BIGGEST LONDON FREEDOM MARCH YET! Where’s The MSM? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Are the commie basterds corporation going to ignore this latesr protest!!!!!

      • They’re truly stupid (even if intentionally) – I’m not great at counting this sort of thing but there were many many thousands…..

      • Hundreds my arse!

        Why do w need the approval of the MSM anyway??

        Civil disobedience in massive numbers will send out a stronger message!

        Amazing turnout…. Thanks to everyone… You are the ones making the difference for yourselves and future generations.

    • The protest and marches will continue in their thousands until the MSM broadcast the truth. They can’t keep hiding the truth. Cowards!

    • I am curious as to what representation the Sunday papers will give to this event. This video was published before these papers hit the street. What appeared in the Saturday evening television news programs?

  2. Doesn’t matter how many people there are, the whole country could descend on London, and show solidarity!
    The politicians will carry out the plan to the letter!
    The last 18 months have shown us just how little they really think about the general public.
    A million people, 20 million people, it wouldn’t matter!
    I wouldn’t think Boris is even paying any attention to it whatsoever!

    • Boris strategically cancelled his wedding to the wicked witch of the west, so that when he brings back even worse lockdown in July he can say, “I feel your pain, I even had to sacrifice my wedding to Cruella”!

    • I think they’ll notice when it’s get physical my friend and start storming Westminster or MPs homes etc. There’s more than one way to skin a cat as they say.

      • Violence will give msm a excuse to portray them as a extremist, and not just those that are violence but all that protest for this cause. They do not have media on their side like BLM etc has, BLM can be as violent as they want and gain even more support from media, while for other none pc groups the opposite is true. Not fair, but the truth. The true freedom seeker will never get any love from msm.

      • Something: you’re right. As Bill Cooper always said though: “If somebody declares war against you, you have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF.” And they have declared a war against us. But we have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES! And we need to never forget that.

        But this whole thing is a multi faceted attack – the ‘politicians’, the ‘media’, the coppers/army, NHS, etc, etc. So, we need to attack them back – we attack the very things that are attacking us – ‘politicians’, ‘media’, businesses enforcing this, etc. Let’s fucking do this! So, start off small – stop paying the TV licence, email corporations enforcing this shit, etc. They’ll soon get the message when their bottom line tanks.

      • And we can all do something. Everybody’s circumstances are different but everybody has their own strengths and can do something. Maybe we should all think, what can I do today? Just little things. Like a snowball – starts off hand sized and can grow massive on its own momentum once it gets going. That’s what we want.

  3. This is wonderful but do the gov even care? They are not being surrounded by the protesters which are being kept away from houses of Parliament (debauchery) & Downing st. (Thieves)They are being accompanied by the police, (sheep herders) into the park!

  4. only thing i found on the bbc……

    A402 London both ways severe disruption, around A4204 Kensington Church Street.

    A402 London – A402 Notting Hill Gate in Bayswater blocked and stationary in both directions around the A4204 Kensington Church Street junction, because of a Anti Lockdown demonstration.

    The only thing that will stop this is “Civil War” ,but well done all and never give up,we all go down fighting on proud and heads in the air knowing that we did everything for our Families and the Next Generations πŸ™‚

    • It’s the arrogance of these controlling, sick and deluded b@stards. Their hemious, despicable, despotic plan is losing energy, I think, which is why they are so desperate to get everything in place NOW. We must never, ever give in to them!

      • I’ve noticed more people are not wearing masks, in shops and on the trains. I always smile at people not wearing them to encourage them – it’s a two-way thing. When I see people not wearing them I feel more emboldened. Because the whole thing is mentally deranged – wearing masks. Like the old saying: “At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.” A criminal!

    • Go London!! There is a treatment for Covid too since at least Oct 2020 – Ivermectin! Censored on youtube, facebook, MSM etc… Would have halted pandemic very early the doctors at say. All the info is there – educate and

      judge for yourself.

  6. I feel the same way too. Nothing will come of this. Absolutely, nothing!

    • Sadly I agree. However as more participate, more will share and internalise their experiences to come together in the future to overthrow the unfair system. Not before unwarranted suffering I fear but we have to look for maturity with it!

    • Ok. So, what are you doing yourself then to make a difference, or are you just expecting others to do it for you, or just content seeing things getting worse?

      • 73 years old – unable to walk very far. Refusing jab – so glad to see I’m not alone in all this.

