Daniel Andrews Is Living In Cloud Cuckoo Land

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    • Everyone in Victoria need to take their TV set and smash it outside parliament.

  1. Another Desperate Liar trying to please his Satanic Puppet Master 🙂

  2. He’s running scared! It must stick in this throat to have to even give the truth seekers even a second of air time, aaahhhh you have to feel sorry for the joke………Nah!

  3. Is this his ‘final summing up’ before the long walk to the public gallows?
    He looks petrified. He should be……..he knows what happened to Ceaucescu…

    • I doubt that he is petrified when most of his police force are compiling with his orders and supporting tyranny..

  4. They might have earned this monster’s gratitude but they didn’t manage to earn their freedom did they?

  5. They are not extremists they are against this great reset. And I for one salute them!!

  6. Can’t wait to see you then facing a judge or even facing the gallows.

  7. From a book I’m currently reading…
    “Extremism certainly sounds bad, and governments often try to make it sound worse by using the word terrorism in the same sentence. But the word has little meaning. There is no doctrine called extremism. When tyrants speak of extremists, they just mean people who are not in the mainstream—as the tyrants themselves are defining that mainstream at that particular moment. Dissidents of the twentieth century, whether they were resisting fascism or communism, were called extremists. Modern authoritarian regimes, such as Russia, use laws on extremism to punish those who criticize their policies. In this way the notion of extremism comes to mean virtually everything except what is, in fact, extreme: tyranny.”

    (COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey by Dr Peter Breggin)

  8. There getting desperate and there backed into a corner, this is when an animal is most dangerous, don’t drop your guard.

  9. Well, as the population of Victoria is something over 4 million people Andrews is hated by only 400000, I’d be concerned

  10. Sooner this bag of evil is burning in hells fire the better. No ones buying his lies and it’s becoming more obvious the mask is dropping.

  11. They’ve earns their stairway to heaven and they certainly got his as his puppet masters will be applauding this parasite

  12. This guy will pay the price, as will everyone who has carried out this campaign of terror on everyday people just trying to live their lives!

  13. Pretty amazing when Jack the Ripper calls everyone else terrible and when Harold shipman says any dr but he, is the best

  14. These tyrants!think we’re all stupid brainwashed idiots!not all of us Andrew’s!millions of us can still think for are selves!your a joke,like Johnson and the rest! get lost!

    • Operation lockstep….

      All these “leaders” are sellouts and traitors to there own countrys

  15. Collapse convid into climate. Cultivate war-on-terror, casting for terrorism. Erase checks n balances. Dumb down denser

    • Where do you get your rancid, ignorant, propagandised information on Herr Hitler from, or were you brainwashed with it from the cradle?

      “Germany does not want war. Hitler does not want war. He is a most remarkable personality, one of the greatest I have ever met in the whole of my life, and I have met some very great men.”
      — Lloyd George After visiting Hitler in Germany in 1936.

  16. Totally fucking deluded, without TV this piece of shit is nothing,,,, NOTHING but a bit of shit and he will get repaid in full for his crimes the attitudes are changing rapidly and people are seeing this con-job for what it is, they realise the most dangerous thing is the vaccine, even more dangerous than despots and politicians.

      • Why would they replace him ?
        Nothing but peaceful to the deceitful and so it carries on.
        The only delusion is doing nothing but wasting time works.
        As they pick the electorate off group by group.

  17. This was taken in Bendigo, Victoria last week showing you the puppet that he is!

  18. After watching that, this MSM were not scared but did have the look of the overseer about them.
    Which ties in with the fact the powers that be think ordinary people are shit beneath their shoes.
    You do not change things by taking the pretend moral high ground, as that is also what the 1 % have ingrained.
    It has been a masterpiece of delusion so far .

  19. I see another Nicolae Ceaucescu! Does anybody remember what happened to him?

  20. Like you owe a debt to Billy Goats, that’s why you are ruining lives in more ways than can be seen.

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