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    • It is very inconvenient that the Fit Athletic Young People are dying ALL OVER THE WORLD .

    • There is no virus. There is no evidence of a virus. Nothing has been isolated. People are having heart attacks and now this is been covered.

    • Let’s face it. The new South African variant is as predictable as night following day.

      • Hi
        Yes agree with that
        It was predictable for sure!

        Take care

    • Anyone surprised with the news and Christmas lockdown?! We all knew. Hugo you are absolutely right about Dr John Campbell. He was paradings these injections from the day One!! It is shocking how many Dr’s stayed true to their Oath to do no harm. Now he is switching the narrative and trying to appear more balanced whilst forgetting how many people took the injection on the basis of trusting his professional view.

    • I spoke to the husband of the lady that died on Euston Station earlier this year.
      He was wearing a “Matt Hancock killed my wife” T Shirt. He had, had one jab himself but knew it was the cause of her death.
      Was he got to, misquoted or changed his mind?

      • Morning Lyra

        I reckon
        Changed his mind (thank goodness)
        After loosing his poor wife poor man.

        Great T shirt he had on though!
        Just a Huge shame he lost someone he loved how very sad

        Take care now

    • Dr Campbell pretends to reveal the truth about vaccine adverse side effects whilst simultaneously promoting the vaccine.. Madness

  1. “‘Conspiracy Theorist’ someone who questions the statements of known liars.”

    — Unknown

    “‘Coincidence Theorist’ – someone who believes the statements of known liars and votes for them.”

    — Brother Charles

  2. Talking about variants, whatever happened to the Yorkshire pudding triple mutant variant?

    • Ah well you see it was a commer in and Yorkshire folk are a bit wary of those tha knows. So it probably slung it`s hook and went off back to Lancashire.
      Translation for those outside Yorkshire: Commer in – ( noun ) An outsider who was born somewhere other than Yorkshire.

  3. Admitting you’ve made the Wrong choice🤔 a conversation with a person who’s double jibbed and getting booster in a few weeks time, told me that his 12yr old son just got his first jib…..I explained my findings and sources to him but he just wasn’t interested in knowing anything about it…… Totally gone, no Rational thinking whatsoever 😔

  4. Oh boy there is no shame in addmiting you are wrong every one was fooled at first take the jab Go back to normal we all wanted to go back to normal so people took the jab and. Normal didn’t happen and now people are waking up to the fact it never will happen until we start saying no I do not comply

      • Yes some shame would be appreciated from bojo and the government

      • I’m waiting for my neighbours to admit they are wrong…lm waiting for them to say “Ericka where are those Hugo Talks vids…l have offered to forward real people…real evidence of real situations ‘in the field’ both sporty…both intelligent…both can’t admit they are wrong…both deep down fearful as they are both double jabbed…l think very fearful….

    • Great you’ve begun to uncover the reality, but some of us have researched & suffered alienation from friends and family by doing so many years previous to this deception.
      Don’t mean to sound arrogant but through that understanding I knew the moment the ‘virus’ was covered by the media (I was in Vietnam at the time) that it was some kind of cover for global governance.
      I hope you aren’t too shocked by what might well happen in the next decade, at least you might be better prepared for it than most.

    • You need to look up the ONLY party that gives the English people back their indigenous rights NO POLITICIANS REQUIRED only common people-the ones that think for themselves-plumbers, brickies, builders, sparks…the way it used to be before the british rose in 1706…remove the britshits-VOID The act of union 1706/7 and the establishment lose their powers…we are WINNING and lots of people are coming on board. Our English Constitution Party are taking back control of England and bringing back the power to the people wgere it rightly belongs under God’s common law. Southend West vote ENGLISH VOTE ENGLAND VOTE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY. All the other parties are controlled opposition even the english democrats are really the british democrats since 2006…you can’t make this stuff up!! Stop the lies, deceit and vote ENGLISH in ALL elections everywhere in England, Wales and Scotland our constitution party is for you English, Welsh and Scots…

      • Keep up the good work Bill,we need the English constitution,bill of rights 1689,act of settlement etc as protection against these tyrant politicians

      • Thanks Chris I know we are winning we have thousands of people coming over to us and we’ve had to fight the british electoral commission in order to get the party registered which eventually happened on 14th November after about 6 weeks and 2 applications and legal tort threats and they s**t themselves and gave in!! We finally got the party registered as a Ltd company a couple of days ago and now we’re looking to open up a bank account. Further to all this we have a video to educate people more about what we as constitutionalists mean about really taking back control of England…

      • Had a look
        Good luck with it all Bill

        Take care now

      • it says this site can’t be reached when clicking on the link!

