JABBED UP Rugby Player Has MASSIVE Heart Attack and Stroke In Game / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Nothing to see here , move along , just a “ short illness “ … coincidence surely ( yes I’m being ironic )

    • Need to check with the Football/Rugby Club, what their ‘policy’ is?…very very worrying indeed for fit healthy young sports people…

    • Check out the ONS report for England and Wales. Up to 47%increase in deaths for 15-19yr olds, predominately male. The report states this increase in death is not attributed to the Covid virus. WTF?

      • Bertie, to think another 80,000 12-15 year olds have booked in to get the jab this week apparently! Sadly I think these deaths will go up further!

      • No it’s not the Covid virus…..ITS THE ‘JAB’!! why are the parents allowing this ‘risk.’…Law suits piling up….
        after the trials in May 2023….

      • @Roy Berry I do suspect the jab is responsible for the increase in deaths within this demographic and others. The study does not state why this has happened.,but clearly dismisses the Covid virus. I cannot believe how people have walked into this. We all know the Covid survival rate is 99.7%. Children are not affected unless immune compromised etc. Average age of death from Covid virus, 83yrs. Still kids are having this? The reality, data and facts will slowly dribble out, it’ll be too late then. Prisons ll be built around who’s left, with increasing draconian laws and regulations. Forcibly housed, clothed, worked, just as HG W ells wrote about over 100yrs ago.

      • Trouble is Ericka, as you know the vaccine manufacturers have immunity (sic) from prosecution. Pfizer covered with Emergency Use Authorisation. Contracts, documents have recently come to light, where deals have been made between Pfizer and governments, where by guaranteeing uptake.For eg If uptake is not carried out, governments still have to cover the contract. Pfizer in particular have been brutal, mafia like. I do feel sorry for those seeking compensation/damages. Highly unlikely they’ll get it on this basis, additionally, the future will be very different, inhibiting legal action.

    • It’s very worrying as all my family are double jabbed and some booster jabbed as well. There’s no talking to them.

      • All ‘we can do Dave is to support their anxiety….deep anxiety which makes them ‘silent’ on the subject…lm married to one…(l was very unwell April 2020…slow recovery but am convinced l have ‘natural immunity ‘…..something will take me out l know one day….but l see SO so many people worrying that they have not had ‘the booster…lm afraid for my family…son serving officer..his wife serving officer…daughter.. senior MIR Radiographer….she said lm forced to have jab Mum….lm not having children…but, if l were l would NOT take the ‘jab’….

  2. Good vid Hugo. 👍Did you see Baroness in house of Lords yesterday?

  3. It is very very strange how many young people are dying all of a sudden this is not normal at all and without any reasons and with no news on Why
    Very sad indeed

  4. Why are people not asking questions about these sudden events of young people collapsing and dying with heart problems and blood clots???

    • Perhaps they cannot handle the truth? It’s easier to stick with the crowd ( there’s more support in big numbers ) and hope they’ve made the right choice. They are frit-scared of breathing fresh air…. I’ve given up on wife, daughter and partner, every friend especially the two friends ( who are fully behind this BS, in fact she is quoted as saying that having the jabs is ‘ a small price to pay for freedom’ !!!!! 😠) who are currently cruising to the Caribbean with my fully jabbed wife as I sit at home watching the rain fall. SMH once more. 😞

  5. 5 of my 50 or so Mountain bike mates have died this year, only 1 while riding 24hrs after booster, rest in there sleep night after riding pretty much from what I can tell, all jabbed!

    They’ve all stopped riding due to winter, oddly doesn’t normally stop them.

    • Awful! So 10% of your fit friends have died seemingly from the jab?! Sorry to hear! I’ll take a wild guess, another 10% haven’t died in last 2 years from a cough/cold/flu/bug/ “covid”?

      • Only 2 where friends as such, but had ridden with the other 3, heart attacks among riders in previous years hmmm zero, deaths from colds/flu’s Zero.

        I spotted this rising trend 2months back, and it’s still rising guessing it’s doubling every month.

        Noticeably less middle aged, would be jabbed people in the gym recently aswell thinking about it only young not jabbed, there catching on aren’t they, just to admit to it, would sound like a anti jabber conspiracy theorist.

