Aboriginals Taken To Quarantine and FORCED JABS? #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • I read and watched this. Its a long read but says exactly what l know in my spirit. Very good. I cried about the Indian woman, and others, who’ve died of starvation because of this Aadhaar system. Wish l could get every last person in the world to read this. Its definitely leading up to the introduction of the mark of the beast. God help us all.

      I did wonder about the book on the shelf behind the microphone guy. Is there a book about our Hugo?!! 😄

      • If no 1 gets tested with the fake tests , how would they even no ? Please people stop getting covid tests. This is the only way to stop this. I have never had a test and never will , I was in hospital last year between Xmas/ new year with back problems. It was disgusting the way they were treating elderly people. They made them sleep with a mask on this us here in the uk. The nurses have known they had to have covid jabs then. I spoke with a nurse who had tears in her eyes mask cutting into her face. That then xmas 2020 there was this put to nhs staff about jabs. I was told I would murder my own family if I didn’t have the covid test. No tests simple as that. Stop the testing and stop covid. Jabs don’t work so what’s the point of all this bollocks. If people say no and mean NO that’s everone now then what can be done. Make t up. That’s what there doing now I surpose. Covid is a lie. From the start. How much more bollocks are people gonna listen to . Stop getting tested it won’t save you, the jabs won’t save you. Only you can save you by not playing the game. Stop all testing.

    • Its bad enough that we took their country away from the indigenous people of Australia!

      …but now to deny them their liberty, freedom of choice, human rights and forcibly inject them with a poison is evil tyranny beyond belief.

      I sincerely hope that the fuckwits responsible for the latest round of atrocities die a prolonged, protracted and excruciatingly painful death …perhaps one of their own jabs every day should do it.

      These scumbags are not members of the human race and are a disgrace.

      • Yes, maybe this is why they want them out the way!

    • Leave that trash Abrahamic Armagedon death wish out of this. Christianity has been nothing but scourge to indigenous people and their traditions! I have no respect for anyone, indigenous or otherwise that brinfs some pseudo-enlightened jesus garbage into this cirlce. It is responsible for the genocide of millions!

    • Tried posting a tongue in cheek comment on the BBC sports page but of course it was filtered immediately – quite a few saying “yeah we all know why but you can’t comment” so it’s clearly verboten to speak about it, even though its patently obvious.

      We can’t even talk about it, and in the meantime thanks to the media blackouts they are literally sending people to concentration camps in Oz and now rounding up the Aboriginals, if people can’t see that this is full on genocide against the people then there really is no hope.

      It’s war and we need to fight back before it’s too late.

      • We the people have to arm ourselves with whatever we can and fight back show these corrupt tyrants that we to mean business .☠️

      • They are using these people. If you look at the BBC and there talks about blm the arts the culture in ozs you can see its all fake. Pimping these people out and then rounding them up like cattle. Your right why do they want so many jabbed ? We all no why. Here in the uk you got Doris talking about fvcking pepper pig land. Its all done to district u fr0om what is actually going on right under your noses. They pimped out the nhs now there mandating the jabs. Who’s next what’s next ?? Let’s hope there getting the fear cause people won’t have propaganda and lies anymore. The birth place of the mass murder HILTER seems to think its OK to treat people like second class citizens over a jab. They didn’t do thus with the flu virsus jabs. You even had to pay for that. So free experimental jabs for all hey. Stop getting fuvcking tested and covid will be no more.when did they ever test anyone for the flu or a cold ? Never that thing. There was no tests. There is no covid the test don’t work. It seems that millions have suddenly have the penny drop to the lies. This has been coming for years people. In plain sight.

    • Yes, it is indeed very frightening… and there are STILL many, many people around the world who have no idea what’s really going on… how can they be so blind, huh…? What’s happening is an example of the saying ‘The elephant in the room’.

      I have close family in Queensland, Australia. Many people here in the UK have relatives ‘Down Under’. Let’s hope that this nightmare situation can be thwarted.

      • I hear you 🙏 it’s unbelievable, and not one of the MSM in the UK are talking about it!!! Forcing people to have a jab!!! It’s so upsetting. Let’s hope the people of Australia go and help the Aboriginal people !!

      • Demonstration in Legalese means
        De -No
        Mon – Thinking
        Strat – spread
        Ion – contract
        So when we say to the council/ courts/ govt we want a demonstration then we are telling them that we are not thinking & spreading that via a ( verbal/ informal) contract.. so maybe a protest/ gathering is better terminology.

