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57 Comments on “Depopulation / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I agree with you totally, we should be out in our thousands…..but there seems to be so many sucked in by all the crapiola !!!

    • Fecking isn’t a strong enough word to describe the fucking bollocks..NO YOUR NOT ALONE HUGO.. I have in the past few weeks become free in my mind and body WHY.. BECAUSE I WILL NOT CONCEED TO THEM WANKERS…FUCK YOU BORIS THE CLOWN

      • Well said are freedom of choice are civil liberties have been taken away from us ! I have worked from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland since this started , I’ve not as had as much of a sniffle or anyone I’ve came across !! It’s not about the virus it’s about control obedience over the masses by the elitist NWO Hancock Johnson and there cronies should be behind bars for crimes against humanity God help us

  2. Stay strong my brother. Each and every day is a struggle for me as I come to the reality that our basic human rights are under attack. I have a small spark in my soul when I see that you have posted a video and immediately click to watch straight it away. The work that you are doing is absolutely essential for our safety and wellbeing, and for generations to come. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ blesses you and your family and protects you in these dark times. Please do not give up. We are the 99% and the truth always triumphs above evil in the end. Have faith and God Bless.

  3. Well said Hugo… these people are Evil… and the worst thing is that the ‘Intelligent Retard’ that works for them blindly goes along with it without question!
    Here is their training video for coming out of lockdown lol
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Respect Hugo. Where hugo i go peace & loveSent from my Galaxy

    • Brilliant! “Where HuGo I Go!”
      That’s exactly how I feel – Hugo is saving my mental health.

  5. Thank you Hugo for all you are doing ….. You are not alone, you have helped to open up the world’s eyes to what is going on. Forever indebted to you … From New Zealand 💕🙏💕

  6. I want to ask a question, is there a phenomenon that can cause mass hypnosis? If no, why is the population reacting to the obvious erosion of liberty?. Love your videos. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

  7. Hi Hugo
    Ignore the ones that moan, the odd swear word is acceptable when it comes to depopulation!

    Its really frustrating people choose to close their eyes to all this.

    I spoke to many of the sleepwalkers & they are convinced this jibjab is exactly like their childhood ones, its works in the same way as polio one, where a little bit of virus is put into you to build antibodies. THATS THE PROBLEM, mix that with msm “silly conspiracy theorys from anti jibjabs” plus not being told fully about how they work …thats why they wont listen. Some believe the vx has been in the making for 20 odd yrs!!

    Im afraid a lot of people today are selfish & materialistic. Esp the older ones.
    Im afraid They wont wake up until something effects them personally & directly!
    There will be another wave, because they now starting 2nd doses en mass, which may waken a few.
    But the majority are unreachable & deeply asleep.

  8. Hi Hugo When all this kicked off and the mad eletes were talking about carbon footprint … my thoughts were we are carbon ….bloody hell they are going to eradicate the population This is now getting out of control these power controlling pure evil sorry excuse for human beings are actually enjoying their power over the sheeps …. blinkered sheeps that believe what they are told from msm I’ve had 2 letters several phone calls to take this experimental death jab why do they keep pestering people to take the jab to wear them down into taking it !! Stay strong my friend and keep us informed of this so called lunacy

  9. you are the only voice of reason in this war as it is a war we are in & ive never been more dissappointed in the british public with how easy they have been manipulated into becoming moronic lab rats & scared of their own shadows.. Hugo i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life as without you & your videos & sane reporting i am convinced i would not be here.please stay strong as humanity needs you.

  10. As an Australian I think your language is very mild considering the circumstances! Many thanks for all you do.

  11. When the truth comes out I think we should demand the death penalty for crimes against humanity.. that also includes (As it did in the post war trials) the people who blindly followed orders…. HANG EM HIGH

  12. Hugo, you have every right to swear, show frustration, sound miserable sometimes, it shows you’re human. I am a strong one who never bought into this shite from the beginning because David Icke warned us years ago that this situation would come and he has been spot on throughout but we all have down days. You’re doing a great job.
    Keep calm and carry on x

  13. Keep the videos going Hugu I feel exactly as you do. Right from the start my gut instinct told me this was all wrong. That basic intuition that something was seriously amiss, I can even tell it’s all lies just looking at the NHS covid posters. Just keep building your tribe, keep spreading the word and let’s stay strong together

  14. Great post, I know what you mean ,sometimes surrounded by sheeple and only pockets of resistance it can be a lonely place .

