What’s Goin On With YOUTUBE? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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44 Comments on “What’s Goin On With YOUTUBE? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Don’t worry about it Hugo.. I think Carl and yourself most likely are the only two left on Youtube with a following, that are not shills. Youtube died long ago they removed this one in minutes of loading a few months ago lol https://odysee.com/@YouResist:a/melt1:a?r=BMfkiLhFwv81NtrETxzp3wzRJKYKr3bi
    Join the RAF – Use promo videos to wake an injured friend!
    Before they get Shot Again…

  2. Join the club, I have lost 3 YouTube channels now. They hate the truth so you are obviously doing something right 👍🏻.

  3. I cant hear any of the uploads apart from the ones on YT, all the Too Spicy ones have no volume for me. Its been like this for a few days now. Really Weird! 🙁

    • Use a different search engine maybe one that’s more secure?
      And got straight to this site and follow the link from here.

  4. Don’t worry, man. We know that you’re not a shill. Don’t let the retards get you down.

  5. That UK Column thing is weird, is it not? That weird stumpy Irish guy gets me. What is this shit?

  6. Hugo, YOU are the MOST trustworthy commentator online. Moreso than UKColumn News. Although I watch that occasionally, I too am sceptical of them ‘toeing a line’ & being watched/monitored by govt agents for data harvesting on followers’ thoughts & behaviour.
    Govt would worry about you because you are clearly honest, use valid data, we all love you & you offer a Tribe for getting organised. Govt doesn’t want anyone to organise! They are counting on us being ‘couch potatoes’ who moan, but do nothing.

    Don’t worry too much about YouTube. Alternative channels are growing at exponential rates & YouTube is mostly for sheep.

    Eventually -one day – big tech will relax censorship due to loss of clients & $$$. They ‘need’ their clients & money to be powerful enough to maintain membership in the elite NWO cabal.

    Create a telegram channel.
    It’s better to go to your website & receive your direct reminders to view videos.

  7. Hugo, I think the number of subscribers you have on YouTube makes a difference. Once you pass the 100K mark you come under greater scrutiny. UK Column haven’t hit that “magic” number yet so that may explain part of the mystery. It is terrible that we have to be so suspicious at a time when we need to be united. I think it is certainly wise to be vigilant but we must also not allow the enemy to “divide and conquer”.

  8. Dear Hugo, without you I think I would have gone insane. Please can you consider using Paypal for us to give you financial support…

  9. Hang in there Hugo! You’re doing a great job. I’m sorry this is happening to you. Dana

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  10. Hi Hugo
    Hmmm this is certainly a bit weird . They either feel threatened by you or there is something more sinister afoot . Please hang in there you are the voice of the non-sheeple!! Keep up the good work . Totally trust you to keep us up to date . Take care

  11. Well if you keep getting censored, you’re doing something right!! You’ll be a threat.

    Personally, I watch your videos everyday as I’m sure many others are, and it would be very difficult to argue with you. You also sound like a normal person, and you’re asking the questions were all asking, without a filter and frankly you gave me on stitches!!

    Keep doing what you are doing! It will be YouTube’s loss as I’m sure lots of people who don’t ‘subscribe’ are still watching..

      • Oh, I am financially supporting Hugo via Paypal. I hope you receive my contribution. Keep up the good work Hugo. You are light at the end of the very very dark tunnel.

  12. I am totally in agreement with all your videos but I can’t access this one on messenger. It’s does not surprise me with utube and all the major platform. Please keep up the good work and thank you.

  13. The Truth sounds like hate to those who hate Truth is spot on. You’re going to be deleted off Youtube in the near future, it’s actually odd they haven’t done it before now, not that I’m saying I want it to happen cause I don’t.

    Perhaps they like to wait till you get to a certain level, 100,000+ subscribers makes you a juicy target, there’s enough people watching for the “lesson” they want to give out to be effective on a wider scale than if you only had a few hundreds tuning in.

  14. Trying to divide us lot now ,just shows how desperate and worried they are a out you and the ever hrowimgbdissent to this entire scam.
    Just carry on what you are doing .
    As for Carl Vernon he seems ok although his contents more tongue in cheek I do enjoy watching his posts .
    Alex on the other hand I’m not so 🤔
    He seems to some degree to be a fan of the Royals and that for me is a definite put off .

  15. I don’t think UK Column meant harm, they are just curious on your background. Mike has commended you in the past. They have been going for a long time and you know yourself, when you have been down the rabbit hole a long time you question more. I have asked myself before if you are a schill but my gut feeling says NO. You feel genuine to me so I am going with my gut feeling. Keep up the good work!

