TEACHER TALKS About School And FACEMASKS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I find this heartbreaking, if for any reason parents feel they must send their children to school, then in no way should teachers, other parents and children be allowed to get away with bullying children into wearing a mask. I know other children do bully but this disgusting facemask business is only learnt by the behaviour of the adults around them. When I say children I’m talking about all ages. It’s time the government, the media and the internet were forced to stop the constant rant aimed at our young generations.

  2. Peer pressure will cancel out what common sense tells us to do. It has always been like that. The maskless child will become a pariah.

  3. They don’t need exemption! If a kid wants to take his/her mask off, he/she can…..period! There is no law and there can never be. They don’t need anyones permission, same as they don’t ask anyone if they can take their jumper off if they’re warm.
    Schools are bullying big time!
    This is what I wrote to mine:

    Dear M* **********,

    It is of no surprise that on return, both of my guys are experiencing some form of push back on their absence of masks and I have also been informed they have been asked to wear a lanyard?
    Although this is policy in shops and public transport, it is not the case in schools. I understand the school wishes to make this a policy and I completely understand you are playing devils advocate between faciliatating my children’s requests and parents/teachers who are concerned about the spread of a virus that has a 99% survival rate; however I don’t see the necessity of wearing a lanyard in order to point out the obvious fact my children are not wearing masks, other than to give the impression to other children that they need to ask permission from the teachers/parents in order to remove their own face coverings, (which is not true).
    If a child wishes to remove their mask, they have every right to do so, any time they want! The forced wearing of a lanyard is bullying and to be honest, a disgrace. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but Jews back in Nazi Germany were considered dirty and disease ridden and funnily enough were made to wear armbands.
    You know my view on the children wearing masks, its an absolute outrage and everyone should hold their heads in shame. If the children want to remove their masks they can make their own choice. they should not be bullied and their education can not be withheld just because they don’t wish to wear a silly green label, that basically points out the obvious. Next we’ll be tying red balloons to wheelchairs so people can be aware of a disability.

    I’m sorry, I’m so angry! The kids should not be wearing masks, it’s ridiculous and stupid. Anyone who cares about their children should wake up and put their foot down!



    (NB. They’re really pushing the lanyards because they know I’m trying to use the same tactic as the politicians…..slowly spreading the poison. One kid goes in without a mask, slowly others will join)
    Anyway….its starting, one kid in my sons class has already followed suit……but by fuck did the teacher kick off, at which point my boy proudly put her in her place with the blood vessels in her head popping. She kicked both of them put of the class…..but she lost….as now theres 2…..more will come.

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