NOVAC DEPORTED Serbian President Gets Involved #MediaCircus / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. All this for a distraction ? Seriously folks Australia and New Zealand appear to have lost the plot . . . . completely !!

  2. The Aussie goverment are just the same North Korea & Cina

  3. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. My parents were all rilled up about the story and where all in supporting Djokovic. I told then to stop watching the story and the news in general cause it’s all made up to brainwash people. They were all in, and they don’t give 2 cents about tennis. when it all came to a conclusion they were all demoralized as you said. I again told them bot to fall for these tricks and two days later they told me I was right that the whole story is fishy if they think about it more in depth.

  4. The Aussie goverment are just the same North Korea & China

    • Yes, I would not want to be in Australia either. As a matter of fact, Amerikanistan is not looking too promising either.

  5. Bread and circuses. The sheeple think they have victory. Poor sods still don’t realise that this moves them/us even further towards totalitarianism. I’m not going to use the term FFS WAKE UP anymore as it’s clear they are sleep walking through all of this, with no intention, no matter how effing obvious, to see what’s happening in front of their damn eyes.😒

      • @Russ Of course. Morgan actually thinks that 19 Arabs, who couldn’t fly Cessnas, flew 4 jet airliners, that didn’t exist, into various buildings on 9/11. LOL He was also publicly humiliated by the US military vet Jesse Ventura.

  6. Who cares?
    They’re all involved – media’s circus.

  7. Obviously the judges and the government were paid by the psychopaths hence the u-turn

  8. Oh What a circus oh what a show what a well played distraction from the real storys that the press need to be covering such as the weather and covid terrorism going on especially in Australia and the corruption

  9. Anyone donning a mask specifically for the press is on their side.

  10. reminds me of bojos party same thing, subliminally telling the public this is what happens you you break the rules, both story’s have the same vibe, all smoke and mirrors trying to terrify everyone, latest to the clown show German police going around with two meter social distancing sticks walking around people, what next tracking bracelets on ankles to make sure with £500,000 fines for getting to close or having social credit system points docked ffss coordinates of control. keep saying no. never sign up

  11. Ahhh Hugo. Here you go again. It’s actually you that said Novak (not Novac) is on this. Are you actually aware how important this tournament is for him? This would have put him ahead of anyone else. Ever!! What do you mean turn around and leave? In that case he shouldn’t have even come in , in first place and allow them to treat him so inhumanly. He spent his Christmas away from his family and in detention centre!! Of course the fake media is pumping the story and sending message as a warning to what will happen to anyone who oppose. So this is a win for them. Unfortunately. There you go “free and democratic” west!! I cried this morning. And sheep are bleeping ‘he should have respected the rules’!

    The truth is Djokovic could have done anything. Faked taking the vaccine. Played the narrative. Anything. To spare himself such treatment. But he is a man of courage , morals and a word!!! And always an easy target when in wrong. And many of you simply cannot understand that! And that is ok!!! Lastly Serbian President have done c r a p to help. He is a Globalist himself. Sold his people! Those tweets are just there to show serbian nation that he is supposedly doing something. Because Djokovic is a hero there! But in reality he actually did nothing. Just watched Novak sink. Also maybe it’s important you know this – Novak opposed Rio Tinto mining in Serbia.. a deal Serbian gov made which prompted major protests by the citizen. Do the research. You are meant to be good at it. This witch hunt is not coincidental. It goes very deep into politics.

    • You are not looking at this objectively, and your not listening to me objectively, I’m merely saying its a possibility, that’s all, why does this bother you so? I’m not judging him, I’m not saying he is definately this or that, you on the other hand cannot accept this, Your only looking at it from one side, while I’m looking at it from both sides.

      • I’ll just leave this here : Roland-Garros. The FFT opens the door to “unvaccinated foreign athletes” While Novak Djokovic was finally expelled from Australia where he was to play the first Grand Slam of the year, this Sunday, the French Tennis Federation says it is working to welcome unvaccinated foreign players for Roland-Garros. One rule for all ? French peasants don’t count !

      • @hugotalking Sorry, you are not looking at this objectively. But let me explain.

