Ireland / Lobotomised Parents Throw Their Kids Under The Bus

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  1. Not going near mine eh

      • Another fake picture, Look no gloves on the nurse. All bullshit.

      • Coooooorect!!! No chance, but still correct!

      • Not all restrictions in UK lifted though. We’re still all masked up in Northern Ireland.

      • Just love the guy’ Alan Jones’…more common sense the the whole UK Government put together….

      • Marty, Alan Jones makes a lot of good points here, but I think we should consider one of Hugo’s videos where he (Hugo) speaks of controlled opposition, adding that all MSM is effectively the same club, just different branches of it. If you look again at the video above you will note that, midway through, Alan mentions he’s had the 1st jab, and is now awaiting the 2nd. He mentions nothing of the horrendous side effects and deaths of many vaccinated people. He states that the vaccine will help you fight off covid, but adds that you’re not in much danger from it anyway. So he’s throwing out bits of good info, while still pushing the main agenda, ie to get as many people vaccinated as is possible. But he’s doing it in such a way to put the emphasis on other things, so people in 2 minds might eventually come around once other things were relaxed.

      • Fair point Peter …of course it may well be controlled opposition to a degree and the fact that he’s been jabbed would suggest a measure of compliance, also that YouTube seem happy to post it is another clue …however he does address the absurdity of the situation very vocally and one would hope in so doing, opens the possibility for further meaningful less mis-informed dialogue.

        Its a start and certainly more common sense than you ever hear from a UK politician.

  2. It is so sad to see well meaning parents so ignorant of the reality, how will they breakdown inside when they realise what they have done.


    • I feel the same way about them. Since the NWO are determined to reduce the surplus population, let it be the sheep.

      • I urge people to watch Irish Barrister Tracey O’Mahoney’s latest video on this issue. Please be aware that many schools ARE coercing children into getting shot WITHOUT parental consent. Think about that, and don’t make the mistake of assuming all parents are now throwing their bairns under the Global Agenda Reset Bus please. And also remember that, just as in England, a lot, if not all of those pro-vaxx “news articles” are actually faked complete with actors.

      • Yes mate, let the sheep go first and let the THINKERS remain. Klaus Schwab and his team will try to put us away though as they will not allow critical thinking.

  4. I have just watched a video called hope that Hugo put up first my comments disappeared then the whole article just vanished did anyone else see this or have I finally lost in entered the fucking twilight zone wtf

    • I got an email notification in my inbox for the hope video. Went to watch it and it said error 404.

    • I see the vid you refer to in my in box… when I open it I get a “not found error 404” message
      You’re not going crazy – stay sane! 😀…. Please!

    • I saw that too. Now I can’t find it. I didn’t see the video though. But there were a couple of odd comments about it “not sounding like Hugo” or something like that. I wonder wha5 that was about. Maybe that was one he didn’t mean to post . .??

    • I wanted to watch it..tried to watch it.. but it gone can someone re-post.

    • i went to look at it too, and it vanished. didnt get seeing it Error code or something

  5. Hugo you must cover this! InCels / FemCels watch 10 times, it is the end for these MSM scum bags… only a total brain dead retard can believe this (which there are many) as your vid from Ireland shows! watch
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • That kid looks like he just stepped out of a drum n bass rave in the early nineties like its 6 a.m

      • Oh the good old days Tom. When all we had to fear was a perforated eardrum! Lol

    • Ooh save us women from the Incels but please do keep filling the country up with women hating Muslims 🤦‍♀️

  6. Thank God I was beginning to think I must be nuts some wone must be getting very scared of Hugo

  7. I remember seeing a video from Nathan Phillips Square , Toronto , Canada back in May. I think that was one of Hugo`s as well. It showed hundreds of 12-15 year olds forming orderly queues to get their jabs. They offered them free ice cream and games. There were several adults trying to protest with police blocking them access. I don`t see or hear any protests going on outside.

  8. I’m on the west coast of Canada and so far school students haven’t been targeted for mandatory shots but as you likely have read, Justin Trudeau is trying to mandate Federal government workers to take the shots. Students will be next for return to school… our “health leaders” (f’ing oxymoron if there ever was one) continue to push for children over 12 to “get a vaccine and be safe”. It’s enough to make you cry.

    I have one child left in high school- nearly all his friends have been given a shot. He is handling it but like most teens, doesn’t want to be the odd one out. His summer employer gave him a hard time – he stood his ground. Ditto his older siblings, but they too remain un-poked. I have encouraged them to stay critical thinkers and when people give them grief, tell them they are considering the Novavax which is coming out. A true vaccine I hope. (If we HAVE to take something in years to come). They endure my ranting and some of it is sinking in. They are awake and I am relieved but wake up every day wondering what shite is coming next.

