UK Big Brother ISP Network / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I must admit that I thought this had been going for a while anyway, its a case of thinking the worse and adding ten times more shit onto what you just thought of, they want us in their sights twenty four hours a day, they want to know what we’re buying, what we’re eating and who’s clothes we’re wearing.
    Total control through technology, soon it will be a injection full of Nanites which will proceed to build an organic beacon inside your body that shows where you are without the need for any devices like phones or tablets about your person and the reason for all of this? just because they can.

    • Thank you Hugo. Your videos are great. Amazingly interesting. I am French. My son tells me to use Duckduckgo instead of Google. Does anyone think there are other tips ? Thanks you all

      • I am a user of Duck Duck. Must say I came across it by accident, but now use it as my search engine. I have a lot of confidence in it.

  2. Please Hugo, if you here anything about protection of our data, please can you do a video on it… Thank you for all you videos and your most excellent voice..
    From john UK 🇬🇧

  3. Although I’m half and half about the guy, earlier on, as it kept dropping in my vids to watch, I watched this 12min vid. It was on a channel called Forever Inspired ” Edward Snowdon 2021. This is really happening “. It explains exactly how they track your phone no matter what you do. On a slightly different note, I learnt a few years back if you remove battery and sim, don’t charge your phone, if you leave it lying around, they can still listen in on you. All phones have a tiny battery that you can’t see which takes over and is good for 2 to 3 years.

    • I was told way back all that and only buy a phone 3 to 4 yrs old . I’ve tried to be as private as I can over the years .only use cash never used a card only to draw money out of the bank. Same bank same cash machine always .

  4. Thank you Hugo. A thinker and Voice of reason.
    I think the only thing that will stop this entire ‘plan’ will be the mass deaths & shocking permanent maiming of people from the ‘vax’. Then the 7 billion people will retaliate in unbridled anger against ‘the elite’. The more I read of outcomes over a period of 10+ years from medical trial papers (continuous organ and cellular degeneration, genetic recombination & concomitant disease issues) the more horrific the autoimmune diseases are. Worse than death.

  5. Just come off the internet, leave the phones alone. We lived for 1000’s of years without it🤷‍♂️ Difficult of course; but where’s your tipping point?

  6. Rob Braxman is the internet privacy guy. His you tube channel is red hot on this stuff and he gives lots of advice

    Ditch your smartphone. Use browser isolation. Get a VPN and much more…

  7. Used to work for a company back in the late 90s that provided tech support for various ISPs. Even back then you had members from the police/security services monitoring the web. It was basic search tools being used & it was painfully slow in getting results, if any?
    Today’s technology is light years ahead of the 90s. It’s all about data gathering. Think of your computer/smart phone as your shrink, it’s taking note of everything we do & say. It knows the user better than the user knows themselves. Probably with the end goal of creating a virtual clone of the user.
    To stop or hinder this, I use a vpn, disable/reject cookie useage, which they are making it extremely hard to do! Use browsers that respect privacy eg Duck Duck Go. Or am thinking of going cold turkey, dump the smart phone & get an old school phone, that’s just a phone! With a removeable battery. Maybe?
    One things for sure, the people in power have removed the word privacy from their vocabulary.

  8. Hugo, they have been doing this for years.. letting you know is about trying to stop you saying or doing anything! They already have a virtual You and no doubt the Chinese are in there too before they take over!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  9. I used to work in the Mobile Phone industry (15+ years ago) & the Police were regularly calling up to get access to customer’s accounts, they had a set procedure to go through & access was ALWAYS given within a few hours at most, or quite often within minutes of the written request being faxed over, it’s probably automated & instant these days.

    Anyone who thinks they’ve only just started keeping a record of everything we do with our phones or online is being very naive, everything we do or say has been recorded or logged & stored since day one & the Police/Military have access to it all whenever they want it.

    • Is this not a crime against democracy? If this corrupt law goes through then democracy is dead in this country. For years the West has had nothing but criticiam of the political systems of Russia and China. I my opinion this is just as bad if not worse than the ideology of communism.

      • I’m sure you will find we left democracy a long time ago. I hate the words class system but if we lived in a true democracy, there would be people from all classes in parliament, not just those who attended Eton and the like. It’s supposed to be split between all classes so that everyone is represented pretty much equally.

  10. Can you do a video on whats in the tests? The test is a secret hydrocell injection. Even ckws are nle vaccinated in the nose. There is a membrane at the top of the nose that protects from bacteria ect. This is also being brokem.

  11. Hello Hugo! I recommend people purchasing a faraday bag for your phone. Especially every day or night when you don’t have any use for it, its like going off-grid (not knowing your location or whereabouts).

    • Thank you, that is very useful to know in this age of surveillance by the State on every day law abiding people.

  12. Hugo, a video on privacy , given all the experts in the comments , would be absolutely brilliant- ESSENTIAL

  13. Hugo. You are doing a wonderful job. You are so easy to listen to.. It’s refreshing that you don’t act like a Messiah instilling fear. You put things across in a simple and quite soothing way , which is extremely informative. Your tireless digging is so commendable. Thank you my friend, sterling work. Justin. Nottingham.

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