      • Hey
        I went on other link on his YouTube he put up
        If that’s any help,
        I never tried the one on this comment ok.

        Take care

  5. The new super mutant ninja variant 😂😂 thank you for helping me laugh Hugo ❤️ much love and much appreciation for what you are doing

    • Guaranteed Bullshit news is part of the Bolshevik Bullshitting Commission bbc,,, A Distraction & Twist It Around Government op station ….
      ………………………………………………………………….. – DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE –

  6. This whole thing of covid martyrs is something I’ve seen coming. Many local councils putting out open calls for artists to create works to remember those “fallen” from the virus, and this was way back last year! 🙄😡

  7. Isn’t it time to call the variants by their real names: Astrazenica, Pfizer, Moderna, j and j, mix n match etc variants?

  8. If its any consolation, at our Rebels at Roundabouts today, we hardly had any really defiant abuse. Normally amidst all the positive toots, shout-outs, thumbs up and people coming over to support us, we have some aggressors. Today it was somewhat quiet. No one tried to “challenge” us. We had a few sneers but that was it. Its like they know something is wrong now, but they don’t want to see it.

    • Yes, I did one of those, and I can vouch for the abuse. Unbelievable! As others say, they have either caught on or died.

  9. Many of the zombies will never admit they were wrong, even in front of the gates of hell. That is where they brought us all. They are the last ones I like to convince of their errors, go!!!

  10. So! This woman is called a ‘hero’ ( shouldn’t she be a heroine? ) by her husband for taking an experimental substance and dying. Then there was Lisa Shaw’s husband saying that she should have been given a choice of which clot-shot to have…. that is TWO husbands who really should have been saying ” PEOPLE…. DO NOT HAVE THIS INJECTION…. IT HAS KILLED MY PERECTLY HEALTHY WIFE” as loud as possible. The world is upside down… once again I shake my head in disbelief, sadly.
    As for the young, healthy sportsmen and women who are dropping like flies….. when I read some comments on the Daily Fail website about the Trevor Sinclair on Talk Sport actually being taken off air because he mentioned the vaxtermination jab, the sheep were vehemently abusing the Thinkers who put 2 and 2 together and got 4 as the sheep STILL found reasons why these athletes were falling over! They said that ‘covid’ made their hearts weaker !!! lol lol …. blame it on the boogie, why dont you? But dont blame it on the vax!

  11. I know my son in law would really find very hard to admit he was wrong, I’d genuinely never say told ya so. I’d just hug him

    • If they ask me a question Julie…l answer honestly…deep down my grown up son& daughter know….one in the services…one an MIR Rad……they are fearful…double jabbed…lm fearful too..

  12. cant stand dr john cambells bull shit.. hows he got so many good comments

    • I thanked him for his videos and told him they would be used as evidence to try him for crimes against humanity. I’m not joking either. When the whole truth comes out, and it will- it’s already slowly happening, everyone complicit in this cull will be held accountable and there’s nowhere to run as it has affected the entire world. That’s a hell of a lot of people hunting you down! The traitors should enjoy the time they have left, theirs is short and there will be no stopping what’s coming for them. Nuremberg 2.0.

  13. The deception is so much around the world.
    A doctor in Germany who was leading one of the largest medical facilities committed suicide rather than give covid vaccines. (Dr. Thomas Jendges)
    In his suicide note, He described covid19 vaccines as “bioweapon against the human race” .