  15. You are not alone Hugo, there are like minded people out there and hopefully more will see through the smoke screen soon. Personally I like your language, it keeps it real and actually makes me laugh cause it’s what I am saying in my head, don’t change it.

  16. totally agree with evrrything you say but prople cannot forget about their jobs as there are mortgages and bills to pay. We need to stand together and there should be more demomstrstions. I dont know why most parents are allowing this to happen. God help us all!!

  17. It is interesting to mention Mike Yeadon. I watched a Delingpole interview in which he was quick to say (as many if them do to play safe) that he dies not do conspiracy theories or “sinister agendas”. Good to see that someone of his qualification has dared to mention the subject.

  18. Amazing work hugo,keep going fella,we appreciate you and all you do to help keep us sane.

  19. You are definitley not alone Hugo and in my opinion you have nailed it with this video.I live in a small village and am labelled a conspiracy theorist along with a few good friends who share my point of view.I will never stop sharing your fantastic videos or speaking out to people a out what they are sleepwalking us into with their complicity.We even have locals posting on FBI Book and bragging about getting ” vaxxed”. It actually makes my stomach churn.In this video we even have the former VP of Pfizer telling us the only thing he can think of for this mental vaccination rollout is de- population ?? If this doesnt wake those people up from their deep slumber then Im afraid nothing will ..for goodness sake people ..wakey ! wakey !
    Keep going Hugo you are shining light in a very dark world 👍

  20. Now we are hearing that vaccines are in short supply and that the over-fifties should grab a shot ‘whilst stocks lasts’. Could this mean that the ‘vax-ceen’ programme will end once the over-fifties aka ‘baby boomers’, Jews, Gypsies, disabled, unemployed, trade unionists and socialists have be ‘vax-ceenated’? How far down the age range will they go. In Spain supposedly the roll-out is being done in alphabetical order since everyone will be getting it (not offered) regardless. Will everyone be ‘offered’ the ‘vax-ceen’? Will a ‘vax-ceen’ passport be introduced with some people given a ‘free pass’? How many times will the ‘narrative’ change?

  21. I watched the film ‘The Father’ starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman the other day. Very good movie. It was told from the perspective of a victim of Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia) – a God-awful disease – as he was slowing losing his mind. The disorientation, the confusion, the terror, the distortion of time, space and reality. It got me thinking that this must be the effect that this constant Government gas-lighting is having on the populace. I think the message in the movie was that you just had to give up trying to make sense of it (did his daughter really go to France with her boyfriend?) and ‘feel’. Is this what they are trying to do to people? Give up trying to make sense of the bombardment of conflicting of conflicting information and just ‘feel’ if you get my drift.

    • Excellent advice!
      Just feel ….. using our intuition.
      We have an inner knowing …. and we will prevail. We will.
      Never give up.

  22. Dear Hugo, I’ve never met you & may never meet you as I live in Australia 🇦🇺. However, I love you. I love your effort, your spirit, and your intelligence. Your posts show how much you care about us all. You are a true hero and humanitarian. You light the way & inspire us to stand up and unite together.
    We are getting closer every day to the critical mass numbers. The momentum is gathering and quickening. Hang in there. You are playing a pivotal role in history. When this is over & I can finally come to England again and see my family, I hope to meet you and salute you. You represent ‘the power of one’ …. to turn the tide and empower the many. Big hugs. Xx

  23. Now they want the over 70s that are left alive to have a booster in September, these people are genocidal.

  24. It’s good to know that there are many like minded people to help us through this shit show, reminding us that WE are not alone. Fuck the tyrants. Fuck the new world order. They will soon realise that we are not as weak as they had hoped. We are the 99%. Stand up and stay strong.