  16. Hi I tried to watch funny videos yesterday and it was taking down I think that tell there’s a lot of dishonest people out there at the moment they’re all desperate to train control at all but the thing we’re not realising I believe is it some of those out of trying to bring it about it going to be controlled too much too restless but they are too short-sighted to see this anyway yeah just thought I’d let you know how I feel about it thanks very much Andy

  17. Hi Hugo, what happened to the Tyson Fury dad video that you downloaded to everyone? It has disappeared only after a few minutes and I looked everywhere for that video but was no longer there?

  18. Hi Hugo, I watched the episode (not available to non-subscribers) where you were mentioned on UK Column.
    The context was that someone on the live chat asked if it was worth UK Column talking to you for the reasons you mentioned.
    Mike’s response was that Hugo Talks was big enough by itself and UK Column would not really help increase Hugo Talk’s coverage.
    I’m not sure why you are singled out for strikes compared to UK Column; again, it might be part of the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic.
    So you are right; forces are at play trying to sow confusion, discord and put us against each other.

  19. Hi Hugo, I cannot open my email. Jo

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  20. Hi Hugo, firstly thank you for your hard work. Your videos speak the truth. I am sure someone famous (can’t remember who) said that once no one knows what is true and what is false then the people can be manipulated in whatever way you want. This is what is happening. I have had similar thoughts about UKC just because Youtube have not removed their content but I have been questioning this covid narrative for almost a year and of all I have watched, you, Dr Coleman, UKC and Carl Vernon are the ones I feel I can trust. We all need to work together. UKC are long established maybe they are more difficult to silence or maybe YT are playing with us to make us doubt them, who knows? You are doing a fantastic job and I am so grateful to you for keeping me sane and for encouraging me to continue to fight this in my own small way. xx


  21. Hugo keep up the good work, we’ve been tuning into your videos for many months now, and watch them everyday❣️💪👍you’re a like a life boat in this crazy storm🌊they want to keep the truth away from the masses, more people need to be woken up. We refuse & resist in the hope that this diabolical tyranny will die.

  22. It’s so obvious they feel threatened by your truth telling. I was banned at the start of lockdown from youtube just for saying I thought the whole scamdemic was fake. I get my news and believe you only now,and right from the start have followed you. It’s a comfort to see from all your other followers that I am not alone in this fucked up world of brainwashed sheep that now I only feel contempt and hate for as they are just as much to blame now as those who started it,by going along with it all.You are a light in this dark tunnel of misery for so many remember that and never give up or give in as we need you.Much love Hugo

  23. I’m so glad I initially came across your videos on Utube Hugo and continue watch your videos on your website They keep me going and sane in this crazy stressful world

  24. Hugo are you OK mate? Thinking of you. Hope your not disheartened by all this! You are a legend in my eyes! ❤️💛💚

  25. Yourself, Vern Coleman, ice age farmer and yes -uk column are the ones my instinct says are ok. I hope I’m not wrong! It’s so hard to tell and I too don’t understand why some are left alone and others are not. Just keep it up please as you speak the truth for us.I think it may be that all of us who see through this whole thing will need to find each other at some point.

  26. I watch your vids every day, just saying 😊 cheers Hugo! YouTube’s out to get you, good luck 👍🍀

  27. Thank you Hugo, you are helping to keep us sane. So grateful to you for letting us know that there are some people left who haven’t totally lost the plot. Have been watching UK column for years. I believe in them. They have always told the truth as they see it and provided evidence to back up what they say. There is no way they would have spent so much time and energy trying to wake people up to corruption if they were on the wrong side. If it wasn’t for them, I would still have a TV licence!

  28. Hello Hugo
    You are exposing the Truth about what’s going on in this country and the world your questioning the new world order which they are brainwashing the national with.

    We need your channel because we are isolated out there with what’s going on a daily basis.

    YouTube banned my comments in December without no explanation, i try to appeal could not get through to them there a law to themselves, yet they have video’s promoting violence gangs with weapons and terrorism which is more alarming than which you said.

    Keep up the excellent work we all support you.


  29. Hi Hugo, its an ongoing thing with yt. For over a year I was watching vernon Coleman and ritchiefromboston . Ritchie has had his main channel blocked , 500,000 subs. His back up, back up back up all blocked . He always warned , never trust a channel with a join button ? They always get left alone regardless of content. A like julia Hartley brewer on talk radio, but they have wealthy backers so maybe that and the backlash got them reinstated. As for ukc? Good content but as you say ? Why are they allowed to disclose without fear of censorship??? Anyway, chin up and keep doing what your doing m8

  30. They triggered that volcano

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  31. Hi Hugo
    I haven’t read all the comments here so this may have suggested already?
    Instead of uploading the video on YT, just use the channel to direct people to here.
    Hopefully people will start to do that automatically and bypass YT altogether.

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