    • So sad! There are good medical professionals out there – they are silenced or forced out one way or another if they disagree with all this. One of our local doctors left practice because he didn’t agree with things – namely not seeing patients face to face. Sadly we are only left with the ones who are on board with all this genocide crap!

      • Morning Gina

        Yes we are that’s very true
        My doctors have crumbled I can’t remember the last face-face I had

        I unfortunately have a illness that’s ‘progressive’ now & I having to find ways to slow the process down myself best I can as I not jabbed I am being turned down for referrals so instead of loosing my swede, which they want
        I look for ways to help myself until I get to bad then I suppose it’s run in the freezing cold water & swim out to sea…. Reg Perrin style lol

        Have great

      • Sorry to hear that, Janie! I hope you can manage it to some degree on your own. I’m staggered you are refused referrals based on your jab status. Yet not surprised either if that makes sense? I admire your humour and attitude. I’m trying to stay strong and positive too. My kids are still little so I must be their rock! Take care, Janie!

      • Morning Gina
        Thank you for a lovely comment made me emotional
        but on a good level Gina
        I know what it’s like having little ones it’s no easy job but I never had to pull my little one through this crap!
        So my thoughts are with you at this time & your little ones with a Mum like you… they going to be fine x
        None this is easy for any of us so my thoughts go out to All who are trying keep some kind sanity between ourselves at this Very testing time.
        Keep strong – Keep thoughts positive as you can & remember there lots on here I am sure like myself will help you if you needed it Gina so keep strong ok.

        Have a Good day as you can
        Take care

  14. Thank you Hugo for having a soul, common sense & a beautiful mind. We Love You & Know Your Truth! This evil, these unspeakable atrocities &
    genocide will end & those involved will be held accountable! ENOUGH Crimes Against Humanity!

  15. My Father { The ALLFATHER } – Óðinn – Taught me to gain Knowledge & Wisdom in life…………………………
    Stick your covid Up Your ARSE……. & Stick your JAB Up Your ARSE …. ! It Is ALL BOLLOCKS
    I passed that Death Creation Center yesterday on a train through Cambridge – Yes the university & that aztra zenaca building right next to it – It looks like they are so proud of it…… all shiney & new ……….Would love to see it turned into a pile of rubble & dust !!! best thing for it .
    & greater anglia train operators,,, Your F’kin Trains are a Nightmare to travel on with that CONSTANT face covering messages through your speakers… You ARE WORSE Than TESCO & JD Sports Last Year & This………………
    Fuck Off with your Mk Ultra GuantĂĄnamo Bay parrot fashon bullshit & Shove It Up Your computer controlled ARSES .All Corporations are breeders of Bullshit !

  16. How is she a hero? She is retarded, not a hero. Any half-brained slug knows that those vaccines should not be taken. False numbers of cases and death cases reported by news media and retards and idiots like this woman believe it. No, this not bravery, it’s not heroic. Just as it’s not heroic when a man wears a bra

  17. What they are doing now is Normalising the death… soon it will me normal for ten footballers to die a week… soon it will be normal for 20 children to die a week. Plus the new variants will be the main cause of these heart conditions. Yes we need a mass awakening fast.. forget about MP’s, Protests etc it’s down to YOU on your own doing this locally!
    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today
    Buy Shares in Tesco etc etc (No Fees) (certificated ÂŁ45 fee)

  18. These unbelievable stories of people being spiked that are all over the media (2 on the DM right now) are other ways they are using to cover up for people collapsing or dying. These stories started appearing out of nowhere at the same time as the jab adverse reactions were ramping up.

  19. As usual Hugo, Completely bang on the money . Thank you for what you continue to put out . You say exactly what we are all thinking !!

  20. I have been telling people at work about all this even those that have been jabbed, I’ve convinced two persons not to take the booster jabs on my shift, not bad considering it’s only a 4 man shift.

    • Little by little….. too late for some…..deep fear…even resentment anger towards me…l just now and again say..” give me your email…l will forward Hugo Talks..Broken Hearts….

