REVEALED! HOW The Health Passport WILL WORK / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Depressing Hugo …but the addition you made at the end was brilliant and I’m here laughing which makes a change .

  2. Wonder if you need to app to get some weed in Christiania as well! Honestly it depressed me so much as I used to spend a lot of time in Denmark in my youth when I lived in the south of Sweden. My mum still lives in Sweden and as neither of us is having the jab we are now in a position of not being able to see each other. The airport in question is Kastrup and that’s the one we used to use as well as others living in the south of Sweden. Not now though. Denmark has closed the border and issued travel permits to people living in one of the countries and working in the other but no one else so Swedes flying internationally now have to travel all the way to Stockholm instead. Denmark used to be the most free and liberal of all the Scandinavian countries and to see what’s happened makes me very sad. Det er ikke godt. (That is not good in Danish)

  3. Surely hackers and app folk can make a spoof one?

  4. Well Hugo , that is so dystopian…. We are living in a time when technology , which could so easily be used to uplift humanity, is in the hands of greedy and evil lunatics who’s only interest is power over others. Thank you for showing us all the real plans. Perhaps all the neigh sayers might believe us now….. Its madness. Mother Earth is on the move though.

  5. Everyone is going to have these passport regardless weather one wants them or not. See first all the sheep‘s are going to jump on it and the the rest who refuse are going to be picked on one at a time till everyone has it unless you go off grid and live in the forest.

    • I hope they have a big set of balls because women like me in 2020 don’t scare easily the passport I assure I won’t want nor get .If that means stay in Ireland hey-ho I’ll boost the economy but certainly won’t fd like most of the balls less so called men /women of Ireland….

      • haven’t been abroad since 2008… sod them I couldn’t give a toss.
        let the airlines go bust.
        fact… we have free energy and zero point gravity devices used by the military I’ve seen it yet they they go on about sustainable development and zero carbon???
        friggin release the technology and world would be free. imagine no energy bills no car fuel air fuel it would be amazing but no the greedy bastards have to milk it and lie.
        remember years ago it started with the ozone layer? Then global warming all proved to be bollocks now they say climate change? like the great man George Carlin once said “save yourselves the planet’s fine” it’s people that are screwed.

      • @ Kenny Williams But you HAVE been abroad, as have I. It is upcoming generations who will be denied the experiences that we ourselves enjoyed. And we call that ‘progress’.

    • It is certainly looking that way, only I am not sure that we can simply live “off grid” in a bid to escape it (the system) the way it would have been possible 20+ years ago. Think “Hunger Games” or “Elysium” or any other dystopian film: in the system (and a shell of a human) or if outside of the system, is it even possible to survive? Its frustrating yet sad when people wish we would “all just get on and get the vaccine so we can have our lives back”!! Considering that we’ve been told we will still get cov-rona and transmit it, still need a mask after a vaccine, why do people think life will “go back to normal”?? Was life the same in 1945 after the end of WWII as it was before hand, say in 1937?? NO! We won’t ever be what we were but if we stand together against the coercion perhaps we can even come out better? Good luck and keep on resisting.

    • Living out in the forest would mean having to give up on your smartphone so it’s not going to happen. We are like fatted cattle lolling around in a lush meadow of modern conveniences – ripe for slaughter.

  6. Hugo, we went to London today but missed the march because the only information we had for the venue was “central London” the next time there is an event please tell us where it is happening.

  7. Depressing stuff but loved the add on need something to give us a giggle. Great coverage earlier of London demonstration, wish I could’ve been there, have attended all local demo’s but that today was brilliant turnout.

    • Hugo is a Strawman if you believe in Deagel population report.

      please don’t get me wrong, they are going to read off 51 million people but let someone like Hugo online.

      The question is which people are going to survive, the vaccinated or the unvaccinated

      Mainstream media have been reporting blood cot as non-related vaccine illness
      if they wanted they could have just not reported it.

      If you were a elite who would you keep, the people who obeyed and taken the vaccination or people who disobeyed and don’t take the vaccine.

      • Your 77th Brigade badge is showing Blair.

      • The people who obeyed ??? Fkin shit stain…you clearly need ur head examining, fuck off and annoy someone else who likes ur drivel

      • I do sound like a 77th brigade, my original comment was a reply to fo55y article about Deagel 2025 population report in which the uk population in 2025 is reported to be 14 million but the overall worlds population going to increase by 2025, my comment was a oxymoron as if that Deagek report is true then Hugo is a strawman because if you are saying the elite controls everything then way would you me or Hugo go online to say and report anything we like.

        Problem with humanity is we are gullible or we look up to
        religious Institute
        Cultural idols
        Internet gurus
        even I am guilty of the above list, what I am trying to say is that we know what right and what wrong so why do we need other people or institution like Government to control us how to live by laws .