  1. Absolutely evil.

    Absolutely NO reason why anyone should think that this has anything to do with the health and safety of the people.

  2. Build boats and sail away. It’s getting that bad, there so desparate, there’s something in these jabs we don’t know about. We will find out. It’s the army they’ve planned it, they got blood on there hands, it’s coming everywhere, they will be chasing me in a field soon the last of us, they won’t be able to track me without a smartphone

    • Watch Trust Ultra Trust Naomi on Bitchute. It is also on Hugo Talks but it may not play. All will become clear. The WEF et al have used the CIA method of depopulation.

    • Too right there’s something in these jabs! Have you seen the videos about self aware organisms with a head and tentacles in the Phizer, Moderna and Johnson&Johnson jabs? Google Dr Franc Zalewski and Dr Carrie Madej for the videos.

  3. Feel so helpless these poor people it’s just getting more Evil as days go on what can we do to help there must be something

  4. I think the current protests should blockade the mainstream media outlets that fail to report these attrocities. At the moment the main media outlets are complicit by their silence.

    • Totally agree, but I think now they need to start quietly coming together to form a militia at this stage, they need to be operational ASAP as walking the streets time is over in OZ

      • So true the people need to stand together and take control ,you can’t trust the law or army what’s happening in Australia is truly worrying and no mater how you look at it forced vaccination is just evil no matter who its forced upon,this is a extremely worrying development, if people can’t see what’s going on now I fear it may be too late,it’s just a matter of time before this starts happening everywhere.they can’t be allowed to get away with this its so obviously genocide.

    • Spot on , they need to be stopped from pushing the lies and propaganda. Any hackers out there ?

  5. The Aboriginal people have always been a thorn in the side of Australian government, All the Aboriginal people must be vaccinated with the ̶D̶e̶a̶t̶h̶ ̶S̶h̶o̶t̶,, sorry Clot Shot,, they have to be eradicated.

  6. F’king GENOCIDE of the lands Indigenous peoples,,, Where Next, Tribes of the Original Americas Indigenous peoples ~ Bring that shit over here & …
    I WILL GO OUT THE SAME WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hail the Æsir ~ Hail the True Gods of the Northen European Germanic Folk

    • This is going to be my new slogan!!

      I WILL GO OUT THE SAME WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💪

      Very well said woooooooo!! You should get that out on a t-shirt👍

      • Its fucking true tho. I’m not a young women but they will have to put me in jail or kill me. Surpose if you are being held down in a jail you wouldn’t be able to stop it. Shot me instead. I’d rather die fighting.

      • Now That sounds like a plan ….. Prob is i’d proberly get ousted by hostile neighbours seeing that,,,, afaik most are jabbed round here But i do still keep trying
        Played 3 of Hugos videos at Cambridge Station last week at bout 17:15ish….. It Was Packed & could see a few people standing around listening ……
        More people should do this when traveling on busy trains & busses ~ gets people wondering / thinking

  7. I have just had a look on Amnesty International`s web site for any information about what is happening in the Northern Territory. So far nothing.
    However they do have a very interesting web page about indigenous people and their commitment to protect them, It is a very good read with some useful information. It covers international law , land rights and the fact that quite a lot of the worlds natural resources are where they tend to live. There are over 370 million indigenous people in over 90 countries with 70% of them being in Asia. It is very curious and telling though that nothing about the NTs is showing up on their news feed.

  8. Do you remember that guys angry
    Speech yesterday? I thought this was coming when he said” We are going to protect our Aboriginals”🤔

  9. The angry guy yesterday said” We are going to protect our Aboriginies”🤔


  11. I have been blocked by utube and don’t do twitter or face book but can someone please,please,please inform Hugo talks and uk column of the developments in Australia as I know they have a massive following and can get this information out to millions of people at one time many thanks p.t

  12. they need ro get solid footage of them giving the jab,..then something can be done about it

  13. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: More Australian camps to be set up………….

    South Australia now say they are urgently looking to set up quarantine facilities to accommodate more than 100 people in Renmark, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and Mt Gambier due to concerns about vulnerable and Indigenous people. The following is from the INdaily news web site in Australia and was published 23/11/2021. Unfortunately it doesn`t state a time. It also mentions though that cabins are currently being used in the Howard Springs camp in the Northern Territory.


    Right i`m off to bed now. It`s 2am over here in the UK but I had to stay on top on this.

