Marvin Hagler / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Hi Hugo

    Thank you for your brutally open and honest approach to the BS out there. You are a brave Warrior.

    I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr Vernon Coleman; the old man in a chair. He has just released the following video on Brand New Tube and is trying to spread this far and wide to help people wake up. His video pulls no punches and will be too hard to watch for most people even those who are awake. Down here in NZ I reckon I’m on the 1 percent of people who sees things as we do. Are you willing and able to share this important video on your platforms.

    Very best David

  2. If Marvin had lived in the UK he would have been ‘offered’ the ‘jab’ by now on the NHS.

  3. Funny how Haglers son James announced 4hrs earlier that his father had been taken to hospital with difficulties with his breathing and chest pains. Then he’s supposed to have died at home. Bought off springs to mind.

  4. They probably got to his family and offered a big payout to keep their mouths shut. His wife may have thought – what the hell, he’s already dead and he would want us to have the money.
    About the 6pm curfew against men video – where are all the women standing up to say NO, I sure as hell don’t want my husband home all the time. It’s bad enough he’s around due to lockdowns for homeoffice. If he can’t go out in the evening – what the hell is that??? Loved your video exposing some of those sham artists. All because of one death of a woman. Stay at home orders have probably killed hundreds more because of domestic violence. What is behind all of this?

  5. Move along, there’s nothing to see here, it’s just a coincidence that a person had the jab & within minutes is found dead, there’s no link to the jab whatsoever, anyone who says otherwise is a crazy conspiracy theorist.

    In other news country after country is banning the jabs due to the growing number of sudden deaths shortly after a person taking the jab.

    Here in the UK anyone who doesn’t take the jab is now a terrorist putting other people in danger. Boris the Bastard wants to extend the laws for another 6 months & keep us in lockdown till end of September (probably extend it again at that time too).

    If I didn’t know any better I’d swear the government WANTS us all to die as soon as possible.

    • Terrorist lists for us who didn’t follow the governmental ideas came into being for sure around 2000 but I can’t be exact. All I know is in that year someone in the know, who shall remain nameless, warned me I was on it because I supported Greenpeace financially. That was before Greenpeace went over to the darkside, when the original founder Patrick Moore ( not the stargazer!) got out because someone had joined the party and decided he preferred payoffs to truth and things went downhill badly, I cancelled my direct debit and Patrick moved to Australia as far as I know. I do know he speaks out against them trying to make people aware.

    • Re previous reply I meant to put Patrick was a cofounder. I had started supporting them soon after they started when they did good work. I wasn’t aware until early 2000s that Patrick had left in 1986 due to them having become a multi million pound business and had started to support lies to get more funds. I found out at the same time that they were acting more for the government etc; than promoting real issues. I pre- ordered his latest book ” Fake Invisible Catastrophe’s and Threats of Doom” which should be arriving any day now.

  6. The current logic is therefore: if someone dies within 28 days (or is it now more?) of a PCR test, they are registered as dying of Covid19 whereas if someone dies within a day or so of a vaccine being intoduced into their body, it is natural causes. Similarly if a young person’s life is tragically cut short by Covid-19 and the data still shows the median age of death standing at 82, this justifies draconian measures which will ultimate damage the lives and futures of the whole population.When the media can convince the population of this logic, the world is in real trouble.

    • Actually it’s worse than that, if they SUSPECT a person was infected whether a test is done or not they are counted as a covid death. Like the guy who crashed his motorbike & died of head injuries was counted cause they tested him & it came back positive. the test is BS!

    • There is somewhere on the gov website that says it is 60 days now. I took a screenshot, that was about a month ago, it might be worth taking a look or it could have done a famous vanishing act.

  7. Fantastic enlightenment Hugo! How many more trap doors does this rabbit hole have!

  8. Strange coincidence that King born in 1933(33) dies and Hagler dies aged 66 those numbers crop up a lot,just saying

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