        The man fighting for all of us who stood for freedom in these gloomy times has been pulled through the dirt, humiliated, made an example of, career and success impacted and you are saying (ok assuming!) that he is a part of the game?! Wth! Can’t you see what they are doing to him?! I can sit here and assume that you are controlled opposition. Nothing is stopping me. A psychological game? Because that is how it feels. Especially after these videos in which you are bashing someone who dared to go where no one else (of his caliber) dared!!! Standing up to Government, fight for freedom of choice and against medical tyranny. And you, supposedly freedom fighter is bashing someone like that when they are down?! THAT is why this bothers me so much!! It’s easy to sit behind the computer screen and be a fighter I can tell you that! Get out. Put your everything on the line like Novak did. Even his family. Then be a fighter!

        Do you know how much that man has done for the same Australia who stabbed him in the back? All the money he donated when they had fires. I don’t care how much money he’s got. He didn’t have to. Was his goodwill. Others didn’t! If he didn’t help he certainly didn’t do the opposite. Do you now see why it bothers me! I just hate injustice!

        You did the similar thing with the sky dr opposing the vaccination. Straight away – it is a set up! They have given him the time on GMB and it is clear that they are trying to put words in his mouth but the Doc firmly stood by what he was saying. So, do give people a chance. At least.

    • Lol
      Yeah & as dear Freddie sung…

      “I want to break free.. I want to break free from your lies your so self satisfied ..I Don’t need you… I Got to break free “

  12. I actually messaged Novak’s Instagram a few weeks back before this all kicked off. I said to him he should have boycotted the event. I agree Hugo, it sends out a stronger message. I will not be surprised if he gets a Vax in the future, or a fake one, but then it will be all over mainstream media about how he has done a u turn. We know their games, they can’t fool us.

  13. The large majority of the UK have absolutely no idea of what is happening in Australia, there is a prosecution of the UK government happening right now, we have a crime number. I will post the details.

    • Its turned into a distopian state…
      No freedom no jabs…
      Awful place to be…
      Same in canada…
      People in the uk are thick as shit and dont look past media and just follow the “rules”…
      Hate them personally…
      Them bastards will drag everybody down with them that have free pattern of thought..
      Hope they choke on the jabs and masks they wear

  14. It was a distraction and its sad when sheep buy the lies, meanwhile their loved ones are dropping dead from the poison

  15. I don’t give a shit about Australia or rich tennis players! Fuck them both!

    • David, you should give a toss. . . Because NZ has always been a testing ground for the rest of the western world. Australia is trying to be better, or should that be worse? The US, have scrapped the medical stops and checks, they promoted a piece of shite as a president. Any country leader standing up to this, has been eliminated or suppressed, (sickness). Where ever you are in the West, this crap is heading for you.

  16. His refusal to challenge it in the courts has created a straw law. This ‘judgement’ can now be referred to as law because it has not been challenged in court. Now any pleb without the resources to challenge this ‘law’ in the courts can be dealt with under the full power of the ‘law’. This is unlawful but now legal because it is a judgement, well done Jockstrap game set and match.

  17. Warning

    Robert Malone is a shill and is being used to support Marburg psyop. (Ref Ebola type outbreak China).

    Please check for yourselves

    • I just looked him up
      He & media trying make himself look like he antivax blar blar

      So I have to agree
      Something not right there??

      • People are in titled to an opinion

        Why do people need to be so harsh with responses

        If that is your opinion why not explain without being so blunt

        How are we meant to get through this with people being so hostile & blunt towards one another Constantly

      • @Geraint Definitely a shill and/or a disso, I mean he was interviewed by the disso Joe Rogan, LOL come on, where have you been?

      • @Janie. Sure, everyone’s entitled to an opinion as long as everyone realizes opinions can be wrong and often are wrong.

        Dr Robert Malone MD isn’t “antixax” and has never posed as such. It isn’t necessary to be antivax in order to be totally opposed to what’s been going on with “the vaccine”.

        On Malone’s website here:
        it states:
        “As the original “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccines…
        I am concerned about how the technology is being developed and implemented.”

        and this quote from the article following that statement pretty much sums up his position regarding “the vaccine”.

        “So, what has brought me to the point of daily podcasts, interviews, op-eds, advocacy with legislators and building a twitter feed of almost a half million people? It started with my own experiences and concerns regarding the safety and bioethics of how the COVID-19 genetic vaccines were developed and forced upon the world, and then expanded as I discovered the many short-cuts, database issues, obfuscation and frankly, lies told in the development of the Spike protein-based genetic vaccines for SARS-CoV-2. ”

        E.G. It is not necessary to be opposed to a technology in order to be opposed to how it is being used.