  14. This has shook me to the bone. I want to truly believe that this is not true but thanks to Tanya there it is in black and white the words that say quarantine and the orunjabbed indiginise people. I feel so very sick. I have seen/ heard stuff from history how cruel the settlers were to the indigenous people but never would I think any one would stoop so low to do this. Evil pure evil.

  15. Why is it that the countries that already have a past with such doings are the first ones to take these “measures” (germany austria australia)?

  16. Make no mistake this is genocide / ethnic cleansing .. these evil feckers need stopping now ! I feel sick listening to this

    • Yes and coming to other countries any time soon. If people don’t do as there told.

  17. It was leaked in a well known magazine that they would come for the aborigines first and hold them in concentration camps then force them in to having the experimental , lethal injection

    • We need to pray for these people and thank them for warning the rest of the world 🙏

  18. Until 1967 the Australian government considered Aboriginals to be ” flora and fauna” ! I really feel for these people especially having lived in Oz for ten years.

  19. We must believe in the Almighty God, Confess with your mouths the Lord Jesus & pray like never before.
    All of this is coming true just like the words of the Bible. Its all documented in movies by God’s design, for those who didn’t read the Good Book.
    Please Repent. God IS in CONTROL!

  20. OMG. This is terrible for these poor Aborignal people. They are crying out for help but I don’t know what I can do to help them, just spread this video I suppose. What an evil government. Surely they can’t just jab people without consent. What a wicked world we are living in. God bless the Aborignal people.

  21. Wow I’m very sorry to hear what’s happening in that country I if I could help I would bloody disgusting and hoping that all these bastards should be taken out right away should be no more trying to eat em out of power we should be taken about 2 people on our side it can take the old sniper rifle to get rid of under should be doing it now before everybody on this earth is wiped out bar for them because eventually they work their selves out bit louder too late for restless or the all the best to hold in that country and around the world it leave and know what is happening

  22. They should show this to the entire world population and then people who are still brainwashed by this “virus” crap will finally start to realise its got nothing to do with that…I did think once a good slap would knock people into reality that are dragging us down with them but there are many that are mentally gone with the fairies

  23. This is pure evil!have these world leaders, been replaced by some demonic powers!more like bought off!my brother in law has relations ,in Australia!I will see he’s if he’s heard anything!my heart goes out to those poor people!❤

  24. This poor woman
    Her people are the heart of the land.

    what a woman, great share !
    Made me emotional to watch.
    Blessings people – this is so upsetting.

    Cheers Hugo

  25. If anbody in Australia is thinking “it’s only the aboriginals”, think again, you will be next. The genocide needs to stop.

  26. Native American Indian and blankets infected with small pox comes to mind.

  27. oh how I wish everybody here could meet up and be together right now!! Ooh I just want to be with you and hug tight you all, so terrified of what is going on! Yes I totally agree with those who say stop testing, you guys are absolutely spot on right on the money! PCR tests and lateral flow tests are all totally FAKE!! Apparently you can put them in a glass of lemon juice and they will test positive!! Absolutely unbelievable to think that this is what this whole scam is based on!!! Stop testing people, stop buying testing kits! Throw the ones you have away in the rubbish cos they are rubbish! Somebody is making an awful lot of money out of this, there are clearly loads of billionaires laughing their socks off at the brainwashed sheep who are so totally sucked in!! If you stop testing, this whole scam will fizzle out!! I tried once again to make my hubby see sense over all this. He’s hopelessly brainwashed unfortunately, but I won’t give up. I have to do what I can to save him before it’s too late!! Absolutely terrifying times people!!!!!! Hold the line folks, I love you all loads. Loads of love from Carolyn XXX

  28. Everything that is happening around the world now is prophesied in the Bible. Matthew Chapter 24 and Revelation 13 says it all clear as mud folks! We must all stay strong, and totally keep away from all the garbage that sheep are doing. Those people are completely lost, we know the truth so we must hold on with all our might onto what we know is right.

