UNITED You Have The POWER #GREECE / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Defeated the purpose a bit wearing them stupid face nappies really…
      They really are useless them things…

      • That was the 1st thing I thought when I saw them. I even questioned that they were the protesters when I saw them in those pathetic masks. The masks are there to cause fear, not to protect, and the fear is meant to make people SUCCUMB TO THE VACCINE. It’s all linked, and as you say, it rather defeated the purpose of what they were protesting about.

  1. dont worry if the vax doesn’t get them those cancerous face masks will……good to see them standing up though

      • Like there in 2 minds…
        Wearing the bloody things yet protesting..
        Like turning up at a jab site and then changing your mind…

      • I questioned that they were the protesters when I saw them in those pathetic masks. The masks are there to cause fear, not to protect, and the fear is meant to make people SUCCUMB TO THE VACCINE. It’s all linked, so it seemed inappropriate to be wearing them.

  2. They’ve been scared enough to continue to wear the useless face nappies!! They may have stuck together on this issue, but it looks like they’re still controlled and will be back in locked-in before the winter arrives. Take of the uniform of the oppressed!! 😷😷😷

    • Maybe the gimp masks at demos could help block facial recognition?

      • Yes, that could be the reason….. But…. They don’t look like typical, aggressive demo people.

    • Videoman, exactly this ☝️
      They’re extending it??… More chance to protest against this crap!

      There should be larger numbers till the government back down and realise people have a choice.

  3. I see this as a glimmer of hope. If they are wearing the face nappies and standing up against this tyranny then it’s a sign of a tide turning. If the sheep don’t wake up, we are all fucked.

  4. Greece Lightening – Which part of ‘we don’t want the poison shot’ do the Government not get? The abuse these leaders are guilty of is off the scale!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

  5. Begging to get back a bit of ‘freedom’ with a slave mask on. 😣

    • I fully agree with you. The authorities will just see ‘ scared sheep’ bleating about rules etc…. You can not take mask wearers seriously, can you?

  6. Another chance to take an uunnecessary medical procedure that may fucking kill me ,eh thanks but Fuck off .

  7. Most people have no idea that this is nothing to do with a Virus, it’s about getting you onto a Government controlled ID system, those that survive after the jab of course. I am afraid to tell all you Conspiracy theory debunkers, you’re the fools, it’s here now unless you resist. Hugo you need to share the back story…..I have just read Rosa Koire ‘Behind the Green Mask’ which truly highlights Agenda 21 right now written in 2011 and Iain Davis’ new book Pseudo Pandemic, which you can download for free at Rich Planet really highlights the pyramid of Governmental procedure, from the core conspirators through to the informed and deceived influencers. Of course we know this goes back to the banks, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers…….hyperinflation is being covered up but they won’t be able to cover all the holes in the sinking Satanic ship…..Keep the faith!

    • Sensible people know that…
      Brainwashed people think its all about “the virus”…
      Which it is not quite obviously to people with half a brain now…

    • Hi Jane,

      I can’t find a free pdf of Iain Davis’ book “Pseudo Pandemic” on Rich Planet (or anywhere else). Do you have a link please?


  8. Just watched Second Coming on YT with Christopher Ecclestone. 2 big miracles in there. We don’t need big anythings. We don’t even need miracles. We just need to say no. When you think of it in those terms it’s simplicity itself. No. The End.

  9. UK especially in Care homes there is no unity. They’re threatened once and they all obey the master, shockingly you are left alone like I am in my workplace. None of these things move me. Thank you very much Hugo and your team

  10. One person only uniting with me in this care facility, Scotland. All the rest trotting along merrily doing as they’re asked. What then?

  11. For most of my life I questioned most things (much to the dismay of my parents) Many many call me awkward: I would disagree with that, I am practical and take very little for granted as truth, rather than being an annoyance it is a pleasure to know that one has gone the extra bit to be sure of what you say and think. To many are content to be deceived just because they can’t be bothered, it is easier.

    • If they want to fuck up there lungs and breath in there own shit then let them…
      I dont give a stuff about them anymore

  12. I did see only a few without masks. But at least they are protesting – but was it the normal people or were the experimented people united with them.

  13. You’ve got to stick to your guns even if you’re the only one. There is nothing to be gained by relying on other people. If others agree with you and stand with you, all well and good, but ultimately we each have to be prepared to stand alone if we follow our conscience.

    • Well said Angela. We have to do this alone. Having others about is beneficial but not essential. It is about following our conscience.

  14. Those Greeks protesting, are all compliant!
    They’re all wearing masks, following orders, and they will all do as they’re told and eventually get vaccinated too!
    The Greek authorities haven’t given in to them, they’ve just given them another date!
    Nothing more than a stay of execution, that’s all it is!

  15. Saw a comment on the enforcement of these jabs required in order to work, why has no one looked at the health and safety act 1974 where the employer is responsible for the health of the employee and any hazadous exposure to chemicals that could cause harm to the employee ? Would make the employer liable
    to any request for a vaccine that could cause harm or injury to the employee where the risks of the vaccines are not mentioned is a violation of the Act .
    They would have to list the contents of the enforced vaccines and possible harm as a duty of care.
    Why are people taking these jabs blindly and not looking at their legal rights?
    The north and the south as the east and the west need to come together and we need someone to have that voice to unite all and who questions everything challenging the wrong doing. Hugo you are a voice and many are with you in these unpredictable times.
    May God Bless you..

    • No one, not even the ‘no win no fee’ lawyers are going anywhere near these absolute laws of employment or H & S etc. Being forced to have a medical procedure before entering anywhere will be a violation of the Equalities Act…. but has any legal bod made a stance for the general public??? The silence says it all….. we are fcked!!! We will need to take up arms very, very soon or we will be wearing striped pyjamas, sadly.

  16. The governments of the world are a bunch of unfu**ed bitches. Never forget that, and give it to them.

    • I am, if you’re referring to me. I was just questioning the ‘united’ bit. No unity with me here!

  17. Why do you say “you’ve got to stick together” and not “we’ve got to stick together”? It’s almost as if your indicating that you are separate from the rest of us. 🤔

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