      • I appreciate that of – opinion
        And You have now explained
        It is better than being so blunt.

        Thank you

      • @Geraint “Dr Robert Malone MD isn’t “antixax” and has never posed as such. It isn’t necessary to be antivax in order to be totally opposed to what’s been going on with “the vaccine”.”

        What utter tosh and nonsense, ALL VACCINES are toxic poisons to the body and completely unnecessary and he, as an MD, if well researched, should know that. If he doesn’t know that then he should be sacked and told to re-qualify in order to get his job back.

        This alone makes him a mouthpiece for BIG PHARMA!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Yet again you demonstrate how consumed with chaotic hatred you are. And that is why, in my opinion, you can offer nothing constructive or helpful to the debate, All you seem to bring is animus. Virtually universal animus. Virtually all the time.

        And just like any scummy little Big Pharma paid-for provax fact-checker all you seem to want to do is shut Dr Robert Malone up and discredit him. That makes you every bit as bigoted and unreasonable as they are.

        One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Quite literally. What will benefit some will be harmful to others.

        “All substances are poisons; there is none that is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy. The principle that the dose makes the poison is paramount. It means that all chemicals, from whatever source – human manufacture or natural – are potentially toxic at some dose.”

        And that is precisely why no vaccine, or any other such medical intervention, should ever be mandated – especially on the healthy. Not even when it’s completed its clinical study period and been given a marketing license. And also precisely why no vaccine manufacturer/developer should ever be given immunity from prosecution.

        There now. Come back and tell me that I am not intellectually capable of holding a valid opinion – naturally, because I have the temerity to disagree with you. How very dare I, when you are literally The Voice of Truth?

        Go on. Hurl whatever insult you like at me, for it is of no very great concern to me.

      • @Geraint my comment was aimed at the disso fraud Malone, not you. However you obviously have some kind of unwarranted emotional attachment to him for some strange reason.

        “And just like any scummy little Big Pharma paid-for provax fact-checker all you seem to want to do is shut Dr Robert Malone up and discredit him.”

        It looks like you haven’t read my comment for I am 100% anti-jab, for any reason, and as for discrediting Malone, there’s no need, for he does the job splendidly himself, and needs no assistance from me.

        “What will benefit some will be harmful to others.” Bullshit. No vaccine is NOT HARMFUL! Get it through your thick head!

        I notice, too, that you’re very mouthy with the infantile emotive Cultural Jew Marxist slogans: ‘hatred’ and ‘bigoted’ so we all know what political persuasion you adhere to, don’t we? Or perhaps the brainwashing is so ingrained you’re not even aware of it!

  18. I am not sure that Novax is tied in with the WEF or anyone regarding this issue in isolation as he is clearly the victim here. But as Hugo says it will be interesting to see what happens with the French Open. More worldwide now know that the vaccine (lol) is only being administered to get you a Covid pass and not for health reasons and I don’t think they can get away with this for much longer. Hopefully things will be different by the time of the French Open.

    • Rumple

      He knows what side his bread is buttered he knows what is coming and got out now with a bung for doing this little ‘job’ facilitating the ‘judgement’ that binds us. How are these sports personalities going to exist when those people left will be living in their 15 minute cities in small boxes connected to the metaverse? They are already telling anyone involved in the arts or sport to ‘Rethink. Reskill. Reboot’ they are no longer required in the brave new world. The same with airline pilots, farmers, Pubs, hospitality, long distance lorry drivers etc etc etc those not required will be removed first.

      ‘The ad, which appears to be part of the government-backed ‘Rehink. Reskill. Reboot’ initiative, shows a ballet dancer tying her shoes, next to the text: “Fatima’s next job could be in cyber (she just doesn’t know it yet).”

      The ‘Rethink. Reskill. Reboot’ initiative is part of CyberFirst, a government-backed programme led by the National Cyber Security Centre. The ad is one in several of the same style posted on the QA website. QA offers cyber skills training, working with the CyberFirst programme. The other ads show people working in industries ranging from hospitality to fashion and textiles.’

      This is a total disassembly of EVERYTHING the general public consider ‘normal’

  19. That this is a set-up for the French open, I had not seen it yet but nothing is what it seems. If this is not the case, his colleagues could also have made a statement by massively boycotting the tournament.