      • @jimmylynn You need to learn to control that nasty temper of yours 😀

  8. I’ve been laughing out loud at the last few videos but it’s dawning in me that this is a very bad sign.. I also think Kaspar is looking sad because he has no nose and a long stick stuck to his face and spades for hands. Why do governments insist on doing every bit of info for the public in children’s cartoon style, even here in uk? So weird. I don’t have a smart phone so I feel a bit safe from this all at the moment but I take it I’ll be forced to have one in order to join in with that life in the future? I can’t afford on and I don’t want one so how is that going to work? I think it’s time to make my own entertainment and join forces with other likeminded individuals to start a new sub culture that doesn’t adhere to these stupid rules.

    • Poor Kaspar’s hand is also upside down. When he holds his phone up his fingers are on the inside.

  9. Thanks Hugo for keeping us informed. The concerning thing is that the coercers who dreamt up agend 2030 etc are clearly aware that phones can be lost, stolen or broken and so they will imbed the “important information” such as vaccine status into just as pets have chips to show to whom they belong etc. That is even more scary.

    • The phone app is obviously just a ‘stepping stone’ to train up the sheeple. It is not carrying a great big screen around with us just to go grocery shopping is intended to be permanent.. Next up: an implantable device. They will sell it by saying it is more ‘secure’, more convenient, cannot be lost or stolen etc.

  10. Nuts; all of it. I think TV has become too boring, so we have all this going on instead. Why would anyone want to depopulate the world. That would be a lot of empty buildings. Why? I cant’t imagine anyone actively wants dystopian ghost towns. Im sure the children of the elites would like to enjoy the same world we once knee. Its going way beyond reality. Maybe we do need a good old fashioned war to reset everyones perspective. Is that what they’re hoping for? Level the fuck out of everything so we can start again? Get everyone angry and confused enough. I admit, in the age of the internet, its hard to convince people to go to war with each other. With so much access to information, its not easy to convince people that folks in a far off land want to destroy us and take our homes. I say, lets go with the flow; each day as it comes. These twats running things arent half as clever as they think. Narcissists never are. They will fuck up at some point.

    • If the UK population were to reduce to a few million within a couple of years house prices would crash through the floor and that isn’t going to happen. Wealth in the UK is based upon house prices.

      • The 1% of the 1% don’t want anyone to own a house remember. If they own everything how much your two up two down in Kettering is worth is of zero importance…

      • The FED is finished…. The markets are going to crash, this is why the 1% have done this huge economic reshuffle in 2020/ 21.
        Only big corporations will survibe, their olan is Universal Credit for everyone else. To spend with them, and only if you behave. Thry even call the dole Unibersal Credit in the UK now apparently. Oredictive programming is a seriously dangerous thing. And this app video is exactly that……. Predictive programming.

      • We have been hearing about the markets crashing for a very long time. For as long as I can remember. But it never happens. They markets they go up, they go down but they never implode. If such to happen pension funds would turn to rubble. The consequences would be huge. Are you seriously suggesting the the Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX etc. will fall to zero? That the dollar, pound, euro in our pockets would be worth nothing? It would mean that all the businesses of the world would be worth nothing. When you look at all the products you buy and all the services you use can you honestly see those businesses being worth nothing? I don’t think so. Meanwhile the markets continue to make even more money. I am not buying this market crashing, FED is finished nonsense. Sorry!

    • If you wanted to depopulate the world/a country and leave the buildings standing the quickest way to do that is a neutron bomb.