    Why parents don’t stop and ask themselves what the risk is for their children they are trying to mitigate? A 0.05 percent risk for healthy youth…. of possibly ending up needing medical intervention if/when they contract the V…. Mind boggling. Oh right- I forgot (rarely used sarcasm here), it’s for EVERYONE’s benefit… right!
    Thanks for reading my post – lonely times.

    • I live in the UK but have been to BC a couple of times in my life. It is a gorgeous part of the world with lovely people. That Trudeau though , he really is some piece of work. I admire your children for their fortitude. You have probably seen this but Hugo did a video this week about weathering the storm and being proud of yourself.

      • Thanks Tanya, I’m from the UK but been here nearly half my life now. Yeah JT, our “cute” poster boy PM, is telling us that by October we will have to have vax passports for commercial travel within Canada – they are working out the details now….so think of university and college students going to school in another province- it’s a big country- we can’t always drive (distance and weather conditions)! I feel like he is a traitor to everything his father stood for. Yes – saw the storm vid and tomorrow is another day. Thanks for the hand of solidarity. Love from the BC coast!

      • Lots of stuff online, and most of it very credible with photo evidence, that Trudeau isn’t Trudeau. Bunter Johnson in the UK has at least 2 clones. I’m not even sure the real Johnson is still alive.

    • There is no such thing as a true’ vaccine.’ They are all total poison. Admittedly, those being given now are worse than anything we could have imagined, but they are all horrible and toxic.

    • You have brought yr kids up right. Bravo and well done. It saddens me a lot that all these kids will be jabbed get sick and will die. I’m in UK and pop up centres have started giving it to teens since last weekend. Canada seems real tough going. We are in right side and have to win, otherwise life is going to be completely and utterly miserable. Stay strong god bless.

  9. Yes he is obviously scaring the powers that be keep up the good work mate x

  10. That guy in Ireland wants to give his lad a decent haircut not an experimental vaccine ,the poor fucker looks like crystal tips and Alistair. 😆

  11. Imagine these BAST**RDS killed and maimed innocent people in GB

  12. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m seeing more cases of this flu. Recently My 12 year old was infected by his vaxxed stepdad but had virtually no symptoms. My friends vaxxed parents both in their mid 70s infected their 25 year old unvaxxed grandson. My uncle and Aunty (both vaxxed) and 5 other party goers all contracted the China flu recently, and two of my unvaxxed close friends both tested positive. I’m suspecting the Vaxxed are the super spreaders/shedders and all this reopening of things is happening to now manufacture a more real pandemic. Before this vaccination/poisoning program I hardly knew anyone personally who tested positive apart from the my mates mums uncles mother in law stories. It seems to me the vaccine program has been somewhat of a Trojan horse. Stay safe everyone believe in your intuition and keep the faith. It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Much love.

  13. They want all ages stuck with these experimental RMNA jabs basically…People are so brainwashed now and actually live in this single minded ignorance yet there the ones that are pushing this reset agenda forward and making others suffer for it.
    I saw a pregnant woman having a jab near a site a couple of months back and i felt sick watching her go in to have it…

    Anyone with half a brain would see that why would any vaccine that has had emotional blackmail, coercion, bribery, bullying tactics, scaremongering be needed with a recovery rate of 99.8% and has a much lower mortality rate than the flu…

  14. So sad, These parents will be mortified if their child goes before them – maybe that is what it will take, youngsters falling in droves, empty schools will be so obvious then, although too late for some. Glad you removed the hope post. It was really quite negative after that brilliant one the other day. xxx

  15. Don’t blame the parents, but look at the brainwashing we have all been subjected to. On YouTube there is a channel called Academy of Ideas, they have some videos explaining how mass brainwashing and propaganda work. What is amazing is just how easy it is for any government to control their citizens. Just look around now, where masks are no longer mandatory to see how many people are still masked, showing compliance and obedience, think how readily they will accept the next turn of the lock-down, isolation screw.