      • Like you sir I Am 72 years old still working this affects all of us as a single woman pass it on a word of mouth on Facebook to my friends individually sent messages I’m so refused to vaccine that means my livelihood. If the vaccine parcel comes into action also protested outside of covid-19 vaccination station the trouble is being brainwashed thank you for your support

  7. Great news got a lot to do to accomplish what we want it to be next I’ve refused the vaccination I should I have something which I don’t believe in things need to be done more what’s the next step

    • Good for you had 2 letter’s both torn up and in landfill.
      I prepared to lose anything people i know and family.
      They have bought in vaccine passports by the back door today i am prepare to fight these bastards we are at war

      • Everything spelling mistake.
        I angry

  8. This is wonderful to see and they will get bigger the longer the Boris Johnson’s thoroughly evil fascist dictatorship continues. Johnson should be grateful these protests are peaceful.

    • Came across a programme coming up called New: The Anti-Vax Conspiracy it’s coming up on Channel 4 this Tuesday at 9.00pm. I guess that’s another ploy being used to put anyone who doesn’t want the vaccine as some Crazy nutter 😝

      • Channel 4. The bbc with adverts.

      • Bbc itv ch4 ch5 sky all the same all dancing to the same paymasters

  9. Sights like this fill me with confidence for the future! The numbers will only increase from here. Nice one to all that made it out today.

    • Very proud and emotional to see this wonderful sight. I can’t be with you today but I am with you in other ways Well done.πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ™

  10. Big Thank You, to all that attended. Distance and health, stops me at the moment.

  11. Just waiting due the coach back to Bristol. We’ll done everyone who was in the march with me. This does make a difference. It gives those in power pause for thought, not just from those in the crowd, but from those close to power who might have more sympathies with the cause than they let on.

    For every one of us that went, there will be at least 100 who wished they could have gone.

    • Soooo right!!! I couldn’t come – but I am just so proud of every one of you who stood up for us all! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. wow I am so grateful to the people. This will make a difference to moral. Thank you Hugo for the sanity and to all those who participated. Doesn’t matter how we protest, we are not alone.

  13. The MSM will not cover it until people run riot not peacefully as it’s been. If the BBC, Sky News and the Agenda Papers are pelted is when they will pay the attention they gave to the Pro Palestine march they see us chanting and dancing then no matter how many millions step will not make a change. I’m not promoting violence but seems it’s the waking call sadly, many have accepted the vaxx and passports Imposition ID but I will resist any attempt to get my child vaxx Still happy to be on my second march. Citizen like minded for the uprise. Let’s sign petition to remove Hancock, Witty and Gove.They should face court human rights violation.

    • I agree 100-percent thank you for those who went to the market today and those who continue to do so let’s get a petition up next

  14. Looks like the Daily Mail have actually reported on the protest under the headline of Thousands of Anti -Vax protesters You got to laugh at their headline 😝

    • You’ve just got to laugh at their pathetic idea of what constitutes journalism

    • Well done to all those who responded. I am also trying to get the traditional counties back, FORCIBLY removed and replaced by Edward Heath’s Government in 1974, completely against public wishes! .All objections were completely ignored and the traditional counties are never mentioned now. In fact people are told that the gov-created counties of 74 have always existed, which loses our important history, identity, culture. As the new counties were forced on us this is completely unfair, and compares with the present covid restrictions forced on us now, with no opposition and all objections ignored… ! Thanks to all those who took leaflets and responded. Keep it up and tell others and your MP. The address for those who wish to know more is; britishcounties;org Thanks Pam Moorhouse [petition founder.].

  15. Wonderful. Simply, WONDERFUL!

  16. I notice the police are conspicuous by the absence of late, I wonder why, substantially outnumbered perhaps? πŸ˜‚

  17. Well done to everyone including my family members πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–

  18. This illustrates just how are media is managed. BBC at 20.00: main headline a football match, no mention of this protest.

  19. The shear size of the massive crowd in the march, says a very clear statement too the tyranny β€œ wether people believe it or not β€œ
    Well Done too Everyone β€œ

  20. Can’t get to watch this as I’ve been banned from YouTube as of last .

  21. Meanwhile Boris gets married, this will steal the limelight away from the practice that ID certificates/passports have been passed today..

    • Believe him and princess nut nut got married at Westminster Abbey hope they wedding was interrupted by the millions of protesters against him and his government’s with Take your Freedoms back.
      Well done everyone MSM will not report this police abuse brilliant and Westfield shopping centre was bombarded with mask less people brilliant.
      It’s getting better more action against the state and there slaves the police.
      The 77th Brigade which want to closed down people and social media sites can go and fuck off

  22. Never surprised by the BBC censorship machine, years ago they ensured the word ‘Durex’ was covered up on the cars when they televised Formula 1 racing.


