No JAB No FUEL #Pakistan #Propaganda / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. To be fair I’d of went away with a smile on my face, but cause I know I’m coming back later to firebomb the place to the ground.

    As long as I can find some fuel damn it, jabbed person to buy it for me easy!!

    So they killed 10 puppies in Australia to stop people collecting them, but Amazon Delivery guys in the 1000’s drive around all day long picking up and dropping things to all, total sense!!

    No Aussie Lorry Road blocks 🙁 Disappointed 🙁 anyone heard anything??

    • There’s a short video on YouTube from today, uploaded by Tyrant finder UK, iirc

  2. They sure seem pleased to have been denied petrol, don’t they? I’d be raging! This is clearly staged to try and frighten people into the jab but we all know by now this is a scam run by dirty liars!

  3. does anybody not find it strange that we are in a worldwide pandemic and yet the taliban are immune to it no jabs or masks and no lockdown for them .

  4. That is not incentive it is coercion, the station owners need keelhauled.

  5. If this happened in the UK I can see petrol stations being the target of Molotov cocktails, no fuel for the un vaxxed, no fuel for anybody – Same with supermarkets , Cinemas, government officials houses etc. The govt can expect a dangerous backlash if it implements apartheid.

  6. There’s a difference between “incentivisation” and “coercion”.

  7. Be no jab no nothing this rate….
    And this is about a virus is it?😄
    I dont think so somehow

  8. And so the evil blackmail and utter insanity of this filthy scam continues!! Arghhhhhhhhhh stop the world I want to get off!!!

  9. I phoned sleepy joe yesterday with my great idea to defeat the Taliban….Covid cluster bombs!,sleepies reply was “goddammit havent you heard,we ain’t got any covid to put in them”🤣🤣🤣

  10. I fully agree with what Hugo says. Question everything and take it with a pinch of salt.
    So I did some research into it and found an article from `The News` website in Pakistan. It looks like it is legit. Hugo only scratched the surfaced though it seems. The Gov are going down the Australian route by the looks of it. And it gets worse , a lot worse. I shall post the link at the end but here are the main points from it in chronological order:

    Aug 31: No jab no entry to shopping malls ( at least one dose )
    Aug 31: No jab no entry to hotels and restaurants ( at least one dose )
    Sep 1: No jab no fuel in Lahore ( at least one dose )
    Sep 15: No jab no use of highways ( at least one dose )
    Sep 30: No jab no air travel ( unsure if one or both doses )
    Sep 30: No jab no working in school related transportation ( unsure if one or both doses )
    Sep 30: No jab no entry to shopping malls ( now both doses required )
    Sep 30: No jab no entry to hotels and restaurants ( now both doses required )
    Sep 30: No jab not allowed to attend any marriage ceremonies either indoor or outdoor ( both doses required )
    Oct 15: No jab no use of public transport ( both doses required )
    Oct 15: No jab no job for all school teachers and staff ( unsure if one or both doses )
    Oct 15: No jab no use of motorways ( unsure if one or both doses )

  11. I question everything I see coming from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, however, sometimes people smile out of many reasons. Imagine you arriving at a gas station and being completely surprised that you will not be receiving any gasoline if you don’t take the jab. Your first reaction may very well be a smile out of being uncomfortable about the situation, especially when there are cameras filming you, and policemen around. People smile for various reasons. In the west in particular, we tend to misinterpret why people smile in foreign countries. One example would be when EU tourists travel to S.E. Asia and strike up a conversation with women who are complete strangers. The women smile out of being embarrassed and uncomfortable, and the male EU tourists think, “Wow, she’s smiling, she likey me!”.

  12. Easy. “Sorry mate. Ran out of petrol. Come back tomorrow”

  13. I believe it. No fuel when most people aren’t jabbed = transport system fails = food delivery shortages = mass starvation.

    I’ve been telling you all for months the that food shortages more akin to a famine are coming, the more they can accelerate that the better. Then I saw today a video filmed 10 years ago by a guy who said “the plan is to release a flu like virus on China, let it spread around, and the aim is depopulation, and the preferred method is starvation”.

    Make of that what you will, but it sounds like all the ducks are lined up in a row.

  14. It’s easily fixed you simply make the people who want to check passes not want to check passes no more.

  15. Haha! You can motorbike with no helmet but you must be vaccinated to get fuel in the forecourt! It’s all about safety!

  16. Did you notice the attendant pulled his mask down to spit on the ground – sure method to spread lung disease – then covered his face again – everything is a joke in this world . Plenty of spitting on the streets of London still happening as well

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