SPILT MILK and False Idols / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. He was the only one to talk in the house of commons but like you say we shall wait and see . I just hope hrs not just like the rest

  2. Nothing is left to chance with these people, spi b and the science behavioural unit go through it all with a fine tooth comb. Believe not a word, whatever they say, they will do the exact opposite. Think and act for yourself, do some critical thinking of your own, and research everything.

  3. Brilliant video as usual Hugo.

    Great work, please don’t stop making these.
    We need to get this message out there!

  4. It may be that they come out against lockdowns, speaking their true feelings, but then, someone ‘gets to them’.
    Kind of like Fauci doing an about face on the masks.

  5. We who want the end to this tyranny need to get behind World Freedom Alliance.com and also PUB which stands for Peoples Union of Britain.

    Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & FergusonServed Papers laid in Court 19-03-21.


    alernative link- https://www.thebernician.net/mark-devlin-talks-to-michael-obernicia-pcp-case-update/
    Information from Facebook page The Peoples Union Of Britain
    23 January ·
    In the creation and move towards a Sovereign Era under Common Law, all people of these Isles will be free of the tyranny it has suffered for nearly a millennium.

    A whole new paradigm is in formation. Much of it is already in place and awaiting the overthrow of present tyrannical rule.

    To move to a place where the Common Law is the ONLY Law of the Land requires people to wish to enter this new way of being. Therefore it will be through The Peoples Union of Britain that this will be attained

    Make sure you place your name down as a member of the PUB, so that the joys of freedom, autonomy and sovereignty become your absolute and divine right.


  6. Hi Hugo

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I think you speak so much sense.

    What this country needs is a new party to transition us into a new way of life where we all have freedom to do the things we want. With this in mind have you thought about creating a freedom party? Someone needs to!! This is exactly what the people in this county need now.

    Be interested to know your thoughts. Keep up the fantastic work

    Kind regards Ali

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  7. The problem is we dont seem to no wtf were doing. I mean who can u trust u are right what ur saying. I want to get shot of khan. I just got a 165 ticket for accidentally going into those fucking things they put up in my locial are of west london. I cant afford to pay it. I’m losing the fight left in me. Its constant. I hardly leave my house now. Everone I no is loving the vax shit. I feel alone with this. Gp kept texting writing ringing about having the jab. I’m not having it. I manged to write a letter about the ticket today and post it of. I belive sometimes letters are better with things like this. I have lost a lot of friends over this vax shit . Not a lot all and I feel at my wits end. Wonder just how much more I can take. The protest in london on Saturday was excellent. . After the back handed BBC shit last night it makes me sick. Thanks for all u do . Dont no how I would of got through the last 12 months with ur up dates and great sence of humor.

  8. Very 1948. You can walk around with a pint of milk which can mean anything at all, rendering it absolutely useless. That is probably the entire point, walking around like an idiot carrying milk so you don’t bother them in a meaningfull way as they roll out their plans.

  9. Spot on again Hugo. Your intuition is super-charged. He is 100% fake & part of the msm theatre to hypnotise the public. I worked with & for Ministers in 3 States for many years. I can spot “fake” almost instantly. It’s up to us. We don’t need any leaders yet. The right leaders will emerge from grass roots actions. New leaders have to pass the test of the awakened ones. It’s a sniff test called “can I smell a rat”? 😁

  10. You are right again . These people are deliberately wheeled out for the purpose you describe. As a general guide I’ve noticed that they never reference the great reset agenda , or share anti jab feeling as with hitchens .Same goes for other celebrities who pretend to be on our side. I do think that a new party will need to be created from the ground up based on decency and honesty to clear out these atrocious people .

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