  25. With you Hugo 100%. I’m trying to come up with other expletives as the usual ones just aren’t having the same effect. I reel off a barrage of the tried and tested and I’m even swearing in work!! We love you Hugo for all that you are doing to keep us sane. We’ll rise when furlough falls.

    • When the stop furlough it will be to late! 2025 actual monetary reset

  26. Just when you think gov? can’t get any lower they attack your right to worship!

  27. A breath of fresh air in this covid polluted swamp. We the few who do not comply must remain stout of heart.
    I do wonder when you wargame what’s happening if the vaxxed and masked are the compliant sheep why get rid of them. Could the vax be a tool to spread a toxin to us. Dr Vernon Coleman hints at this in that the varied become superspreaders yet become dependent on 6monthly jabs that are the sign of continuous compliane

  28. Keep going Hugo, I understand why people are still trying to look at the world through rose tinted specs, the truth is so depressing and I know the meaning of ‘ignorance is bliss’ now. But we can’t hide now – keep telling it as it is!

  29. Thank you for all your great research Hugo!
    In 2018, Bill Gates wrote a blog post strongly suggesting that 33 million people across the world will die within six months of a future pandemic…Perhaps humans are actually more resilient than they (the powers that be) realised! We are in no doubt that a depopulation programme is happening – it has been talked about for many years and not everyone has seen it coming. This is not about resources and space, but about the control of a waking population. More of us are disengaging and living alternatively, they just can’t control us anymore and it is driving them crazy.
    Unfortunately, there are fellow humans who don’t understand what is really happening – we have to accept that we cannot persuade everyone to mistrust big pharma poisons and instead give them the love and gentle support they desperately need for however long they have left.
    Although most people don’t realise it – we are free to choose the way we live and we always have been!

  30. I think you’re right on the money with the aspect of depopulation. Many of the major Government leaders around the world were discussing this issue at Davos in February last year. They want to restrict the movement of people, to stop them flying and using their cars. Part of me doesn’t imagine where this is going. I don’t know about everyone else but as a relatively happy, and mentally strong person, the plandemic has taken its toll on me in the last year. I tell you what though, I will never give in, or give up trying to wake the others up, even if it alienates me from others. I don’t care, I want the old normal back. Thank you Hugo for all the info that you bring to us.

  31. Hugo I live you listening to you keeps me sane and everyone who listens to you I’m the only one in the family who doesn’t believe what’s going on with all this garbage my family says what nonsense even my daughter thinks I was having a mental breakdown keep up the good work hugo

  32. Hugo your getting me through this! Your voice is herd and is not alone 👊🏻💚

  33. Ohhh dear Hugo I totally understand how you are feeling I feel the same!! They must all be so programmed and brainwashed by the tv screen and media! I believe it is some kind of witchcraft psychic intrusion with fear! We must pray to God to break the power of lucifers global takeover of Gods humanity and amazing creation of the human being

  34. every body i know seems to want the vacine? except me
    the money will run out they cant print forever?

  35. It’s really starting to get to me as well Hugo I too get frustrated by the people who don’t seem to see through all this bollocks

  36. Hi Hugo,

    We’re also having a drink tonight! These long cold dark winters in Scotland are difficult as it were without the daily lies and oppression on us all.

    Maybe we should all open our bible instead of our bottle! Just an idea! 😊 I think it will work much better as it was written for exactly these times!

    God bless you for your work for humanity!

