School Makes Children Wear YELLOW BADGES / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I’ve been having lots of back and forth with my Son’s school. He has been asked 5 times already about his exemption. Luckly he’s 11 and fully up to speed with all these nonsense. But still I don’t like that they want him to where a lanyard.

  2. I know Farringtons, just down the road from me and It used to be one of my Customers in my Repping days.How it has changed for the worst.

  3. The sheep will keep complying they have been duped and can’t now turn back coz they would have to admit how stupid they’ve been

  4. My daughter said that the numbers attending the primary school on the day they were giving flu jabs/sprays, was halved, which is reassuring. Some people are thinking for themselves.

  5. I would bring my child out of that school pronto it’s illegal immoral and disgusting get your children out of there and let’s see if they keep going hope the parents band together on mass stand up for your kids ffs

    • Exactly!!!
      This is child abuse in every respect.
      It is also very obvious that because this “school” is engaging in this behaviour, the headmaster and staff will eagerly roll out the “vaccine” the first chance they have.

  6. I’d like to think you were preaching to the converted here Hugo but……anyway when the time comes (and it will) we need a way of getting everyone’s complete commitment to get out on the streets of big cities and towns alike to finally say ‘NO’ to this utter totalitarian tyranny. We need millions not just a few tens of thousands!!!
    We need to kick down Parliament! Wake up sheep!!

  7. Be jab ones eventually like back in December 2020…
    Saw people wearing them “I’m fully vaccinated” stickers…
    Saw one guy get beat up wearing one though for just wearing one…
    “Im fully Vaccinated”🤫…

    Shame its not a proper vaccine but hey people kill fill there boots with that poison all i care now

  8. Thanks Hugo – for a needed reminder that yes, this is only the future that will happen if we allow it to. And even if it does, there are now enough of us to build our own communities and set up our own education & healthcare systems. In the meantime, I’d suggest parents pull their kids out of this feckin school; and/or write ‘exempt to mind control’ / ‘persecuted for having a brain’ or similar on those feckin badges. Maybe parents can do the same and where yellow stickers when they pick kids up from this school – make a statement and stand up for their kids, sanity and futures.

  9. You get Nazi’s everywhere! If the child is not wearing a mask it is quite obvious they are exempt, one only needs to read the government guidelines on exemption, you are exempt if you say your exempt!
    I would not be sending my child to that school the head teacher is not fit to be near children!

  10. Was wondering when they were going to bring out the yellow stars oh sorry yellow circle s these teachers are on a power trip get them outside the school they soon stop what there doing they just learn them pure shite better off at home

  11. I took my boy out last year when they wanted him to wear a mask 😷 school is poison ☠️

  12. the next step after yellow Stars/circles is ghettos and concentration camps. The camps are already happening in Australia.

  13. It’s Programming, will be cctv soon to catch them out and fines for parents, 8hrs of coronaization. Being labelled and shamed so your school friends can see it. How embarrassing, get them out, I would I wouldn’t have a child being subjected to this.

    • Absolutely Chris I agree with that!

      Thankfully I don’t have children at school

      Kids are so easily hurt
      so you’re right kids will start resentment to one another
      It’s just awful

      Take care now

  14. Stigmatising children!and parents allowing it !unbelievable!

  15. I don’t know how we end all this stuff the only way is by force

    • Your so right all mps police inspectors headmasters health chiefs council leader’s all need removing by force charging and locking up

  16. The middle class like teachers and police etc are happy to go along with the genocide in the belief that they and their families will escape punishment because they are well to do and important so are therefore part of the elite! But they will all be triple jabbed too and they will all die a horrible death! There will be no escape for them!

  17. So many said this was coming a year or more ago. Euthanasia is on cards for jabbed. But all illnesses
    have their causes anywhere but in
    Jab. 🤔Cheers Hugo. Opportunity?

  18. Have people seen The Benician or UCT’s campaign?
    Remember, remember the 21st December.
    On this date at 7pm they want people to out into the street, garden, park where ever and shout you are not going to take it any more and do a minutes silence for all the grandma’s and grandpa’s that have been killed in their home, in hospital and in a home by Midzalem. Then go home and enjoy Christmas and have a much better new year.

  19. Best way to say NO we’re not engaging, stop paying any sort of tax, it’s our money their using to do this all with to us, school is only there to get them brainwashed to be a 9-5 trying to look better on their social media than all the other members of their flock anyway and any form of tax is legal theft in my eyes anyway

  20. Hugo, I know what you mean but we can go back to ‘normal’. 100% non compliance is the best cahnce we have.

  21. We’re in the last minutes of the last days. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans, Chapter 10, verse 13 (The Bible). I care about this tribe. Please come to Jesus as Saviour if you haven’t already. Keep together and keep strong.

  22. Hugo is right, there’s no way we could ever go back, or ever want to imo, the old way of living since far too much has been revealed about what these evil doers have been doing for years and all their lies, deceit and corruption.
    Our new world should be on the peoples terms only and not led by these ultra wealthy aristocrats.

    • There’s nothing aristocratic about the wealthy people of today, that’s why the House of Lords is full of corrupt political cronies – libtard Cultural Marxist scum.

  23. Spot on Hugo. Lazy parents who can’t be bothered to homeschool. I’d rather live in the gutter than give in to this shit to be honest. Sod losing your homes. Will life be worth living anyway!

    • We’re under COMMUNISM = Cultural Jew Marxism – how can that be German National Socialist? They’re using YELLOW markers to fool gullible people like you!

      “The leader of the German people (Hitler) has no doubt in his mind that the Jewish problem is the centre of all problems, not merely in Germany, but in the world.
      It is useless to dismiss this as an illusion, because if it is, it demands explanation. But it is no illusion. It is the truth. Hitler’s declaration that the Jewish consciousness is poison to the Aryan (white) races is the deepest insight that the Western world has yet achieved in its own nature; and his capacity to realise this is the proof of his genius.”

      — Jewish Rabbi, Harry Waton

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