  29. So very comforting to see people talking total sense on this forum!! Can’t begin to tell you all what that means to me right now, as at home I feel totally alone. One of my friends made the terrible mistake of having the killer jabs, and she had the booster too. Now she’s really ill, and I’m very worried about her. Of course I hate what she has done, but she’s still one of my dearest friends, and I don’t want anything to hurt her. I dread getting news that someone in my church has died because of the jabs!! Really terrified here now!! Don’t worry folks, I’ve not had anything, I’m remaining a jab free zone forever, never had a flu jab or anything cos I know it’s all garbage. I look after myself and hubby the natural way with good nutrition, balanced diet, plenty of vitamins and absolutely no junk! No booze or fags, no junk food, everything sensible and healthy. We have a smoothy machine and soup maker, and have fish or chicken for dinner. I’m not the best cook, but trying really hard to get better. Cod liver oil is absolutely amazing to boost your immune system. Tastes horrid but will keep you well this season. Vitamin D3 also very powerful at boosting the immune system which everyone needs at its’ optimum strongest at this time of year. We all know that these killer jabs destroy your natural immune system, come on sheep listen to me!!! You don’t need these toxic jabs, you just need to follow what I’ve said here!!! Oh how I want to really shake people and wake the sheep up!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Stand up to people who spout hatred against other ethnic minorities. People need Hope, not Hate.
    Don’t tolerate bigotry call it out when you see ir, if you ignore it you are condoning it.
    Well done people for showing your kind humanity to these wonderful Aborigine people..I only wish we could rescue them.

  31. Today its “700,000 will die by march in europe”…
    Of course within 28 days of a swab that does not do the job they profess it to do…
    Same shit as last year…
    I downed tools last march with this bullshit…
    Its time to say no now otherwise this will be going till 2025 when the spars or mers “pandemic” will be created…
    John hopkins foundation have already made pre planned preparations and guidelines for it…

  32. These so called Elites, and everyone pushing this eugenics agenda need to be burnt alive every last muthafucking one of them, burnt to death slowly barbecue style.

  33. Wake up, you idiots! If you willingly got the genetic-modification treatment known as the COVID-19 “vaccine” (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, etc.), you were tricked into injecting a harmful, dangerous, unapproved, and often lethal product into your body. A wholly unnecessary product that does not protect you, does not provide immunity or prevent transmission of the virus—but does wreck your immune system, damages your organs, causes blood clots and internal inflammation, and renders you more susceptible to many diseases, including cancer.

    Because you took the “vaccine”, your body is manufacturing millions or billions of spike proteins. The spike protein is toxic, pathogenic (disease-causing), and coagulatory (it causes blood clots). These synthetic spike proteins made by your cells are supposedly identical to the spike protein in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as determined by computer modeling of genetic fragments supplied to the U.S. from Chinese laboratories controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

    That’s what your body is producing by the millions or billions, confusing the hell out of your immune system, weakening its ability to make essential helper T cells and CD8 cells which ward off other viruses and diseases.

    The lipid hydrogel that coats the fragile mRNA strands in the Pfizer and Moderna shots contains nanoparticles that cross the blood-brain barrier, causing paralysis, uncontrollable convulsions, neurodegenerative diseases, permanent vision loss, spinal damage, and more. Hundreds of thousands of people have suffered these “side effects”—or dropped dead—within hours or days after getting the jab.

    The vaccine manufacturers knew full well about all of the potential adverse reactions. Therefore, the so-called “vaccine” is a bioweapon. Its only conceivable purpose is depopulation. The “vaccine” has nothing to do with improving your health. It’s an instrument of social control, part of the Great Reset aiming for an authoritarian technofascist society where “you will own nothing, and you’ll be happy,” as per the World Economic Forum.

    You should know:

    * The lockdowns you observe as a key ritual in your new State Religion—the Covidian Cult—are absurd and have no scientific basis.

    * Your face-diapers (“masks”) are useless. There is no scientific basis to warrant their use, but they do increase bacterial diseases in the mask-wearer and are especially dangerous for children, blocking the flow of oxygen and potentially injuring their brains.

    * The fraudulent PCR test is a scam. It’s incapable of diagnosing any illness or infection, as pointed out by Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR technique. The CDC, FDA, and WHO have all officially admitted that the PCR test is worthless and can’t differentiate between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu or common cold! The diagnostic tests being introduced in December to replace the phony PCR test are all “Emergency Use Authorization” gimmicks, as meaningless as the PCR test.

    * The PCR test yields false-positives up to 97% of the time. Yet this junk data was (and is) used as the basis to declare a pandemic and enforce lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and mandated vaccines.

    The Powers That Be tested your willingness to comply. To be misled. To do irrational, self-destructive things. And you obeyed, you fell for it. You fell for the scamdemic, predicated on a respiratory virus that is less dangerous than the seasonal flu according to the governments’ own statistics.