    • He doesn’t need to… he can easily pay for a vaccine passport without getting jabbed… let’s see whose side he is really on?!
      I don’t believe for a minute any of the top players (not necessarily tennis players 🤪) actually have the jab…

  20. Novak should have done a press conference and cited Australia being no better than the South Apartheid regime under Pik Botha. It was the banning of sports events and musical events in the 1980s that heralded Nelson Mandela’s release from his 27 year incarceration. Play them at their own game….cite SLM ‘Serbian Lives Matter’ and show up the shit-show for what it really is. Whoever wins the tournament now will have to face the LIFETIME ridicule knowing that they won it by default. If the others had any backbone, they’d all walk now……

  21. Novak should have done a press conference and cited Australia being no better than the South Apartheid regime under Pik Botha. It was the banning of sports events and musical events in the 1980s that heralded Nelson Mandela’s release from his 27 year incarceration. Play them at their own game….cite SLM ‘Serbian Lives Matter’ and show up the shit-show for what it really is. Whoever wins the tournament now will have to face the LIFETIME ridicule knowing that they won it by default. If the others had any backbone, they’d all walk now……

  22. Alphonso davies myocarditis from the pfizer jab…
    Bayern munich player…
    Media says he tested positive and the “virus” caused it which is utter bollocks…
    Nobody testing positive has a “virus” and whats more near 100% are false postives anyway…

    • Average life expectancy after a diagnosis of peri/myocarditis is 5 years, I wonder how many people ignored the symptoms.

  23. Why aren’t people boycotting the Australian open because of this? The world had its chance to piss off the Australian government here but missed the boat.

  24. He should of boycotted the tournament and made a point that it was on principle of human rights violation the way Australia is forcing healthy people to get vaccinated or they can’t participate in society. Opportunity lost now, and advantage given to puppet tyrants instead. I think it was efforts were meant to fail to show the public, even a millionaire world class player isn’t exempt from the rules.

  25. Maybe he has heardn/or seen to much to play Russian Roulette with hishealth.

  26. I agree with idea of cabal using story but –
    Perhaps Novak agreed to deportation because he knew his chances of winning were much less because he hasn’t been able to train since incarcerated ??

  27. The play book in use again, maybe? Both media in uk and Australia controlling what the public are to look at and discuss, they are to get upset or angry at this, the rules have been broken, the half hour of rage or tears directed only at the T.V screen, then public are cooled down. No looking and discussing that this news proves yet again that the rules were made up from the start. Classic magic mis-direction. And the public wanting to accept this news because then they do not have to look at themselves in the mirror and say what a fool I have been to have bought this lie. Its too painful still for them and so the government has stepped in and saved them again, we will keep you safe, safe from yourself.

  28. Am now waiting to see if one or two of the top-seeded players collapse with myocarditis on court once the tournament has commenced.

    What would they say if that actually happened?

  29. Basically just a staged shaming ritual, and a convenient publicly spectacled distraction.

  30. Media distraction of little or no relevance. What are they doing in secret which requires this red herring?

  31. Was speaking to a woman today and she disagreed with me not having jabs and said them jabs reduce illness with this “virus”…and that many are unjabbed in hospital…
    I said “thats what you believe but for me i dont agree but if you want unsafe longterm jabs stuck in you then feel free to have them”…

    She was lost for words

  32. Well said Hugo.
    Exactly false idols, these people are managed by big brands and I reckon have very little to say or do.
    You could be right that later this year they spin it and Novax will take the vax.
    Your thinking is correct, anyone with integrity would not take part in this charade, not that long but what we see is still media that use all sorts of tricks to fool people including us.

    • No time for dickhead sheep….
      As i say i wash my hands of them pardon the pun😀

  33. Normally countries use events like the Olympics to sabotage another countries games. But the high IQ Aussie politicians have damaged their own competition. Slow hand clap

  34. Well if it’s real, Good for him. High five to Freedom fighters. If it’s for real I pray he keeps standing up for what is right, no matter the cost. Don’t cower because of these dictators.

  35. Wow, just heard news story that Djokovic owns 80% share in a biotech company working on a non-vax preventative treatment.
    After watching the media hounds in Australia howl about this guy for weeks (and their still going with their attacks even now), it takes on new light if he was a literal rival to Pfizer and the vaccines.

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