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  1. there’s an anti-protest law being rushed through parliament this week. Do you think this has some connection? MSM backing a protest outside parliament the day an anti-protest law is being debated??

  2. anti-protest law being rushed through parliament this week. and then this MSM backed protest happening outside parliament the day it is being discussed?? sounds a bit fishy.

  3. Yes, divert your eyes from the police. If you search for police online you may accidentally happen across the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which gives the SS even more power than they currently have and make even more things illegal to do.

    Wouldn’t want that becoming common knowledge, would we?

  4. They are gearing up big style for their 20 3(2-3 – 2021(2-3) 33 psyop. Main agenda seems to be attacking the police and plenty of numpties will or be staged as usual? Go the opposite way save our Police Force..
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  5. Isn’t this everywhere now Hugo. Fakery and staged events to try and fool those of us who are awake. Well done by the way. Look forward to your videos.

  6. love your work Hugo, you seem to have joined the dots quickly here,do you have many staff.

  7. Our police forces are gradually being converted into a state militia before our very eyes and yet barely anyones sees it. They are being given more power to wield over us and Peel’s original vision of the public being policed by consent is a becoming a fading memory.

  8. Maybe they are gearing up to do away with the police by replacing them with something else. Some sort of “reform” or they are distracting us with this story because something else is going on elsewhere they don’t want us to focus on. Either way this story and the way it’s suddenly being focussed on is weird. I’ve spent a lot of time around abused women in help groups and heard their stories and much of the treatment that has scarred them is often coming from the polices attitude or behaviour towards the victim after the abuser has been arrested in fact. I honestly believe they are not fit for purpose for the role of supporting abuse victims or dealing with their legal cases. What I’ve seen of their random use of powers during lockdown again shows me they are a confused lot.

    • If we introduce social credit scoring where we police each other; throw in some surveillance and the odd drone, we won’t need such a robust police force. We’re already policing each other in Tescos, schools etc. Think of the tax payers money saved.
      Funny, the very same people enforcing this shit on the streets will be out of a job. All of those extra 20,000 that were recruited in October 2019 (good timing that was; what a coincidence. Just enough time to get trained up etc. Remember the marketing drive and the posters round London. When was the last time the gov. actually decided to increase the numbers of the police!!)

  9. I believe this violence against women situation is being used as a distraction from the vaccine passport debate which should be the biggest story of the year as it will affect every person in the UK including women who may be forced to take an experimental vaccine that could potentially leave them sterilised.

    It appears that all the front benchers and well known MPs are debating violence against women, while it’s a smaller less well known bunch of MPs debating vaccine passports.

    I thought that MPs would use this situation as a get out of jail free card.


    The vaccine passport debate takes place with obscure MPs that most people would not be able to name.


    So vaccine passports will be pushed on to the back pages of the tabloids, while violence against women will get all the headlines on BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 etc.

    There’s nothing to see here, move along, move along.


  10. HUGO…. Do you think these worldwide protests are a set-up? They are advertised on MSM, there are propaganda build-ups of hate based on women’s rights with use of crisis actors, cops are getting more violent, etc… they want people to go! Its a very similar situation to last year in US with the George Floyd drama. Peaceful protests turned into riots due to paid aggravators, antifa, BLM turning up. Then msm will show how conspiracy theorists are violent and must be stopped. Its stinks! What do you think dude? Would you consider passing on a word of warning to people if you think this scenario is possible??

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