Youtube Back Up Channel / What Is Real? / Hugo Talks Some More

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  1. Hugo you keep fighting the fight your information is getting out there so many people or behind you me and my family or behind you 💯 your video’s or great you bring the truth ive never trust the government or the poilce they just domt like what your doing you keep it real

  2. i have been getting the same im a small channel with less than 100 subs and im sure that its not getting put out there, as just a hand full of subs comment, and the views dropped drastically

  3. Great content Brother Thank you from Canada!
    youtube is awful in regard to censorship but you are correct in continuing to use them until they fold
    Solid work brother!!

  4. Bless you Hugo to still keep going when many others would have given up. I think many me included think like you but are shutdown constantly. It’s very depressing for those living alone knowing instinctively what’s really happening in this world right now but no one they know believes them then they listen to you and don’t feel so alone knowing there is someone else out there that feels the same.Thank you

    • christopher hitchens would never have betrayed his viewers like his lessor brother has

  5. you’re doing fine work Hugo,just keep at it,only thing i do not like is your telegram group,thats gone way mad

  6. Good plan Hugo.. hang in on You Tube for as long as you can as this will become the trusted platform of the normy. Got channels from 2008 that never got any traction. You are right about the stars that grow fast on this platform but then they do sacrifice a few to make look genuine and build traffic to new ones like bitchute etc. Complicated game!

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  7. So glad you are still out there. Really look forward to listening to your videos. Keep spreading the truth. Thank you .

  8. Hitchens, bellfield both traitors. But there are a few plants on lots of channels in the comment sections

  9. Lost faith in some. Alex Belfield a screaming royalist. Peter Hitchens sold out, Charlie Ward very sus. Who the hell to believe In this debacle. The definite gobshites are all government ministers, SAGE so called experts, NERVTAG, 77th Brigade. And also so called Covid expert John Campbell, he has done nothing but sow fear and misinformation for over 12 months. Gobshites all.

  10. I only trust what I can verify myself, as for Youtube, the bigger the channel the more likely they are to be shills & traitors, Alex Jones & Joe Rogan are prime examples, they both started out with good intentions but they’re now fully bought & paid for by the PTB.

    • Please keep going as you are doing fine work . If staying on YouTube means diluting the content then I don’t see the point. Your posts reflect an opinion that resonates with us on here. This far down the line and the sheep still don’t get it. Just keep trying to reach them even if it’s by other means.

  11. I will follow you on any channel you choose to post cos i trust you are 1 of the good guys but i find brand new tube hard to navigate but i will persevere with it xxx

  12. Keep up the good work, we are with you on whichever channel & its good to diversify. You are my day start channel, I always check here first. Never forget, never forgive, never surrender.

  13. Appreciate your work Hugo. I wish more commentators would stress the unlawfulness of the covid “regulations”. Not one successful prosecution; a 100% failure rate. Nobody needs to wear a mask – the get-out is if wearing one causes you “stress or anxiety”. Anyone could say that and nobody is allowed to question you further. At least that is the case in Scotland.

  14. This corona crisis is according to an international network of lawyers the Corona Fraud Scandal and they will argue this biggest tort case ever.
    There are people out there who are fighting for the rights and freedoms of the peoples read the report and watch the video for more information.

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    Video interview of Reiner Fuellmich on youtube

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