  11. Greetings Hugo,

    The behavioral psychologists and scientists of SAGE – Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies – are the new agents of society, just as in the old days, priests were the agents of the society.
    SAGE are the new priests, a new priesthood; their only function is to paralyze this society through obedience, absurdity and fear, to keep this society continuously believing in their insane, fear-fuelled Covid narratives.
    Is it the only way that everyone will get through this together by just following these sociopathic retards and all their superstitious beliefs of their novel Covid pseudo religion?
    Staffed with Cardinal Vallance, Archbishop Whitty, Bishop Neil Ferguson and the whole nine yards of all these mentally ill SAGE hypocrites.
    As long as you are unquestioning and fully compliant with all their destructive eugenics rulings, their criminal behavioral nudge patterns, and you fully support their societal breakdown plan, that slavishly replicates the Davos global blue print for control, mass hysteria, terror and murder.
    One in which everyone will have to embrace the ‘science’ or be punished, just surrender to their great hoax, and fulfill your very own pandemic slave fetish fantasy, but remember, you will pay dearly with your freedom, your sanity, and your life!
    Nothing is okay.
    Everybody is on the verge of financial, mental, and emotional breakdowns and anything, any accident, can push you fully into the world of the insane.
    The society does not want you to be intelligent.
    They want you to remain mediocre because it is easy for the society to enslave the mediocre person.
    It is easy for the SAGE manipulators, and they are many, to manipulate you if you don’t have intelligence, because you are bound to depend on them, you have to depend on them.
    You have to look up to them always for guidance.
    You will always need so-called leaders if you are unintelligent.
    Exactly in the same way as Christianity was created by the priests.
    Although this absurd Christianity hoax is now two thousand years old, it still be-fools billions to this day!
    Has any Christian anything to do with Christ?
    What is Christianity?
    Christianity is society’s effort to replace Christ.
    Christianity is the creation of Saint Paul.
    He is the real founder of Christianity.
    Christianity is false, Christ is true.
    Christ is the true sage.
    Christ himself is the revolution.
    He is the baptism of fire.
    The sneaky priests have only exploited their own manufactured narratives and superstitions attributed to Christ, to distort even further their absurd infantile beliefs.
    They then interpret them in such ways that it becomes a strategy to dominate people.
    They have no idea what a real living Christ is.
    Nor how to recognize an authentic one.
    They are completely clueless.
    Even if they sat chatting next to a Christ on the bus they wouldn’t recognize him/her!
    To be a Christ is one of the most beautiful happenings.
    The most precious happening in the world.
    Christ is a different quality of consciousness, a fully enlightened rebel.
    Christ is absolute consciousness.
    But Christ was never a Christian.
    Christ was far too dangerous, so society creates a fairytale Christianity around him.
    Only then can Christianity be accepted, but never the true rebellious Christ.
    Christianity then becomes safe because it is a social phenomenon, a social politics.
    The Church is okay, the priest is okay – Just keep your children away from them!
    This is the official narrative.
    Yet it is all totally false!
    Laughably ignorant to the evolution of consciousness itself.
    It is the greatest most absurd lie of the whole western world in the last few millennia.
    How is all this nonsense still the bedrock of truth to western powers?
    The Christians think I am the Antichrist because that is their way of condemning a person who questions all of their lies.
    Yet Christianity has denied and hidden the true life of Christ for two thousand years.
    Who is the real Antichrist?
    I have challenged the pope to face me in a live public meeting in the Vatican.
    It will really be a great discussion.
    But he has always declined.
    Remember, the only way to be a Christ is to be fully yourself through no-mind.
    If you try to imitate Christ you will be a Christian but never a Christ.
    To imitate simply means you are denying your true self and you are imposing some imagined fantasy upon yourself.
    Wake up now, destroy these insane delusions.
    You have to be a Christ yourself, or you will always be afraid of powerful people because you think they know more.
    You will be continuously in fear.
    SAGE is creating your new enslavement.
    The new pseudo religion of Bio-terror.
    Your society now functions in such a way.
    People are absolutely asleep!
    They are not in their senses!
    You think you are awake, and that is one of the greatest mistakes, it keeps you unawake.
    The very idea that you are awake is a deception.
    If you think you are already awake, then there is no need to do anything to be awakened.
    You have to realize that you are drunk, drunk with many things, with greed, with lust, with anger, with ambition, with ego.
    Ego is the basic problem, the most basic.
    And unless you solve it, nothing is solved.
    Unless ego disappears, the Ultimate cannot penetrate you.
    The ego is like a closed door.
    The guest is standing outside.
    The guest has been knocking, but the door is closed.
    If the ego is not there, suddenly everything is found.
    If the ego is not there you simply come to know that Truth has always been around you, without and within.
    It was the ego which wouldn’t allow you to see it.
    It was the ego that was closing your eyes and your being.
    The whole educational system is created, not to serve you but to serve the vested interests, to create ego.
    From the kindergarten to the university they are serving the vested interests, they are making you more and more stupid.
    Intelligence simply means the ability to respond, because life is a flux.
    You have to be aware and to see what is demanded of you, what is the challenge of the situation.
    The intelligent person behaves according to the situation and the stupid person behaves according to the ready-made answers of mind.
    Intelligent people depend on their own insight, they trust their own being.
    They love and respect themselves.
    Unintelligent people respect others above themselves.
    You can see the point.
    Why are the vested interests interested in creating stupidity?
    Because that is the way they will be getting respect and obedience.
    Obedience has been imposed on you as a great value. In reality it is not a great value.
    It is one of the basic causes of the destruction of your intelligence.
    Intelligence can be rediscovered.
    The only method to rediscover it is meditation.
    If you want to be reborn, you will have to move in complete disorder because your old personality will have to be de-structured.
    You will fall apart.
    All that you have believed yourself to be will start disappearing by and by.
    All that you have always identified yourself with will become dim, cloudy.
    The structure that the society has given to you, the character that the society has forced upon you, will fall into pieces.
    Again you will be standing without a character, as you were on the day when you were born.
    Everything will be a chaos, and out of that chaos, out of that nothingness, you will be reborn.
    Unless we become very aware of our inner poisons we will not be able to transform our beings from darkness into light.
    We will remain dark holes, denying ourselves of the capacity we have to become eternal light.
    Intelligence brings freedom, intelligence brings spontaneity.
    To come out of all prisons is intelligence, and never to get again into another one ever.
    Intelligence can be discovered through meditation because all those prisons exist in your mind, though fortunately they cannot reach your being.
    They cannot pollute your being, they can only pollute your mind, they can only cover your mind.
    If you can get out of the mind.
    You can come to a full stop.
    And when you are out of the mind, watching it, being aware of it, just being a witness, you are intelligent.
    Your intelligence is uncovered.
    You have undone what the society has done to you.
    You have come out of it, you are a free individual.
    In fact you are for the first time a real individual, an authentic being.
    Now the whole sky is yours.
    It is a state of ultimate consciousness when one realizes oneness with the whole, when one feels, “I have come home.”
    Intelligence is your nature.
    All that is needed is to discover it, because it has been hidden from you for certain reasons by people who are powerful and who want to remain in power.
    Of course they will not like it if everyone wakes up.
    The politicians, the oligarchs, the banksters, the so-called religious elites, the MSM journalists, the so-called intelligentsia, because they are all part of a conspiracy against humanity.
    I want to destroy that conspiracy totally.
    Only then can a new wo/man be introduced on the earth.
    And the earth is waiting for the new wo/man.
    The new humanity.