    • No do blame the parents if they had any sense at all they are mindless retards that are killing there children

  16. I live in Ireland. I want to thank Hugo for bringing some of our “vaxx” issues into the limelight, because the Irish Gov comes down hard on those of us living here who try, and the number of folks abroad I talk to who didn’t know we’d the world’s longest, most severe lockdown or were the first to implement the covidpass in Europe which has medically segregated our entire society is considerable. And now they’re injecting the children. For more on that, here is Tracey O’Mahoney’s video on it:
    To those criticising the Irish for “taking it”, tell that to the single dad who questioned the Gardai for evicting folks from mass who was then arrested at 3am, had his children taken into care, and was detained in hospital for “mental health evaluation”, and he’s just one of many. The Irish have marched the streets, like the Brits, but peaceful protest does not work because the authorities have NOTHING to fear from “peaceful”. I don’t see much change in their Agenda in the UK either tbh. We need to stop being stupidly nationalist/territorial and remember this is a GLOBAL threat. And if we protested as well as the French are, in the end we might stand a chance of saving whoever’s left to save.

    • I live in Ireland too. I agree with you 100%. Almost everyone around me seems not realizing what’s going on, they believe government and MSM, they look like hypnotized lunatics. Protests were very mild. And many of those who know what’s happening, believe that all can be solved peacefully with the help of the law. How can you fight criminals with the law that is created by criminals?!

      • You’re so right. I’ve been on two MASSIVE protests in London, April and June 2021, and it made no difference whatsoever because the sheep will never see these demos on MSM. We are fked , I’ll hold out for as long as possible…. My ( ex) friends and family think I’m bonkers and continue to follow the irrational rules etc. They are Even STILL wearing face nappies when going shopping… FFS! We’re on a downward spiral. 😞

      • Exactly. It’s dangerous and, of course, illegal now to urge actual action over peaceful protests. But if folks don’t realise by now that only through removing these people from power coupled with non compliance will anything be changed, then we’ve no hope. We call those walking onto the pointy end of a needle “sheep”. Well, we might not be doing that, but if ALL we do is complain on social media or grab a can of beer and join the marches chanting slogans through the streets, what are we, honestly?
        We’re living in times where it’s literally dangerous to stick your head above the parapet or the WILL come for you and the Irish Gov’s MO is to forcibly detain you under a mental health act that is being clearly abused. Folks like Hugo and others do a grand job of getting the news that govs and msm hide out to us. But unless we stop sitting on our arses, being keyboard warriors and bitching at one another nothing will change (I read the comments on Hugo’s vids…a lot of supposed adults need to get out of the school playground, realise what we’re facing, and stop having petty disagreements over meaningless issues compared to what is actually facing us. Folks can take that how they like, I’m thick skinned enough to not give a sh*t about what others think of me).
        The window of opportunity to halt what they’re forcing on us, from incoming mandatory shots to complete removal of what small fredoms we have left, is rapidly closing. Most of us, if we’re watching Hugo’s vids, are determined we and our loved ones won’t take the shot. Let me ask you though, what will you all do when armed police and needle-bearing medics turn up at your home at some ungodly hour (a common tactic to promote confusion and vulnerability, waking you from sleep)?
        Other countries such as Peru, eg., are forcibly holding down their elderly, who cannot fight back, to inject them. Don’t think it can’t happen wherever you are. Here, they are slyly co-ercing and using peer pressure to get schoolchildren injected without parental consent.
        Where is the point when everyone says “Enough!” and starts actually doing something about it?
        And in case anyone’s wondering, myself and my husband are both old and disabled, though still mobile. Last year we handed a printed signed letter into our Health Centre stating neither of us would accept the shot, and why. Since then our healthcare has been practically nil. We try to be as self reliant as possible bearing in mind Ireland’s now a medically segregated island and we’ll never have the correct “papers”.
        Folks have little idea how bad it’s really going to get. Unless we ALL actually DO something instead of just discussing it endlessly as it unrolls before our eyes.

  17. After centuries fighting oppression the Irish embrace oppression. They might as well not have bothered getting out of the UK. Not that the Brits are any better. They may as well have remained in the EU. At least many French are fighting the tyranny. Vivre la révolution 🇲🇫

  18. ‘frightening what fear does to the human mind. Not just for their sakes, but they’re dragging us into dystopia with them.

    • No 3v3n more fear if u can’t go on ur holidays or do what u like when u like. Sad bastards if u ask me. If these people ate going to be ill and die who’s gonna b doing the big fucking clean up. ? The unwanted slaves ??

  19. It is enough to make you cry at the ridiculousness of all of these vaxtermination jabs being given to the LEAST vulnerable in our society. The government figures ( yes even these figures! ) show that kiddies are not at all in any danger from the Killer Virus….. and yet the msm have pumped people full of BS lies and scared them to death that they are willing to have their own children injected with an experimental drug…. sickening, sad and frightening. 😯. I am mortified.