  24. What I always wonder is, what it is with these coppers? None of them ever whistleblow, go rogue or leave or anything. They just stay and do as their told. If people in the police, army, NHS, media, politics, etc had a conscience surely some of them would refuse to go along with all of this. And if that did happen, this couldn’t be implemented. So, on that basis – they are the key to unlocking this hell, are they not?

    • So, any of these people who go ‘rogue’ so to speak, we need to let them know that we’ve got their back. And that they will be HEROES, NOT VILLAINS, which is what they are currently.

    • I don’t know about you Andy, but the vast majority of people I know are buying this bullshit. Say I am picking my kids up at school. 95% of folk are wearing masks and buying the bullshit. Cognitive dissonance. They either can’t see it or refuse to believe it. The Police, Army etc.. its the same. They are from the community to…and so 95% of them are suckers just like everyone else. And you would be farting into a hurricane if you think a few coppers quitting, or making a fuss would change anything. They get treated like crap from their bosses like everyone else. Its leadership we need. Bravery from from those with a strong public voice to connect us and unify us all. Read “Ordinary Men” by Christopher Browning. True story of everyday people turned into extermination machines in Nazi Germany. Maybe we should all start writing to the Chief Constables instead of MP’s? Whatever it takes because The Coronavirus Act empowers them to potentially lock up and detain people who endanger public health. Stay Strong Brother.

      • Great comment. You are correct on your take and the ‘government’ know the stats. I’ve mentioned it a few times, but only 10% of the population know what’s going on – 3% won’t do anything, 4% will do things off and on and 4% will always resist. A good point somebody made was this whole covid bollocks is being allowed under an ‘Emergency Powers Act’, so if the ‘Emergency’ is removed, it is illegal and they cannot do it. So, maybe that is a point of attack – remove the ‘Emergency’ aspect to it and thus render this stuff illegal. Which, we all know in reality it is.

  25. Why would anyone be a copper they don’t police crime they attack people who are on peaceful demos with there face cover with nappies.
    Wouldn’t call them for anything they are the people’s enemy now.
    Hope they all pay when they have there jabs πŸ˜ƒ

    • Yep, you’re right. Maybe, that’s what it is. They’re recruited because they’re fruit loops. The best example for me was that copper in Australia, literally strangling a 5ft tall woman because she didn’t have a mask on outside. He showed no emotion whatsoever and he was strangling the life out of her. This is the reality of who these people are. Check it out:

      • Thanks Andy
        What i said who would be a copper.
        Resistance GB is being hold hostage by them in HMV disused store in Bond Street look how many there waste of our time go on YouTube now

      • It is force of economics, pure and simple. It is a big employers’ market and the availability of decent jobs is relatively low. If someone is given the choice between perpetual dole at 15K or a job as a robocop/goon/public arse kicker/law enforcer at 60K what are they going to choose?

      • Just watching it. And we pay the wages of theses punk ass motherfuckers! To treat us like prisoners. We pay them so they can do this to us! Utter scum. They have no power – the power is the badge and the uniform.

      • OMG Just saw that video. Horrific. Last year but we need to share that like crazy

  26. Just put shit sky news on no Millions Protesting all about Chelsea who cares Boris’s another wedding and Kate having the jab.
    Boycott sky news brainwashing shit
    Thanks Hugo and the live streamers who report the real life action.

  27. Boris and Matt don’t care, they can’t hear it, when it comes to the gates of his house then he will hear and smell the people but he will keep doing as his UN central banker overlords tell him or else!

  28. HOLYSHITFLAPS. I actually seen a thing on RT news about the protest. litrally all it said was thousands march in london against anti lockdown / vaccine rules.. why the fuck aint this making even a word on sky / BBC etc. oh thats right, cause if they did, it might wake up these brain dead motherfuckers getting the jab and doing everything it takes to get the vaccine to go on holiday or go to the pub etc.. FUCK YER APP!! FUCK YER JAB!! AND FUCK YER RULES!!.. im so happy hugo has this channel and i can see others think the way i do. i will not visit anywhere that insists on APPS or showing photographic ID / giving details to purchase items from their store… if / when it gets that way i will be hunting my food or walking in and taking what the fuck i want and walking right out. stay strong people.. and serious respect to everyone out in london today.

  29. Morning

    Great to see
    And just read some great comments above πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

    Thank you Hugo

  30. The police are the governments thugs, the mainstream media are the governments mouthpiece, the doctors will probably become the new death camp commandants and hospitals will more than likely become places of massive illegal and unethical experiments against humanity.
    But at least its sunny this morning, so lets look on the bright side while we can, hope everyone has a good day.

  31. By ignoring this they are waking more people up to the Agenda.

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