    Wendy & Ian

    Sent from my iPhone

  37. Hugo we love you don’t give up we need you .. I feel the pain.. love what you do and definitely your not alone. We are alone without you .. keep going x

  38. I hope you are OK Hugo. Today is the only day that I recall that you have not made any new videos. I just wanted you to know that there are people who really appreciate you. I want to say a big thank you for reading out the sub titles and explaining the videos, headlines etc. as I am registered blind and watch all your videos. Please remember that “we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 from the Bible. Politicians of this day are all liars because they are serving their master, Satan, who is described as the father of all lies in the Bible. Satan has a plan, that he is furiously trying to implement through his minions: and it is a plan of eternal damnation and destruction for humanity, but God has a plan for eternal salvation and redemption for humanity. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him, should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. None of us can continue to stand in our own strength, in the face of such evil and powerful opposition, as Satan, the enemy of our soul, that is why the Bible tells us to be “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. Ephesians 6:10. Whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord Jesus shall be saved. Acts 2:21. God loves you, Hugo, take heart and be strong in Him.

  39. The ‘elites’ want depopulation. They’re obsessed with it. It’s on the Georgia guidestones – they want half a billion people. Bill Cooper explained it best in the chapter ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ in his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’. It was a document that was a declaration of war against us. They believe we are feckless and they can run things better. We are entering ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – AI, robotics, digitisation. It is more efficient, cost effective, etc and that’s what they’re going with. There will be incredible job losses as the wealth/businesses is transferred over to them. So, the majority of people are surplus to requirements. So, they’ve decided to get rid of us basically. In that document, it stated how they employed people who would take their emotion, conscience, empathy, etc out of the equation and apply cold, hard scientific logic.

  40. Hugo!

    That hit me when you sounded so fed up with the sheeple. I totally get u. The streets should be full of people/kids NOTHING ELSE MATTERS RIGHT NOW! I was at the (London) March I had hoped more would be there.
    I’m training to be a Naturopathic Nutitionist we are Yr 3… nearly all my classmates want the jab!! I am totally stunned by them and so let down. Why can some of us see it so clearly but the rest can’t. These people are meant to be ‘natural’ …… SHOCKING