  21. Forget it Hugo! As Mark Twain said: “it’s easier to fool people, than to convince them they’ve been fooled”

    • To some degree that is right. You can’t save every one. But I’ve telled family and friends and they are starting to wake up to this madness. Presides, they wouldn’t be trying to censor everything if they thought enough people are completely stupid.

  22. I became totaly disgusted with Dr, John Campbell last year. I sent paper after paper, fact after fact,, to him, like so many others. I couldn’t listen to his weighted and one sided claptrap any longer. Now the worm turns, but for how long and what is his purpous. All we need to do is look around and it can be clearly seen these injections are the problem.

    • Campbell (He is not a medical doctor) is likely freemason carrying out deception work. No way will he or can he change and it will be a ploy to deceive further. Satan will tell you 99 truths before the deception is imposed. Don’t trust him!

  23. I was asked to remove a link to the adverse reaction and gov yellow card reporting system on my Linked IN …by the HR director of my employer as tbe evidence contradicted their shopping vouchers. For Vaccines canpaign thay had going .. mind boggling stupidity .. or they are Brainwashed !!!! Bonkers

  24. This is it exactly I’m afraid…”it’s a good job we had the jabs,less we would be seriously ill”..this is now the gumpf that I’m hearing regularly…my cousin,2 jabs and the booster, hospitalised from so called covid….I am now banned from talking to my aunt, about trying to explain what’s going on here..not willing,and don’t want to hear..and you guessed it,all I hear is the pre mentioned…the divide is happening im afraid, for I feel like I have nothing in common,and irratated by irrationality and refusal to even talk about it…by even members of my own family… ..

  25. I don’t see them as the jabbed anymore, they are the dead.

  26. Heart attacks are the cause of this dangerous injection!
    And strokes!

    We have spent months trying get theses people we love or know to understand this is were it was leading, it’s been tough for Us.
    So pat yourselves on the back for holding your ground & saying No! & living your best life with what we got at present.
    Keep strong & safe everyone
    Remember You Tried To Tell Them… So have I.

    look at theses poor people in Australia fighting because of being forced!!! This has to END & us keeping on track & helping one another is vital now
    I personally feel.

    Have great weekend Everyone

    Cheers Hugo as always

    • Your comment is spot on! We’ve tried fir the past 20 months to help the afflicted to see common sense and reason, but Doris Johnson and his WEF masters have brainwashed the sheep. I didn’t realise how many gullible people there were. But I know now!! Stay Strong 💪 everyone.

      • Thanks
        Yes me as well
        it’s Alarming to see isn’t it just how brainwashed people, our families, kids are & have become so in fear – so giving in is easier!
        That’s Gullible for sure.

        Have good day
        You to
        Stay strong

  27. Yes but Hugo, if your suckered in already and frightened, as these masqueraders clearly are the concept of having taken a potentially lethal concoction willingly will be off the scale of fear so they can’t go there, they just can’t and will continue to say ‘ I don’t want to know about it al’l but go along for the next call up for jabs. Willingly.
    This to me is the scary part, the compliant sleepers mean its gonna be hard to see an end to all this in a merry go round of varients and new jabs.
    Arrrr…..God help us all.

    • There IS hope. My wife took two jabs because she wanted to travel, much against my advice. But now she sees through it all and will not take the booster, even though it will impact her ability to travel. she has become awake.

      • Hi
        Hope is better than nothing & Fair play to your wife for finally seeing they only trying to hurt her .