  6. Those stories at the end are shocking and not one have I seen in the MSM. We really are living in strange times.

  7. The Doctors,nurses and Governments are actively covering this up. Surely that alone is a crime against humanity?

  8. Just look around your community Ambulances are flying around at all times of the day/night in much greater numbers than I have ever known. Every time I go out in the car locally I see one. People are probably collapsing.

    • Blue Light, A+E department at my local hospital is constantly stacked with ambulances while walk in patients queue out of the door.

      • Now we know what the extra body-bag orders and dead body storage service contracts are for. And the mountains of anti-coagulant drugs ordered. If we didn’t already.

    • I’ve noticed there’s a drastic increase in ambulances rushing past on blue lights and sirens in recent weeks too! My husband isn’t nosey at all (:-, but he always has to have a gawp whenever he hears a siren and he nearly has the curtains worn out this last week, lol! They’re nearly all double-jabbed and even boostered-up now aren’t they? No one can convince me there is no connection!

    • I’ve spotted this aswell, then they stop, because there all backed up and deaders in there cabs waiting to get them signed out 🙁

      Loads of heart attacks all jabbed in my town aswell!

      Jabbed Sheep ex, won’t re open her exercise classes, but still thinks I’m nuts and wants flu jab and booster LOL

    • Yes, I live in a small village in Lincolnshire. We here ambulances many times a day, their flashing lights going past the house – used to be about 1 a month, if that.

  9. I think most people are suicidal and this offers them the perfect way out without doing it themselves! With the depression the media is creating most have had enough!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

    • Sadly I am at a place where I have zero sympathy for jabbed people anymore.
      They refused to listen to the many warnings, esp from highly
      respected doctors and scientists so get exactly what they deserve.
      Callous and cold I know but past the point of caring for the contaminated sheep.

  10. It’s horrendous! These are basically some of the physically fittest people in existence dropping down, we really ought to be worried and these deaths and near-deaths should be investigated as a potential consequence of the jabs. It’s getting brushed under the carpet!

    • Ginaw…’the trials’ are until May 2023….law suits piling high!!…in Singapore a 16 year old boy was awarded $255,000 damages for a ‘heart attack after Pfizer…the Government paid the damages NOT big Phama…..

  11. I read there’s a reason why people cannot confront the idea that their governments and media have all lied to them. It’s a simple one. They would rather go on believing their governments and media, because if what the ‘conspiracy theorists’ say, is actually true, then for them, their whole world is already lost and it would not be worth them living. Much better to ignore the ‘truth’ and carry on as best they can.

    • Yup, burying their head in the sand, “Those atrocities would never happen”, “I don’t want to hear it”, “I just do as I’m told and hope it will fizzle out” etc etc.
      My family member has a blood clot in the leg but won’t even entertain the idea that it’s the jab. Despite their lifestyle being consistent for many years and never having anything like it before. Other family members have various ailments since the jab including a mini stroke requiring hospitalisation, chest pains and ongoing “long covid” caused by the jab (doctor said that!). I don’t know anyone ill or dead with a bug they like to call SARS-COV-2. You couldn’t write this shit!

    • Exactly. I don´t think it´s got anything to do with intelligence though. Some clearly very intelligent people I know will go no further than to say things like ‘yeah, things are a bit weird’. As though it were all an act of God!

  12. Give him a positive test at 60 cycles and shove covid 19 related problem on it….what they been doing with all the deaths and will do it with jab adverse effects or deaths…
    If people had one dose and get ill within 14 days they are not classified as been “vaccinated”…
    People still will believe what the news tells them…
    Hope they jab themselves to death personally forever more that lot and keep apart and wear face masks and sanitise there hands…out of my way anyway

    • Agreed, they are imbeciles and sick of sharing the planet with them.
      If it was not for the compliant sheep this could have all ended last year when it was clear the thing was a hoax.

  13. Once the jabbed do something strenuous Hugo, they’re goners! The graphene oxide and the foetal matter in the experimental vaccines clogs up their hearts and it’s goodbye!

