Garraway Draper segment starts FROM 35 MINUTES, video from sheep farm studio



  2. Nice Work… been going on about the Spin Dr Draper for quite a few months now… disgusting creatures.. CampBell is involved in this too!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • Curious to know how paramedics managed to do Blood tests for Covid in Garraway’s House ? .. Ours have to be sent of to a Lab and take Days for the Result .

      • Unless by ‘blood test’ they meant the pin-prick test used by diabetics to check blood sugar levels.

  3. I’ve been suspicious of Kate Garraway and Derek Draper right from the start.
    He hasn’t got the cleanest of History from his Chequered past!
    And She’s comes across so fake too.
    To be able to do all those things, from presenting not just GMB, but LBC Radio and, being a Mother to Two young Children, all while keeping the Nation updated on Her Husbands progress!
    Then the renovation to their Home, at the cost of Thousands of Pounds.
    It’s a good thing She’s got a new book coming out, to try to recoup some money from the cost of fitting out their new extension!

    • Lol yeah most can’t afford to pay bills and theses Greedy sods are doing there fat chav homes done up!!!

      Disgusting 🤢 people

      Take care

  4. The whole episode about derek draper is so far fetched

  5. Knew from first time seeing this bullshit another paid actor

  6. These two were clearly full of 💩 from the start – not watched it yet but I will 👍

  7. I didn’t believe for one second that bullshit story there was never a tear in sight

  8. She says “they did blood tests and then took him in the ambulance”, really? So instant results from the blood tests then….would be interesting to know whst these tests were…I think we should be told..

    • I was thinking this exact same. Instant blood test, I don’t think so. I would say at least 24 hours.

    • She’s probably talking about one of those clip on machines you put on your finger to measure the oxygen level in your blood. ‘A blood test.’

      • That’s the only thing I can think of, (or very possibly a fingerprick test for sugar levels etc) BUT this woman is a journalist and has no excuse to use bad language… why not just say ‘they took his sats’ ‘used the pulse oximeter’ etc?
        I don’t know of ANYONE who would refer to that as a ‘blood test’… it’s bizarre…maybe someone whose first language isn’t English and doesn’t know the terms, but a British (well-spoken) journo?
        Seems like obfuscation to me, the question is, why?

      • Yes, Kate Garraway is most certainly not a woman on limited intelligence so even she must know that the standard test that ambulance crew/paramedics do such as blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and pulse rate are not blood tests. This immediately set of my spidey-senses. It is always tempting to ignore these inconsistencies and brush them under the carpet but this is like the chink in the wall of lies where her story all begins to unravel and what you tend to remember in hindsight that you should have picked up on in the first place.. If it sounds as if something is amiss, something is amiss. Trust your gut instinct.

  9. I’ve just heard something incredible from Catherine Austin Fitts interviewing Dr Sherri Tenpenny. This will blow your mind. (Fitts worked in the Bush administration). What is all this pornography about? It is to entrap you on child porn charges. People are addicted to this pornography, they click on certain videos – child porn basically without them knowing it. 18 is the age of consent in America – so an ‘actress’ may be 16-17 – illegal. Millions of Americans are now compromised, unknowingly of course, of committing this crime – COMPROMISED. They have clicked on the ‘I ACCEPT’ button and are basically confirming they have consumed child pornography (under US Law).

    • Rubbish, nobody is being entrapped. Don’t look at internet porn, that’s the answer. If you want to watch porn buy a legal DVD made by a reputable company.

  10. Like Hugo says if it makes it to the Tv it’s there by choice not chance.
    Like the champions league final tonight but not a sniff of the million people outside parliament

  11. I always felt Kate Garraway was fake. All the way through the interviews shown, she kept blinking and, couldn’t look at the camera, she appears to be looking to the side a lot too. Classic signs of lying.

  12. Kate Garraway Part of the Peek-a-Boo Club so telling the truth is against their religion.

  13. Morning

    Great video 👍

    Funny 😄 lads really enjoyed listening to them fair play to you guys 💪💪
    And very interesting thank you 🙏

    Have good day All ✌️

  14. Glad to see this has been examined at some length. When this debacle was first aired, l didn’t pay that much attention except to think: if you go against this, you will be roundly criticised and condemned.
    She’s shifty, fake, made up to appear as though she’s doing a TV interview. After all, she’s in the acting profession. I once worked as a temp for a TV company.
    A similar story about someone perfectly healthy getting the ‘C’ with adverse consequences appeared on the news page. Going by the comments about that, if you criticized the story, you’d be as good as chased away.

  15. Russel brand is part of there ploy. He says crazy stuff on you tube and is untouched by the rules that we get hit with… hes been in Hollywood with his satanic ex wife katey perry

  16. Hi
    I just subscribed to theses guys 👍🙏
    Fair play to them.

    • They are brilliant! You should check out the others in the Meet The Flockers series…Bojo, Hancock, Whitty etc… fantastic research and they are funny guys too which always helps, I love listening to them 😊

  17. You dont have a chat before you go into a coma. It’s a medical emergency. My daughetr’s partner is in such a coma due to covid, by then you’re not well enough to chat. My wife is in ICU on max oxygen and even she can hardly talk. It’s total bullshit. It’s not how it happens.

