Dolly PROPAGANDA Parton / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Hugo Talks is currently Banned from Youtube

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19 Comments on “Dolly PROPAGANDA Parton / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Dear Hugo

    I really do like your videos and i followed you to the newtube

    Can you tell the viewers a little more about yourself where do you get the information. You must have a team of people helping you.

    Let the people know who you are and what you do and why. You talk about misinformation how do we know the information you are giving us is correct. Let us know who you are and whereabouts in the world you live. I believe this would give more content to everything you say, it would all sound more believable.

    A real good supporting fan Andre

    • Hugo lives in a one-bedroomed flat on the Isle of Wight and drives an estate car… or am I getting mixed up with someone else? 😀

  2. What a vile woman , makes me sick ,and whilst I’m at it I know more people who have been I’ll through having the jab ,which would not be too difficult as a year on i still dont know anyone who has been ILL from the virus .

  3. Makes me sick just looking at it 😁😁😁what a load of shite, when will people wake up.

  4. Think it’s the first time I’ve seen her in a higher necked dress, with convenient cut out on the arm ready for her jab.

  5. You wouldn’t catch Tammy Wynette or Juice Newton coming out with this nonsense propaganda.

    • Well Tammy Wynette is dead but she did sing a song about moo moo land which does cast a shadow of doubt over what she would or wouldn’t do if she was alive now!
      Juice Newton is a new name on me, I will check her out in the morning and make my own mind up.

  6. Yes. I heard this on radio 2. My thoughts exactly. P. S. Analysing mainstream articles in an honest manner doesn’t need a total history background of the person presenting. The truth rings true anyway and can stand on it’s own two feet.

  7. It’s quite obvious all these “celebrities” are paid a fee to do this, they’re not doing it for “The Greater Good” they’re doing it for their own bank balance, if they wanted to do something for “The Greater Good” they’d be screaming from the rooftops to “STAY AWAY” from the jibjab.

    • You just assume that when they reach a certain age they will have paid off the mortgage and have enough bucks in the bank to see them comfortably out and pay for the funeral without having to sign up for one of those ‘plans’ you see advertised by Michael Parkinson on daytime TV.. But look what happened to Leonard Cohen. He started touring again at age 65 because his accountant screwed him over – no ♫ tea and oranges all the way from China ♫ for Leonard. For all we know Dolly is in the same boat, but then again some people can never have enough, no matter how much they have.

    • Yes, what I thought [remember Dolly the sheep was a clone – Deep State love these little connections] – or possibly body double or computer generated image

  8. According to my intensive research Dolly is 75 years old. So maybe she is beginning to lose her marbles – it happens to the best of us. A kick up her scrawny backside and she will be 80! Hard to believe since she still looks in the first flush of youth. Must be all the healthy eating and workouts 😀

  9. Stupid bitch
    If we went back to normal she’d have wrinkles and a belly button between her norks.
    She wants to see some return on her investment.
    Also the moderna experimental vaccine
    Is patented as and operating system.
    You’re dna is your operating system.

  10. She sing very well for an old woman. It is most impressive. Trying to fool us into taking dangerous vaccine. Not so.

  11. She’s probably the richest female singer/song writer in the world, she has talent undoubtedly, you’ve probably heard lots of songs that she’s wrote that were recorded by other people that you would never associate with her and she’s also a billionaire which is the betrayal word where vaccines are involved.
    Would I trust her?… not on your Nelly, let alone mine!

  12. It’s no coincidence that they named the first cloned Sheep Dolly, now the real Dolly is being a Sheep herself.

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