        I wish u & your wife all the best
        Stay strong


    • Morning Sarah

      Truth Sets Us Free

      What a nice comment thank you
      Uplifting… great stuff thank you

      Have great day now

  29. Avi Barot, 29, pro cricketer, cardiac arrest, dies. Christian Eriksen, 29, footballer, collapses on pitch, now has implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) fitted. Abou Ali, 22, pro footballer collapses on pitch. Fabrice NSakala, 31, Besiktas defender collapses on pitch. Jens De Smet, 27, footballer collapses on field, dies of heart attack.Jente van Genechten, 25, footballer – heart attack. Frederic Lartillot, pro footballer dies of heart attack after game. Benjamin Taft, 31, pro footballer dies of heart attack. Rune Coghe, 18, pro footballer – cardiac arrest on pitch. Helen Edwards, referee, heart issues World Cup qualifier. Dimitri Lienard, 33, midfielder collapses during game. Sergio Aguero, 33, pro footballer cardiac exam after match. Emil Palsson, 28, midfielder, cardiac arrest during game. Antoine Mchin, 31, triathlete, pulmonary embolism following Moderna. Luis Ojeda, 20, football player unexpectedly passes away. Greg Luyssen, 22, Belgian pro cyclist ends career – heart issues. Pedro Obiang, 29, ex-West Ham star – myocarditis post vaccine. Cienna Knowles, 19, equestrian star, blood clots. Charlie Wyke, 28,footballer collapses in training. John Fleck, 30, Sheffield Utd footballer has a fit mid-game. Adama Traore, 26, Spanish footballer collapses clutching chest mid-game. Riuler de Oliveira Faustino, footballer dies suddenly at 23. Jamie Hamilton, 19, footballer, collapsed with chest pains during game. Leon Taylor, 36, footballer suddenly dies.

    All totally normal. The healthiest, fittest people in the world always drop like flies. These are just the ones that are well known enough to be reported and witnessed.

    • Frederic Lartillot, French footballer collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game. Kjeld Nuis, 32, Dutch speed skater, pericarditis following Pfizer. Yusuke Kinoshita, 27, Professional Baseball Player Died 5 Weeks After COVID-19 Vaccination. Brandon Goodwin, 26, NBA Player Suffered Blood Clots Shortly After His COVID-19 Vaccination. Greg Van Avermaet, 36, Former Olympic Road Cycling Champion Quits Cycling World Cup Due To Vaccine Side-Effects. Francesca Marcon, 38, Volleyball Player Developed Pericarditis After Her Second Pfizer Vaccine. Kyle Warner, 29, Proffesional Mounain Biker, pericarditis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and arthritis following his second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Jeremy Chardy, 34, Former World No. 25 Tennis Player Ends Season After ‘Violent, Near Paralyzing Pain’ From Vaccine Injury. Florian Dagoury, World Record Holder In Static Breath-Hold Freediving Developed Myocarditis, Pericarditis and Trivial Mitral regurgitation after Pfizer Vaccine, Possible End Of Career. Haziq Kamaruddin, 27, Two-Time Olympic Archer Died 10 Days After Pfizer Vaccine. Boris SĂĄdeckĂ˝, 24, Bratislava Capitals ICE Hockey League player, died after collapsing during a game. Layla da Costa, 24, Miss World contestant found dead from heart attack.

    • And the sheep STILL think ( hope!!) That Doris Johnson is keeping us all safe!!! 😂😂😂😂

  30. In 55 years we can check the safety data provided by Pfizer!!

    • Absolutely! Without doubt, they are a victim!! FFS!! Once again here’s proof of the upside down world they have created!! ” if you can’t convince them then confuse them” !! It makes me shake my head in disbelief!

  31. Agreed, GB News is a mainstream ploy to capture the attention of those of us who doubt the “mainstream” mainstream news. It is an attempt to get us to believe that they are “on our side” and to get us to believe what THEY tell us. I am not buying this cheap transparent attempt to fool us any more than I buy what the mainstream tell us.

    • It’s true but some opposition is better than none at all and may at least help turn on a light or two in people’s minds which can then lead to further questioning and awakening. We can’t expect everyone to start at the full-on hardcore end of this monumental deception!!