  12. This was never about phone apps, it is about microchipping everyone at birth. Then there is no way to refuse by not having a phone app. The microchip will run your life and decide when you die. Watch Logan’s run if you’ve never seen it. Get yourself thoroughly depressed, but then realise it all crumbles in the end. The light will always win. Now go and find like-minded people, create small self-sufficient communities and be free. And don’t forget to stock up on sniper rifles, anti-tank missiles and grenades, because you may just need them. The shit-storm is coming folks. Wake up and tell everyone you can.

  13. Thanks Hugo – especially for the comedy at the end. If not I would have been in tears.
    This is horrifying but I ended up wondering whether even the sheep would really want to go through this all the time? Can people really be forced to have an app or even a smartphone? What if your battery dies or you forget your phone? Surely many people will now see that this is nothing to do with health but everything to do with control? Surely if people just refused to use the app? Too simple?

  14. You said it Hugo “What a load of Bollocks!”

  15. Hugo, I’m Danish and was quite alarmed when I saw this video, so I decided to do a bit of digging. So, I’ve been looking around the homepage for the Danish Government, Ministry of Health, etc., and thankfully I can’t find this video anywhere. However I found it on a website for a private Danish company (name is provided in the corner throughout the video: ‘net company’) where the video functions as an advert of sorts of their services, if you can call it that. I can’t find any place where it says that the government will work with this company. This doesn’t mean it’s not the case, it just means that I couldn’t find any evidence of it.
    Another thing is that I think they will have a hard time making something like this work in Denmark in the long run, as a lot of people are against it and don’t want the vaccine – at least from what I hear. At the end of the day, they can only make it work if we agree to it. We are the many ✊!
    Anyway, I just wanted to clarify, because one thing I think we need to keep in mind is that we have a major fight going forward; we need to try to keep healthy and prepare ourselves for that. Getting stressed at all times will keep us in a constant state of alertness and flood our systems with adrenaline, which in the long run make us weaker and can actually make us sick. We cannot afford that. You have a great channel and can influence a lot of people – please use that responsibility wisely.

    • Yes, to mix metaphors, we have to keep our powder dry so that we can cross any bridges when we come to them. Not needless energy-sapping fretting and worrying. And remember, most things we worry about never happen.

    • Thank you for your research efforts. I think in this age of dysptopian predictive programming it is important to dig deep. As you say, stress will kill us. 🙏 Maybe be rather , we will kill ourselves with stress.
      The dystopian narrative is put about by the few, who have access to the media.
      Interesting times. Thank you once again.

      • Stress does kill. Stress is known to raise cortisol levels in the blood which damages the heart. It is not being rounded-up by the military and taken to an extermination camp that will kill you but the endless fear, stress and anxiety engendered by worrying about it constantly that will kill you. It is better to laugh it all off 😀 – much better for the heart – and deal with things and situations if and when they happen. Eat healthy. Stay active. Turn of those endless fear-mongering doom-and-gloom youtube videos as well as mainstream media and take some exercise. Stay positive. Stay strong!

  16. This will only work if we let it. We have the power to not comply. As Saturday’s worldwide protests showed, there are plenty of people who will not go along with this. The tide is turning. Just go out every day as if nothing is wrong and smile.

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