  20. One that will be leaving the planet very early I am afraid 🙁

  21. Whether the jab is harmful or not is a another issue. What these parents have taught their kids is that they are slaves, they are not free. They must do as their masters demand to the point of risking their health with experimental medicine because the masters say ‘Take it!’

  22. There’s no point talking to these people, let them inject their kids……there’s no saving them, they have no souls.

  23. I think these injections have a range of effects depending on age/global demographics/agenda and so on. I no longer believe in viral contagion. Vaccines are the virus designed to modify natural so we can be owned, harnessed and kept dependent, to create disease and get rid of the useless eaters. I am sure this is the case for all vaccines and some medicines. Chronic illness has massively increased especially over the last twenty years so too have cancers. Its not just the vaccines, food, water, ect. all come with added extras. So much evidence now but no one is allowed to question the ‘science’. There has been no informed consent just fear and coercion. Thanks to all who comment, you keep me hopeful. Thank you too Hugo.

  24. All so fake and contrived it would be laughable if not so sinister..

  25. The wealthy educated Irish parents despite to get their children back to school

  26. This makes me so angry and upset that any parent would do this to their child, people have been manipulated and frightened into doing this, its so sad.
    Why cant people see the evil that’s stalking the world and take a stand against it, why are they so blind to it all?

  27. That blonde Irish lad looks absolutely gormless as f*ck!

  28. The dumbfuck father says how great those giving his son the death jab were and how at ease they put him… Aha, so in that case they NEVER mentioned all the serious risks attached to it then?? Obviously not!!!

    • Seriously? In Ireland (ignoring that blatantly staged, FAKE ad there) schools are coercing and using peer pressure on schooldren to take the jab WITHOUT their parent’s know-how and permission, and all I keep reading are typical “thick Irish” cracks. Never mind the fact the real children being shot will now have a shortened lifespan and painful death.
      I give up! For as long as people view such news as nothing more than opportunities to take juvenile snarky potshots, the human species facing this GLOBAL crisis haven’t a chance in hell of putting an end to it. The comments section here reminds me of the Yahoo comments or even Youtube, pre-cencorship. Well keep going if that’s all youve got to offer…when they target your children, let’s hope you’re not so “thick” you don’t recognise it happening.
      I’ll still watch your videos, Hugo, but I’ll not be commenting again. At a time when the whole world should be uniting against Gates, Schwab et al, all I see here is too much typical “little Englander” attitude. There really is no hope.

      • Trish, People are entitled to their opinions and leave what comments they choose as fit, regardless if it offends u or u dislike it. Its called free speech. ppl are on this site they are awake, will know what will happen to these kids we know what’s going in. We all fight in our own way against the tryanny were all suffering with globally! no one is better than anyone else in how they do that. You come across as having a bit of an attitude issue.

  29. I like how his brain-dead father does all the talking, poor lad probably never had a say. Shocking

  30. I actually feel sick watching this. I have 3 sons who have not had this evil jab. I cannot understand with all the information out there, why would their parents do this to their children. Its man slaughter. They are so innocent. Please don’t do this to your children, you will regret it. We should be protecting our children. God bless us all. This bullshit has gone on long enough. We need the emergency broadcast NOW.BLESSINGS TO ALL.🙏💜

  31. Lazy ignorant parents who can’t be bothered to look at real science are doing their children and the rest of society a great disservice 😤 They ought to hang their heads in shame!

  32. I ought the Irish was rebels not now having there government dictate to them and poison there children.where there weapons

  33. They’ve approved it over here in England now…Moderna for 12 to 15 year olds today

    • Way back in early June, I warned everyone that I knew that they were coming for your children…. Most think it’s a great idea. I am upset and confused by the action of these sheep. They will all deserve what’s coming!!! 😟

  34. No one “deserves” anything awful. I really wish we could be kinder to one another in our thoughts and words and have empathy. We are all in this human race together! But herein lies the rub: I choose one thing based on my life experiences, research and gut instincts and someone else chooses differently. If it were left at that, all good. But it’s not as we know. Globally governments are coercing and forcing; threatening and placing people in jeopardy. I too am angry and feel somewhat helpless but I will not concede or comply and I will not wish someone else ill. Our thoughts are as important as our words for our health. Wishing all peace and strength.

  35. Bish, bash, bosh. Everybody’s happy. Now back home for tea, condescending discussions and daytime T.V.

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