  18. I’m surprised that people are only realizing now that all of the people involved in this are descendants of European royal families.

    All of the people pushing the Great Reset are descendants of Black Nobility families (House of Bernadotte, House of Bourbon, House of Braganza, House of Grimaldi,, House of Guelph, House of Habsburg, House of Hanover, House of Hohenzollern, House of Karadjordjevic, House of Liechtenstein,House of Nassau,House of Oldenburg, House of Orange, House of Savoy, House of Wettin, House of Wittelsbach, House of Württemberg, House of Zogu).

    I bet if you looked at the family trees of all of the politicians pushing this plandemic, you will find connections to at least one of the families listed above.

  19. These people, like most in the public eye from politicians to media personalities, are actors. Their entire lives are an act, part of a soap. It’s a bit like the film the Truman Show where Truman’s entire life is secretly filmed unknown to him, except in this case these frauds know they are part of a ‘show’. It’s all fakery. All of it. Nothing is true. The sooner we all wake up to this the better.

    • I am so happy to find a web page that has not been blocked from opinions against covid. I used to like Kate Garraway. Not any more! Funny how all theses people in the public eye contract covid to the point of near death but not actually dead yet there are millions of unknowns everywhere who have died instantly!???

  20. Great work – turn the telly off seems to be the only answer to this nonsense

  21. Hmm, seriously,,, the irony!!! Disappointed with Hugo uploading something this long, and obvious to MSM deniers; anyone who watched this is nothing more than a sheep. Two guys boringly blabbing away,,, why are people even watching MSM programming?

    I cut through the chase in an attempt to get to some kind of punchline: there isn’t one! I wasted 7 minutes on this. Clickbait comes to mind… Don’t waste your time peeps on this,,, unless your a sheep ofc. Get a grip, Hugo,,, I’m still a fan, but please keep to what you do best x

      • What?! I wanted to but couldn’t and wouldn’t tbh – I didn’t want to feel as if I was instilling fluffy lefty opinion… Don’t mistake my directness as trolling. I simply can’t be *rse* with loopy & lengthy content that fails to disclose anything new, not just to me but perhaps to most who follow channels such as this.

        My discontent was purely based on the duration of this pointless post. So, I felt I had to express my disappointment… I have enormous respect for Hugo, for his time sourcing his content and for his narrative on issues that are fair to say, similar to my own.

        Nevertheless, I just feel he should leave the ITV and BBC Celeb bashing to AKA, Belfield.

    • Someone posted a link to a 5 hour + video (highly recommended to watch in full 😀 ) and Hugo posted a clip of it. But over 5 hours!? Most movies have a run-time of only 1 hour 30 minutes. Can’t these guys edit things down a bit instead of blabbing on… and on… and on…..

      • Edit it down and share the highlights with others. Would be more useful than just complaining about stuff which isn’t that important. Most podcasts go on for an hour at least. Easily fool yourself in to thinking its netflix series and broke it up in to hour long episodes.. just hit pause and come back later. 👍

    • I thought it was well worth watching, as prior to this I hadn’t given this story much thought, assuming it to be propaganda of some form. But now it’s opened my eyes even more to how ‘they’ operate and take advantage of situations, even exploiting their own at times to do so.

  22. I have not taken much notice of the Gallagher situation but after seeing this dissemination I am now. Carefully planned lies.

    “We know what rebels we are and how unfair we are, for we carefully plan our lies. Our courts oppose the righteous man; fairness is unknown. Truth falls dead in the streets, and justice is outlawed.” NKJV

  23. I said from the off it was a fake … She is laffing her head of at people… Making money out of it too. O’Brien is a turd.

  24. Very interesting.

    Another theory I would like considered is that Derek is a vaccine victim. Probably not based on the information given, but not impossible. I can see why they would want to turn a vaccine injury into a Covid case.

  25. They’re all despicable Lifetime Actors. As for O’Brien (LBC) Richie Allen does a great synopsis of him

  26. The boys ask, why all these career politicians, celebs, musicians, who have a dodgy life and lifestyle, seem to be on an upward trajectory. Simple. Shit floats.

  27. I agree with the interpenetration here, ie the illness (not being covid) is being used to push the covid/vaccine agenda. Because he’s ill and she has to pretend it’s something else, she is stumbling over her words. The only thing I think they read wrongly was the pause and mention of his surname by the guy in the studio; I believe this was done in order to familiarise him to the viewers as someone famous in his own right, and not just her husband.

  28. Kate McCann wrote a book to strengthen a lie. Kate Garraway appears to have done the same.

  29. I think that this is a joining the dot exercise and the trouble with these is that you can end up with a very misleading picture. Evidence, please.

  30. I find it interesting that in both interviews, she is very vague about what actually happened with his health once he went into hospital and what caused him to apparently worsen. She jumps from him being relatively ok and texting, talking etc, straight to him being put into a coma with no details as to why that decision was made. All very fishy.

  31. ‘Dolly’ Draper is probably a ‘friend of Dorothy’ and Garaway is probably into her same sex too. The kids probably don’t exist, and if they did, they came out of a test tube – sired by Mandy herself and surrogated by Kay Perry

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