    • Well the spike proteins that they have admitted are in them do damage red blood cells, causing them to coagulate and the resulting clots are forming the heart attacks and strokes.
      The DNA in the AstraZeneca jabs is from aborted babies and can’t be doing anyone any physical good. Never before would anyone have wanted someone else’s DNA injected into them, yet now, even if they were shown how the cell lines are harvested, shown how it could cause their own cells to mutate, they’d still take the jabs! All the jabs are abortion-tainted in one way or another and, according to many prelates and theologians, WILL certainly do grave spiritual harm, maybe permanent spiritual harm, to the jabbee!

  14. Apparently, more people have died of the jabs in the last 8 months than have died of all other vaccinations in 30 years! Then there’s the 1000s of injuries!
    What were the parents of all these youngsters thinking? They literally handed them over to be poisoned!

    • Theres a million adverse reactions alone in the uk….
      It takes up to 50 adverse reactions or deaths to suspend them

  15. Good reporting again Hugo. It is not just the general public NOT alerting to this, the VERY SPORT that it occurs in should be DRAWING FULL ATTENTION and making a point of the “jibby jabbed” fatalities.
    I do NOT speak to NAPPY WEARING people – today a couple of people that I probably knew started to say something BUT I just walked straight past them stating that I do NOT talk to NAPPY FACES. I did not really fully recognise one of them but the other I did. Only 6 months ago I gave him a leaflet detailing web links to many aspects of this SCAMDEMIC, so also added that he should have done the research.
    TOO MANY still going around with their NAPPIES and WHY are people still going along to the “testing” stations. Again they have NOT done any research.
    The PROFESSIONAL sports people (if they are really getting the experimental concoctions and not a placebo – I wonder if the top stars just get the placebo and a hand out!) should draw attention to what is happening. Their own future in the sport is in jeopardy but they are too short sighted in their “greedy” outlook. Similar thing applies to many doctors / medical staff / police / legal profession.

    • I don’t think most top stars and celebrities are getting placebos. Look at Celine Dion, her problem is surely a vax injury. Who knows about most of them though. I believe the pharma companies know full well what areas and where batches are going so it’s probably being manipulated to a large extent.

      • Celine Dion had it coming, she’s one-eye club. Have you seen her “New World Order”, masonic, demonic, and genderless clothing – for kids and babies?! Called “CELINUNUNU”.

  16. Look into ONS report England and Wales. 15-19 yr olds dying up to a 47% increase. They state its not attributed to the Covid virus and should be 8nvigated. Predominately males. Dak stuff!

    • About the ONS report? Stating deaths for 15-19 have increased up to 47%.not attributed to the Covid virus, and there should be an investigation.

      • It’s appeared further up. Sometimes there’s a delay. Thanks for the info.

  17. 3 young people in hospital together in the last week ..all around 20 years old …vaccinated
    With myocarditis…
    In 41 years …I never saw this …
    I am going to dig deeper as EVERYTHING I see …I dig deeper and deeper ..
    But it’s odd!
    Its very odd as an experienced nurse of 41 years …
    I just want facts
    If I am cancelled for it rest assured … I agave nothing more to lose do I?

    • Go kick ass, time for talking is over, time for action is well gone, so any action is greatly appreciated!!

      Triple jabbed?? go out fighting or blood clots, I say fighting!!

  18. The goverment in all country’s are mass muredering people on a daily basis on live t.v because of depopulation , this will not stop as this generation are full of fagg snowflakes and the goverment no this lol,dumb enough to have the jab ,u deserve to die!!!

  19. Look at the ONS report? Stating deaths for 15-19 have increased up to 47%.not attributed to the Covid virus, and there should be an investigation. Insane.

  20. Hi Kaz, you won’t have to dig too deep……that spikey covid ball you see on MSM in all its colourful variants HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED AND PURIFIED,AND PROVEN TO EXIST!,just look at the high court verdict in Spain for example….the truth is coming out bit by bit……,and if your wondering why they wanna modify humans thru vaccines sorry I mean gene therapy injections,then go on the Canadian government website and look up the section titled bio-digital convergence and you will see the agenda

  21. All these dots and they still can’t join them and rushing to get the booster 🤦‍♀️

    • They can’t, before convid my ex sheep mate couldn’t join anything, 100 seperate coincidences only, most aren’t smart enough to keep more than 1 thing in there head!!

