LANDLINES BAN By 2025 / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Literally just finished watching this video and get a call from my child’s school who are upset that I’ve refused to set up an iPay account with them???
    I told them my daughter only has pack or home lunch and I will pay any school trip fees or extra club fees with cash but the admin at school are insisted I set up an account and anytime I pay cash for anything it needs to be registered on the account???
    I asked if the account was was linked to local councils (which I believe it is) and told her I felt this is basically a form of spying 🤣
    The conversation went downhill from there and she abruptly ended our conversation saying the forms will be sent home with your child and we would appreciate your support 🤣🤣

  2. this is to stop people having options, all is to put all eggs in one basket; bad social credit? isolation is easy w/ your mobile blocked. no more off the grid options; you cant use analogue, cant wild camp…

    • Can’t wild camp here in Ireland either….but…when Travellers take over vacant rural buildings and land, it’s almost impossible to get them shifted. Laws seem to protect them and favour them over the landowner. I’ve seen the same situation with squatters in the Highlands of Scotland. The trick is to ensure the property is never left empty at any time. The laws surrounding squatting are complex and varied but worth looking into. Just a thought if folks don’t want to label themselves “off-grid” or “wild campers”. 😉

      • What are you supposed to do if you have a holiday home in the Highlands of Scotland that you only use for a week, or month every year? Rent it out for the remainder? A house-sitter? But that means you would have turf them out when you were visiting. So you couldn’t have a long-term rental or a house-sitter. And if you went down the airbnb route you would have to be there to receive guests. That is probably why so many properties get taken over by squatters. I suppose it is better than ‘bugging out in the wood’ in a ‘like minded community’. Or camping in the wild, that is only really something that you do at the weekend. Always nice to head back to a shower and a comfortable bed. Unless you are ‘glamping’ :DThe novel of ‘bugging out in the woods’ would soon wear off, you would tire of it pretty soon, the ‘like-minded community’ would soon start squabbling and fighting and the ‘community’ would turn to shit before your very eyes. Living in a suitable property would be less stressful and would give a better fighting chance. It is good to think ‘outside the box’ 😀

  3. The mobile phone will become everyones digital-id. Total Surveillance, no get out.
    Tough luck if you are EMF sensitive and sensibly avoided the injection.
    Fucking lunatics are completing a global totalitarian fascist regime before our very eyes.

  4. In the UK unless you use Virgin, or maybe BT now as well, you need a land line to access the internet because it shares the line coming into the house hence the slow speeds all other providers give lol. Must be only half the story because if you have no land line and live in an area without fibre optic cables you wont be accessing the internet apart from on your mobile 😉

  5. The problem is, they’ve erected all these 5g towers when we were all at home in lockdown and no one was watching, this is of such importance and its not getting aired enough, they’re everywhere now and so the implementation of Social Credit is next, speed restrictions set in vehicles, automatic fines when the 100billion cameras see you without a seat belt accidentally, speed by mistake, do something against the rules and you’ll get an automatic fine through the post, your score goes down socially, you start becoming isolated, they restrict you from Internet, friends, family, because if you mix with said person, your score goes down too, they’ve already bought and tested the system and the 4g towers couldn’t handle the data, face tracking, tracking tracking tracking we need to drop all electricals most importantly the phone. Throw in digital currency, unlimited debt, total control, zero privacy like wtf, there will be a massive fight on our hands…

  6. Just to be clear it is the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) that is being ripped out. You will no longer be connected to the telephone exchange by a ‘twisted pair’ of copper wires; this is being replaced by VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) via a FTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband connection. BT already trialled this technology years ago but the take-up was so low that they scrapped it 😀 Red Care Alarms systems will no longer work without a ‘landline’; users are being urged to find an alternative 😀 It is because that many alarms systems, etc. still depend on the 2G network that it is kept running.

  7. My landline has been digitized (VOIP) for quite a number of years already, so this is nothing new for me. My internet provider is also my phone provider, and if my internet is down, so is my landline.

  8. Everything will be digital and wireless….be a 2 tier society soon enough as well..
    All part of the 2019 reset plan based on a virus with a lower mortality rate than the flu and jabs for compliance use for jab passports as well as the “rules” they put in which are all aload of crap based on no science facts at all and inflated figures based on PCR test that does not test for infections…

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