AMAZON To STOP Accepting UK Visa Credit Cards / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Agreed Hugo. I will never shop with Tesco and Amazon likes. I would personally like buying food from the farmers directly and anything else from small craft companies, etc.

  2. This is a business move. They have recently partnered with PayPal so imagine under the terms of their deal Amazon needed to get rid of visa to make it more likely that customers will use PayPal.

  3. Use cash, do not use amazon as they promote peadophilia, selling child like sex dols

  4. I agree with you but not totally.
    I personally use Amazon Purley for the hassle free customer service.
    If things go wrong, Amazon put it right.
    I have tried using local and British retailers but once they get hold of your money, customer service is none experience.

  5. I’m sure they’ll have an additional charge option is you want to use VISA, this is there way of forcing this new normal onto us.

  6. Think I’ll delete PayPal an Amazon. Have been telling people to shop locally an support our city. Everyday there’s something else.. starting to find it tiresome now. Think I need to switch this all off for the time being. Can’t be good for your health. It’s not consuming me, just getting sick fed up with it all.

    • Yes, you begin to wish for nothing to change anymore for at least 10 years…for things to settle down….I’m fed up with all the circus and disorder….

  7. Fuck these globalists cunts ….wake up people ..all about compliance …

  8. I’ve seen people say about MasterCard will replace visa on all bank cards,RBS and a few banks have already started this. Also on the bank apps they’ve added your carbon footprint option. But MasterCard are the company that will be linked with the social credit score?

    • Exactly, I agree with your comment. Mastercard has given funds and partnered with Bill Gates’ Gavi to introduce biometric digital identity. Mastercard is driving the creation of digital identity systems, blockchain and the use of central bank digital currencies.

  9. Amazon, and that funny-eyed Bezos geezer are shit. I saw a docu years ago—you can still see good sht ont BBC where it was undercover reporting and exposed now Amazon treated its workers. it is called Beyond the Click. You could see the whole docu on YT in the good ole days, then it went to clips, and I would imagine they are censored now. But ever since watching it I have never used Amazon. The only times I do is checking out a book, because you can look inside it. So like Hugo says—do not have ANYTHING to do with them whatsoever, or any other of the ‘essential corporate evils’ we have seen reap BILLIONS whilst everyone else has been fked with, and threatened with getting poison injected into them!!

    • Same here with regard to not using amazon, I haven’t been on there since I saw how the workers were treated. It is staggering and frightening how powerful these few companies have become and the trillions they are making.

  10. Also they’re pushing MasterCard as an alternative form of payment! They’re fully on board and have trotters in many troughs for the so-called Reset. Look up Well Pass Platform, using biometrics and facial recognition to create a digital vaccine passport…for your health of course. Look to see where they’re connected too.

  11. We know where this is going no jab No phone No clothes. I’ve Been stocking on on clothes aswell boots, coats, tents, sleeping bags, seeds etc etc, for when the shit hits the fan, time to go back to the Stone age where we can hit rocks together. purchase while you still can. I’m well in front of there game. I knew this one was coming, digital citizenship to use the Internet soon no jab No Internet. Fuck um let lem do what they want as long as I don’t have the jab or smartphone I’ll be alright, the digital trap is closing in fast people. prepare

  12. That’s why I’ve stopped using them. They have too big a monopoly.

  13. I don’t give any business to Amazon or Tesco anymore. Any company that opens a food shop which doesn’t accept cash or even debit/credit card payments is evil. There is no law that says you must own a “smartphone” – let alone use such a device for financial transactions.

  14. Couldn’t agree more. I had to buy Vernon Coleman’s wonderful book off Amazon last year because it was not available elsewhere. But this is the only thing I have bought off there for three years, I am finished with them.

  15. I don’t use Amazon, Tesco, Asda, Salisbury, M&S any more,,, Lidl for the occasional item but they are treading water at present asking for my app. I mainly use the fruit and veg shop in the village. all these supermarkets are monsters and need starving.

  16. In the last couple of years, Mastercard has been taking over the Visa Debit Cards in many peoples banks. Mastercard has been very proactive in this area. Maybe they are looking to monopolise the UK market and get rid of Visa.
    Could it have anything to do with any of these reports?
    Mastercard collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate innovation across digital commerce and startup ecosystems (Aug 2020).
    Mastercard and Microsoft join forces for ‘the future of digital commerce’ (31 Jul 2020)

    Mastercard Community Pass:
    A focus of the collaboration will be supporting Mastercard’s Community Pass initiative, a platform that aims to help underserved communities by providing access to education, basic healthcare and other essential services, using a digital tool that gives individuals a ‘consistent digital identity’.

  17. Yep, I was notified today. And they’ve just lost a customer. All I’ve ever really bought through them was books, can always source from elsewhere and for cheaper.

    I think this could be a positive move
    Making all businesses realise digital could work out a lot more expensive 🤔
    I dunno bout you but I’d think most who shop with amazon it’s all bank transfer
    Not much card payments 👍

  19. What is the line the cia use against the drug cartels them allow to operate ~ Pablo Escobar El Chapo Guzman Sinaloa & Cali cartels,, as long as they do as they are told……………………..
    When A Narco Thinks He is God,,, It’s Time To Take Him Down … ! …………………Well
    When a corporation gets to big for it’s boots & thinks nothing of it’s customers ~ Time To Fuck Em Off
    Corporations,, just shares profits & control

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