  22. Is anybody else having the problem that you just can’t hold much of a conversation with many people without thinking, ‘Watch yourself, Kathy, they’ve definitely had it. Don’t trust them. Don’t tell them anything. Keep your distance, Kath.’

    Or, at the least. ‘I’m outta here. Just being with you is doing my head in.’

    I don’t like this feeling in me. I’m fighting against it, but it’s the same feeling I used to get when stuck with an off duty policeman or a slightly deranged neighbour, or an agressive charity collector, I dunno, it’s weird.

    • It’s otherwise known as “being sick to death of this crap and everyone who’s perpetuating the nonsense!”

    • It’s your inner knowing, now vibrating at a higher frequency. Lower frequency dumbasses affect your energy and make you feel anxious (like an annoyance in the chest area) so it’s hard to be around them.

  23. Rumours around……….

    UC Claimers / Dole won’t get Dole/UC unless double jabbed by Jan and also they’ll have a card and they’ll have to log everything they buy and all there excersize, guess can’t let dole scroungers survive this.

    Also, Passport jobs spotted ” Start ASAP, must use own laptop / PC ” so there desperate to push through before the above deaths get spotted, ie get more jabbed.

    It’s going to start getting BAD for us soon, loads of prisons being built and extensions to existing 1’s, that’ll be for us I guess.

    People jabbed aren’t the same, I like being ME!

  24. Mates trying to get to see a doctor, finally got an appointment, 8days out face to face, 6 doctors at his surgery only 1 is doing face to face visits FFS!!

    Any doctor not doing face to face I don’t want anything to do with, crazy!!

    • Not seen my GP for years. Suddenly they want my BMI and claim it’s their duty to get it every year! Coincidentally, I just watched a parliamentary debate about wristbands for fatties who can get rewards for exercise and healthy eating. They must want me to be on that list. I ignored it, like the other 61 messages telling me I must get a jab.

  25. Awful lot of North Americans. Barely any Europeans… not one woman…
    I fail to see any evidence of a connection with receiving an anti-covid vaccine and the cardiac trauma suffered by the predominantly North American males.
    With no knowledge you speculate that there is… why?

    • Our media in UK don’t tend to report young people’s sudden deaths unless it’s attributed to covid. Hence these are USA reports that have been covered. Males are known to be disproportionately affected by myocarditis caused by the mRNA jabs. Additional deaths from “all causes” are clearly happening here too : A UK ONS report shows that the number of deaths between June 19th 2021 and September 17th 2021 among teens aged 15 and over were 47% higher than the number of deaths in this age group during the same period in 2020, and the increase in deaths began at precisely the same time teens started receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. You can wait for concrete proof if you like, it may never come, given that there are 1700+ UK deaths on our Yellow Card system and yet the roll-out has been allowed to continue. Or you can join the dots and suspect the worst until these jabs are proven to be safe. I know I wouldn’t be putting this jab into a healthy youngster especially, there is no medical need. Even JCVI say the same, the risks outweigh any benefit.

    • Myocarditis is a known side effect of the mRNA vaccines; even the manufacturers and healthy authorities admit that, but claim it is extremely rare.
      It is known to disproportionately affect young men; this is also a well published fact in the main stream media. That part is no speculation or conspiracy theory.

      Now we are noticing what appears to be a high number of young men dropping from heart conditions. You figure it out the rest..

  26. I listen every night to La Quinta Columna in Twitch, and every day they report cases of youngish people dropping dead out of the blue in Spain while walking the dog, playing sports, shopping, or cycling, etc, and everything is brushed under the carpet by the authorities and the mainstream media, the term they use is “sudden death”, and no explanations are given by the media.. The same happens in Ireland every week, I reed two provincial papers from there, and last week a mother died at home after dropping her son for training. They didn’t say she had the vaccine, but you wonder how is that a woman that looked perfectly healthy with no indication of a medical history, is going to die like that. There must be at least 26 provincial newspapers in Ireland, so I imagine there must be quite a few cases like that every week, and again everything “is brushed under the carpet”. The neighbor of friends of mine, after having the vaccine was several days in hospital, with half her body paralyzed, now she can walk again, but she was left with problems on her pretty face, and probably on medication for the rest of her life. She knows exactly what caused it, because her sister from England that is a nurse, was begging her not to take it, but she did it because she felt under pressure from the place she works. You are doing an incredible work Hugo! Thanks!

