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17 Comments on “ALL AROUND THE WORLD ANTI LOCKDOWN PROTESTS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. This is a good start. The very best way to hurt the globalists is to remove your money from any of the Central banks outlets or better still put it into metals or Montero 👍

  2. Hi Hugo
    Love your videos. Keep it up
    I tried to share this video on my Facebook page and was denied
    These assholes are now censoring me for the first time


  3. This was so refreshing to see. I have been done with taking the media seriously for some time now. I hope these global protests are the beginning of many, until this bullshit stops?

    • as a former soldier…
      I’m done with this bullshit. keep pushing government we will only take so much
      your days are numbered truth fears no scrutiny you will all be tried for murdering the elderly and vulnerable.
      great reset? great awakening we are not your slaves

  4. I’m so glad I got to the London one but in the selection you put in your video, the Netherlands won my heart. How I wish veterans all over the world had the same attitude of those standing defiantly in front of the police. Looked like the police dog wanted to join them.

  5. Very interesting response from the mainstream at the moment.. looks as though they will try to ignore it, but every day they do is good news for us as they then can’t use it as an excuse to bring in another agenda. But one thing is for certain them and the controllers will be planning something to either end this nonsense or lockdown further?

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  6. Wow, Germany really was a peaceful protest, wasn’t it!

    Great to see. Not doing any forms of social media I had no way of finding out if there was anything local and travelling to London was out of the question unfortunately.

    • Same here ,Bristol git the right idea sad to say I’ve always followed the law and always worked and paid my way
      but peaceful protests get you nowhere

  7. This is the most encouraging thing so far but we must maintain the momentum. It’s hard getting the leadership and communication right when mass media and security are so powerful and ever-present. The psychologists reckon that in any given situation there are 20% who fall for it, 20% who are the critical thinkers and 60% who will go either way. At the moment, many of the 60% have succumbed to the media brainwashing. We have to get them to admit that they were wrong and the longer the brainwashing continues, the harder it will become. We are approaching the point where this will only be sorted out in the street, by direct action which is something none of us wants and which demeans our status as civilised human beings but unless the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation are taken apart, we are on a course to lose the freedom we have all fought for over many decades. We owe it to our children to sort this out, just as our fathers and grandfathers had to fight the world-dominators in the 1930s. Personally I would just want someone to step out of the shadows so that I could confront them face to face. So much of this is being done by stealth, “boiling the frog syndrome” that our enemies stay hidden.

  8. The whole time I have been listening to Hugo Talks for some reason I have thought he was Mayhar Tousi also on youtube.Who are you Hugo Talks it would be nice to see a face to go with the voice.Whoever you are I am so grateful for all your hard work in showing us the truth I hope you will be duly rewarded in time

  9. Interesting that Sky and the BBC ignored the World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy yesterday.

    But tonight in Bristol the protests against the Police and Crime Bill has got their attention.

    Sky News are covering this, now that protesters engage in “disgusting scenes”

    The BBC turn up with the cameras on too.

    So, I’m wondering, are these agent provocateurs now providing the sort of scenes that BBC and Sky love to report on?

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