn’t ready to come back. She doesn’t think he will return, but he wants to, just can’t face 6 weeks with a filthy, thieving arsehole. He said it isn’t the job, it’s the guy I share a flat with. But he has got the job he wants, he has secured a house share room and he’s going to be closer to us. He’s so relieved to leave that place, but going to work for the last couple of weeks. I think he misses the youngsters that he’s cared for. Happy at the moment even if I don’t have alone time.
        Now I don’t know about you, but everyone says stay safe and it drives me round the twist. I saw someone on here say “stay sane” – and I love that one!

        So bug hugs and “don’t let the buggers get you down” xx

      • Kelly there is no place like home my darling xx

        He be good – your see

        Sending you Loads hugs n kisses back..
        Be lucky & stay blessed always x

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