  32. The other saying is “They died for the greater good” The greater good for Pfizers profits. These Pharmaceutical CEOs must be laughing in their champagne

  33. Things happening soo quickly…dont think I can ever be prepared enough….
    Not sure if they can make strong winds with weather manipulation but mass power cuts here in devon.
    Oh well…I always have electricity in my bug out van 🙂 …thanks as always for your updates hugo

    • Saw a leaked Whitehall document from the beginning of the year,
      They said this would happen back then….”a new South African super duper strain” but the source said it would be OBVIOUSLY completely fabricated(As there is no bloody virus) and there would be another winter lockdown…I think this whole thing will be stepped right up after the initial phase has gone through with the poor 5 year olds…f#king bastads
      …..but on a happy note …its a lovely day 🙂

  34. Sounds like they need a variant that causes blood clots and heart attacks.

  35. Hugo you are so wise. Before the government lost me my job in care I used to notice there were particular relatives and friends who would give the staff a hard time. We came to the conclusion it was guilt. There should be no shame in admitting you need help but some people find it hard and react badly. The lovely John o looney, undertaker explained it in his line of work as the burden of what they had done being simply to great for them to handle.

  36. Heart disorders up 118% since the snake oil was rolled out,….

  37. Anyone who dies as result of the poison is not a hero. they are a victim. a murdered victim

  38. Novavax are already making a booster for this so called deadly new “variant” in january…
    More variants new jabs next year…
    Many more will die from these experimental jabs

  39. GB News is a lot better than nothing Hugo.

    Yesterday afternoon they had Welsh comedian Abi Roberts on Nana Akua’s chat show and she was really letting rip about the COVID Scam, saying they just want to jab everyone so they can bring in digital passports and get rid of cash and make us all use digital currency, and how she didn’t need the vaccine because she’s had Covid and is full of antibodies. That prat Jon Gaunt was sitting next to her and he lost it started yelling about her spreading dangerous “Conspiracy Theories” – but funny thing is he didn’t recoil in horror when Abi made it clear she’s unjabbed, and he didn’t put the mask on he says he wears everywhere he goes(except when he’s in the GB News studios apparently) even though he’s triple jabbed.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they have Abi on again. They should of course, because at the start of the show Nana does her spiel about ho we have honest conversations here, and sometimes we disagree but nobody gets cancelled.

    Somehow, I doubt if they’ll be uploading a clip of this segment on their YouTube channel but hopefully someone, somewhere was recording it.

    • She’s not the only one. Calvin Robinson has had a shouty match with Gaunt (I believe it was him) as well, about the same thing. Others on there have said the same.

      • Gaunt (if it was him) was the shouty one. Robinson was calm and measured and put his case sensibly. (Gaunt) gave nothing but the usual guff that they all spout.

    • Sorry Geraint GB news is controlled opposition-it’s in the name…anything GB, british, britain first, UKIP, reform-all these and more are ALL controlled opposition as the british are our enemy and always have been and are also the enemy of the world…America have the british down for what they are-killers, murderers, they are all awake to the british and the sooner we remove their power (the acts of union 1706/7) the sooner we can take back control of England…have a look at the nationalities act 1981 as English we are no longer allowed to have our own identity-they try to keep calling us british but that is NOT a nationality…it is a land mass Gt Britain-Only Nations can have nationalities else we end up like soviet britain watch this and get an English education
      Please do join us and subscribe to get notifications on Rumble the full English. I don’t want what is happening any more than anyone else-the british are determined to kill our existance-the only way to fight back is with the English Constitution Party as they hate the intelligent way we think…why do you think they use the communist party of Gt britain to control the plebs???

      • Please don’t lecture me about GB News Bill. All I said was that is better than nothing. If Abi Roberts had said what she did on any other UK based TV News Channel she would have been cut-off mid sentence.

  40. If mainstream are mentioning it then you know it’s a phenomenal amount more than what they dare let on. I’m disgusted with it all.

  41. I’ve been waiting for the day that Campbell will eat his words. To put it fairly politely, he’s a pain in the arse.

  42. Them NHS walls they had with “covid” deaths are sick actually…
    Nobody died of “covid”….
    They did with the swab only not fit for purpose…
    Society is sick now…
    People are brainwashed….
    World is turning for the worst…

  43. Interesting to note,new variant Omicron’s anagram, they all pissing their pants over,is…Moronic!

      • Hi
        I would put couple bob bet on it being ‘mmmm’ to

        Secrets & lies
        Thrive on that they do.

    • I knew it would be an anagram but didn’t sit and look at it long enough to get what it was lol. Yup, moronic indeed!

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