    The people whom you label “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy theorists” are no such thing. They’re ordinary people, just like you. But unlike you, they used common sense. They were not cowed by the Mainstream Media’s 24/7 fear-mongering campaign of lies and disinformation. They did their homework and quickly discovered that the so-called Covid “vaccines” are a great hazard thousands of times more dangerous than any alleged “novel coronavirus”.

    Guess who’s exempt from all requirements and mandates to get the COVID-19 “vaccine”? The following people are totally exempt: all US Senators and House Representatives plus all Congressional staff; 6,000 White House employees; all employees of Pfizer (2,500), Moderna (1,500), and Johnson & Johnson (120,000); 15,000 CDC workers; and 14,000 FDA employees.

    Now do you see the elephant in the room? The Pharma-controlled politicians, the vaccine companies, the corrupt CDC and FDA health agencies owned by Big Pharma, the government officials who are forcing the death-shots on the rest of us…They are all EXEMPT from getting the jab. They know what’s in the poisonous serum and what harm it can do. But you must take it or lose your job. You must get jabbed with the genetic cocktail if you want to go shopping or eat at a restaurant.

    Do you see how insane and criminal this is? Do you still think it’s a “crazy conspiracy theory”? You’re close. It’s an insane conspiracy indeed, hatched by eugenicists, depopulation advocates, super-wealthy oligarchs, and One World Government proponents over twenty years ago.

    Oh, I almost forgot… Two million illegal aliens are also exempted from the vaccines by the unelected President Biden, so that they can flood the country, get bussed or jet-planed to Republican states, and spread sickness and death while they receive endless government hand-outs and vote Democrat. And the Republicans are letting it happen.

    If you got the clot-shot because of fear of losing your job, then my apologies to you, you are in a very tough situation.

    If you willingly got the jab and you’re proud of it—like Jennifer Aniston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolly Parton, Hugh Jackman, Kathy Hochul (NY Governor), Don Lemon (CNN), Mike Pence, Martha Stewart, Amber Heard, Bruce Springsteen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jane Fonda, Bernie Sanders, Greta Thunberg, Willie Nelson, and many more—then you’re an ignorant fool. You’re an obedient disciple of the new State Religion, Branch Covidian. You fell for an Official Narrative which has holes in it bigger than moon-craters. The Official Narrative has been completely demolished, but you were brainwashed and you’re still living dangerously in an alternate reality that’s been superimposed on the real, actual unfolding horror-show of escalating tyranny.

    You need to be deprogrammed.

    You need to never take another genetic Covid “vaccine” or booster ever again.

    You need to tell your friends and family and everyone you know to stay away from these kill-shots.

    Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s not too late to remove yourself from the Covidian Cult. If you got the kill-shot, there are many things you can do to strengthen your immune system and reduce the odds of vaccine-induced disease or death down the road.

    The Unvaxxed are not your enemies. They present absolutely no danger to you, despite the controlled media’s blatant lies claiming there’s a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Just the opposite is true: Tens of thousands of healthy, unvaxxed people who’ve been in close proximity to the vaxxed are suffering terrible problems, apparently caused by the vaxxed individuals’ shedding of spike protein through breath, saliva, perspiration, and urine. These very real problems include agonizing menstrual pain, bleeding while pregnant, miscarriages, massive blood clots, severe muscular pain, random bruising all over the body, nonstop migraines, pericarditis, autoimmune diseases, shingles, and even Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis).

    To put it bluntly, the vaccinated are “lepers” whom the unvaxxed would do well to avoid prolonged contact with. Many hair salons, beauty parlors, and holistic doctors are now refusing to see anyone who has been vaccinated for COVID-19.

    The Unvaxxed are not your enemies. Once you realize what’s been done to you, and why, please come join with the Unvaxxed to defeat a common enemy, to expose and punish the monsters who perpetrated this colossal fraud, and to reverse the totalitarian measures that, if allowed to continue, will destroy the USA, physically, morally, and politically.

    • A very long but incisive comment. The Great Unwashed know that what you say is correct, but! Do you know what? I’m not showing anyone this. It would only lead to abuse and ridicule from the sheep who still believe the BBC. When I tried to show n tell my wife about ALL the young deaths, the official REAL figures about our NHS NOT being’ overwhelmed’ in 2020, she said ” I don’t want to know and our friends don’t want to know…. you believe what YOU want, we’ll believe what we want”. There endeth the lesson for us all. Look after yourself and stock up on tinned foods and bullets to protect yourself 💪.

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