  27. This is a population cull. Simple.
    They are trying to bring the world population down and when they’ve got it down to a certain number that is when all this homicide will stop. We cannot say we haven’t been warned over this last 21 months. 2 population control fundamentalists Bill Gates and Melinda have been singing the vaccines praises. When are people going to wake up?

  28. Pfizer’s submission to FDA for 5-11 year olds had a table at the back that extrapolated there would be an extra 34 ICU admissions per million due to myocarditis while supposedly preventing 80 ICU admissions and 1 death caused by Covid. This was passed. Essentially asking parents to put healthy children in a 1 in 30,000 lottery for a very serious health outcome to trade places with the 80 or so already ill children vulnerable to the covaids.

    That’s their figures, what the actual rates are going to be in the end you have to to think is going to be much higher, especially in the long run.
    Those fit sporting guys are the canaries in the coal mine. They push themselves hard, which triggers the heart attack and in a very public way. God knows how many not so fit people suffer the condition in private or without even knowing, but are suffering long term damage that will shorten their lives.

    There was a fit couple in Australia who both ended up in hospital with heart inflammation at the same time. The guy took his girlfriend to hospital when she got chest pains after the 2nd shot and he thought he should get his shoulder pain looked while he was there. He had only had the first shot which was 6 weeks earlier. After a few tests, they admitted him with a serious case of myocarditis. These conditions are *meant* to be extremely rare, yet here is a couple who both have it. Statistically, that should be over a 1 in a billion chance if the rates are what they say.

  29. Absolutely heartbreaking 💔 that there has been so many adverse reactions and sadly deaths caused by these shots. People from all age groups, all over the world. 😢

    I believe that it’s all part of a massive cull. I recall a certain computer geek once say that 💉💉💉 were one of the best investments he had ever made. It’s easy to see why when the intention is to jab the global population. Not once, not twice, but regularly, with boosters when they decide immunity has waned. And the worst part of that is that there’s plenty gullible people out there that will swallow the bullshit, just like they’ve been doing for the last 20 months!

    They continue to bury their heads in the sand. The problem with burying your head in the sand is that your arse is in the air. Which means you’re in the ideal position for the powers that be to shaft you some more!

  30. I have no sympathy whatsoever anymore for these pricks that have been bought and paid for by this agenda….
    Let them enjoy themselves being out then getting shut away indoors again and then having to have more jabs next year to top up there freedom passes…
    Better to live free than a slave and thats what they are…


  31. It’s called myocarditis and it is well documented, it has all the symptoms of flue but is sudden not gradual like flue would be and is getting a common occurrence since the gene therapy jab has been found to find it’s way into the blood stream where they said it should not and now admit it does. It is inflammation of the heart muscle and leads to stroke or heart attack.

  32. Since day one I’ve thought this whole thing was a scam and I do see lots of young athletes succumbing to These problems.. however, is there a way of seeing the level of heart related deaths and problems prior to 2018 so that we can see a balanced argument? The BBC don’t bother with ‘ context’ or ‘ comparables’, but we should. 👍

  33. It breaks my heart to see these terrible stories. Before this fake covid, people were not dropping dead, now they are because of the unnecessary jab. I just explained the evidence.

    People really need to wake up to what is going on. We are losing our loved one’s because of this nonsense propoganda. Do not trust governments they are paid to tell lies.

    There is no pandemic. There is no need to be jabbed, covid is a lie and we pay with our lives.

    My prayers go out to all the families. Please people, don’t believe the propoganda stay away from the jab. Don’t believe the MSM they work for the corrupt puppets in power. We are the ones with the real power so let’s use it.


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