NO MASK = Lose Custody Of Your Child! / Hugo Talks Some More

13 Comments on “NO MASK = Lose Custody Of Your Child! / Hugo Talks Some More

  1. From my experience, every single company that I have financial dealing hides behind the coronavirus reason for providing me with poor service. When I receive my April phone bill, I’m going to be crapping myself.

    • I call bullshit. Propaganda fear porn to make the masses comply.

      • Agreed!!!! A psy op to scare & divide people & even encourage this ‘idea’ amongst divorced families.

  2. Chaos this is the intention.

    God bless the Mum, give her Strength to Fight for her child

  3. Not fussed about this wan – ensuring your 6 year old child wears a mask if abuse – sheer and utter abuse and she is a doctor! Suffer the wee wains indeed. Poor wee experimental guinea pigs! Dunno if ye heard ae OMD Genetic Engineering fae back in the 80s excellent lyrics. covid vaccine contains a genetically modified Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK)293 cell.

    Great vid as always! You are ma goto news channel.


  4. Well done for posting this. People have gone insane if they can’t see the situation being created deliberately to divide everyone. Even now the sheep can’t see the real enemy . To possibly lose your child over this may be the ultimate test of your convictions and I find this one hard to listen to. I can barely contain my anger now over this mask wearing lunacy- it’s a real struggle just to look at the people who wear them and believe in what has now become a cult.

  5. When you look at Samantha Baldwin’s channel, she bravely speaks out against UK family court corrupt judges, police, cafcass etc. She’s clearly a wholesome parent, her 2 boys were removed at night and custody was granted to her abusive famous drummer husband from paedo grooming family. There’s a report on Google where he was caught naked abusing a 7 year old boy during a satanic ritual, yet he gets away with it!! It’s a sick and twisted world, only Jesus can get us through because there’s no justice in the world system! Plenty more examples on One Mom’s Battle channel. Currently battling narcissistic conflict loving ex in court, I’m against masks but if it saved my kids from being at risk I’d sleep in one 😩Truly wicked agenda!!!
    Thanks Hugo 👍🙏

  6. This is outrageous, i had terrible time trying to deregister my two kids for homeschooling, they told me my ex husbands signature was required and unnacepted my request even though they have lived soley with me for 10 years ex refused to sign cos he is still bitter , I stood my ground and they told me they didn’t need his signature after all.

  7. Hugo I am a great advocate of your channel, However on this occasion you said the lady in New York was Doctor and then later was holding down 3 jobs in order to pursue the custody battle .
    Are Doctors in America not well paid ?
    I can hardly imagine a Doctor being short of cash.
    I also noticed the story was pulled from Sky Nigeria, well I’m sorry but the last time I had any correspondence with that place it was someone
    phoning me up to tell me I had won cash in a non existent prize draw .
    Needless to say there was no happy ending for the bloke in Nigeria.
    And why were Nigeria even reporting on a story from the USA .Sorry but sounds a bit dodgy to me .
    I’m gonna do some digging.

  8. Be strong & stand together. History shows (in every revolution/movement) we only need 20% of population to stand up together, to create the critical mass for change. Then the rest start to awaken in a wave…… never, never, never give up! Xx

  9. Hi Hugo Not sure if you’ll see this but please watch video from Dr Vernon Coleman, old man in a chair. He explains why gov are predicting another Surge in autumn. It’s really scary but please get it out. Things are worse than we could ever have imagined.

    Kind regards Jill R

  10. Please everybody needs to watch the latest video by an old man in a chair on brand new tube. He explains why the gov are predicting another surge of COVID in the autumn. Very very scary but things are actually worse than you think. Dr Coleman is a multiple published Dr with many credits to his name and he knows what he is talking about

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