    Keep your chin up, you’re doing great research/info

  41. We are going through an unprecedented revolution in human consciousness, an upheaval unlike any that has ever taken place before.
    There has always been change, sometimes to a great degree, sometimes to a lesser degree, because unless there is change there is no life.
    But every once in a while this eternal process of change reaches a zenith, and then there is a real revolution.
    The twenty first century has brought humanity to such a peak, and each individual consciousness is now ready to evolve, to turn in a totally new direction.
    The principles and values by which we have lived are no longer applicable, the grip of tradition is weakening.
    We are in preparation for a great change.
    We are being uprooted from the past, we are awaiting transplanting into the future.
    We are close to some new stage in humanity’s evolution, different from what we have been before.
    Those who have eyes to see, can see what is coming.
    Those who have ears to hear, can hear what is coming.
    A consciousness that has nothing at all to do with faith in criminal politicians, or with belief in organized superstitions is coming into being.
    The birthing pains are intense.
    As darkness is deepest before dawn, the pain and confusion are worse, at their most intense, just before birth.
    The entire world is blanketed with clouds of hatred, violence and division.
    One would only have to look into the heart of each individual to find the source of the personal anger, ambition, pain, fear, misery and hate that have combined to form those clouds.
    When one person stands against another in hatred, division or in violence the effect multiplies, it spreads all over.
    It becomes like a shadow of death, encompassing the earth.
    And the totality of this hatred and violence is far greater than the sum-total of individual hatreds, of individual acts of aggression.
    But what has happened with hate can also happen with love and awareness.
    There is the possibility of a love, an awareness that can be many times greater than the total contributed by each individual.
    But sadly, if the truth be known, humanity is still as fast asleep as it has always been.
    The only difference is in the power, the freedom we ‘think’ we already possess today.
    In the past that was not even considered.
    It is this newfound ‘idea’ of individual power that has brought all our hidden frustrations to the surface.
    As it crashes into the reality that we are and have always been the owned slaves of the so-called elites.
    Power and prestige do not necessarily result in madness, but under the aegis of freeing our captured power, our hidden madness finds the opportunity to show its true colors.
    And all our frustrations are surfacing.
    We are realizing that our freedom, our lives, our democracy are and have always been an evil charade.
    Therefore remaining asleep, we all will remain co-conspirators, fellow comrades in this unconscious Davos march towards planetary suicide.
    Even those who talk of peace are asleep and ready to destroy each other.
    They are even prepared to forfeit their own lives for their unconscious ideas of peace.
    How they talk of the great sacrifices they are willing to make to protect the world!
    Yet they are also the enemies of peace, they are also partners in this inevitable annihilation of the human race.
    Where suppression, enslavement, domination or tension exist, there is no life.
    Life only exists in peace, serenity and simplicity.
    And these only grow our of awareness, awareness towards life, awareness of what really is.
    Awareness is consciousness.
    Awareness is intelligence.
    Society is much more than the sum-total of its individuals, it is it’s individuals multiplied.
    It is the expanded effect of our personal interrelations.
    You must remember that whatever happens in each individual will be reflected in society in a greatly magnified form.
    The cause of all war, the roots of all social degeneration are within the individual human minds.
    If we are to change society we have to change the individuals who exist within it.
    If there is to be a new base for society, we have to offer a new genuine freedom and awareness to the life of the individual.
    Previous civilizations were destroyed by external attack.
    Ours is threatened by a great top down internal danger.
    If the civilization of the twenty first century is annihilated, it will be by eugenics and mass suicide.
    This is what we will have to call it, if there is anyone left to call it anything.
    Those who came before us made history, we are preparing to unmake it.
    We know of the atomic structure of matter but nothing of the atomic structure of the soul.
    And this is our great misfortune.
    The elite overlords have achieved power, but no peace, no enlightenment.
    There is great power in the hands of these unenlightened so-called leaders, these unawakened sociopaths.
    But these are the people who should not be allowed to possess power.
    Power being misused can wreak great evil.
    The root cause of all our suffering is ignorance, yet knowledge is not the remedy, awakening is the remedy.
    Ignorance is not absence of knowledge, ignorance is absence of awareness.
    Ignorance is a sort of sleepiness, a sort of slumber, a sort of hypnosis.
    You are not aware what you are doing.
    You are not a light, your whole being is dark.
    You can ‘think’ you know about light, but that knowledge about light will never become light.
    On the contrary, it will become a hindrance towards light, because when you know too much about light you forget that the light has not happened to you.
    You are deceived by your own knowledge.
    You ‘think’ you know about it, but to know about is not to know.
    Ignorance cannot be dissolved by knowledge.
    It can be dissolved only by awareness.
    Awareness is freedom from illusions.
    Awareness is freedom from sleep.
    Awareness is freedom from all that is not and appears to be there.
    This discrimination between the real and unreal, truth and fiction is a method to create more awareness.
    The real point is trying to know what is real and what is unreal, then you will become intensely aware.
    The goal is full awareness.
    The unwavering practice of discrimination between what is real and what is unreal brings about the dispersion of ignorance.
    We can come to know ourselves, and on this knowledge we can build a totally new consciousness.
    A new humanity can be born, a new life can begin.
    Respect, Freedom, Love.

    • Very well written and I largely agree but I feel you underplay the unbelievable malice of the elite’s. They have maintained control over us all for many thousands of years. They simply consider themselves as god’s. An unwavering belief system the roots of which are just Luciferian as is the entire legal system of the world implemented via Roman law and its church.

      They, intend redesign of all genetics on the planet so that they can exert permanent control over us, all resources, and it. Without mass awakening, and with menticide and mind control exerted over human pineal gland, they are set to achieve it.

      Awakening may be being made impossible unless some entity, or event, explodes into being and blasts mindsets apart. I’m praying this will be our truth to come. Without it, it seems we will all be content to raise alarm but only online.

  42. Hugo. Pfizer are intending to vaccinate the kids from 12 upwards soon. Here in Israel we already have the green passport everthing is open just now. Israel I believe is definitely a model for what they intend everywhere. Ezra Levant from Rebel news showed pfizer documents already preparing the boosters which will keep the populations enslaved if we allow this. The Agenda of control is starting to get a grip. Pfizer also will make billions from the agenda.

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