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  1. Check out wittyless partaking in the one eye symbolism .dirty Jesuit puppet

  2. They are trying to get us fighting amongst are self thats why we are called anti vaxer thats why they are saying we could be out by summer they are blatantly shit stiring they want to put the blame on people that haven’t had the jab in the hope we are bullied into getting it done can people really not seeing whats happening here we used to be such a proud nation what the fuck

  3. What they’re also not mentioning about Israel is that a third of fatalities have happened since Jan.

    They’re putting that down to corona but it’s very odd and completely against the pattern of fatalities which has been declining since May of last year (same as everywhere else). But these fatalities are since the vaccine was introduced…

  4. This is reckless, that is an understatement. No real medium or long term health effects and if you do get damaged or killed, they’ll claim it was anything but this toxic garbage you were coerced into being injected with. There is quite a lot of evidence from VAERS and people speaking out that these injections are killing and maiming people, again covered up. An unnecessary intervention so what is the real agenda, depopulation I think.

  5. Wow. Disgusting!
    Definitely too much fluoride in the water if people soak that garbage up. Talk about spoon feeding shit to the people. They have utter contempt. That being said, if you’re dumb enough to take the vaccine voluntarily then you deserve what’s coming to you. If you end up being forced and in a cell, then at least you’ve left a legacy, knowing you fought for something true.

    • I’m a one parent dad of a daughter of 3 and a half if I get put in a cell im fucked cos I would lose my daughter so I don’t know how this one will go but im not taking that vaccine but how far an I go before they use my daughter as a way to get me to take it

  6. There are more vaccines coming our way, future vaccines for various diseases like flu will be made mandatory and yearly covid jabs etc. Government wants more control and monitoring over the population. Giving jabs to people without covid passport is meaningless, they need to have the control grid in place. Initially these passports will be used travel or getting access the stadiums, but graduallly they will deploy them everywhere.They are still trying to soften the public on the idea of health passport, because resistance is still high they need suficient public consent, and once achieved they will roll these passports out with light speed, and the people (not government) will coerce you into complying,

  7. Can see what’s coming, when the time comes to relax lockdown restrictions, they’ll U-turn blaming ‘anti vaxxers’ intensifying division. Man I’m amazed this whole scam is still going with the amount of information that contradicts the narrative.

  8. They are really pushing, as they know just One Shot will lead to two! Their media is so blatant now and makes 1984 look tame. The zombies are in a trance and no doubt dreaming of a crappy holiday they have been tempted by repeatedly on TV or a distant flash back to freer times. Why don’t these greedy, lazy, selfish retards think about how many holidays they could have had if they had not fallen for this now obvious B/S? (with an hours research)

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  9. I for one will not be counted in their “everyone”, as I am sure many subscribed to Hugo will agree. I wonder how long before people like us are held up before the vaccinated as being the reason they can’t get come out of lockup properly is because of us. I guess once they’ve riled up the obedient citizens against us, the government will have to remove us to “special camps” for our own safety. One slight consolation being, that at least we will be with like minded people, at least for a while.

  10. There’s already talk in the MSM of a super jibjab to be ready next year to deal with the more extreme variants they keep lying to us about. I think it’s about depopulation and worse. The ones who survive this jab will become slaves in any case. A much smaller world population serving the evil, bastard elite …

  11. C’mon, Hugo. It isn’t reckless, what they’re doing. Reckless would be putting their own health at risk without any benefit.

    Forcing the vaccine on the entire population like they are doing, a vax without upside and with unlimited downside (no protection vs death) is more insanely criminal. If there really is a war going on, the public should be protected as stated by the Geneva Convention. The fact that citizens as POW get this type of treatment is beyond repair.

  12. ♫ We are all off to Sunny Spain this year – Y Viva Espana ♫ We’re taking the Covid vax – Y Viva Espana ♫ We hope we haven’t grown two heads by the time we return home – Y Viva Espana ♫ 😀

  13. If this ever really blows up in their faces and the forces of justice prevail, I can imagine Johnson and his cronies going into hiding like Saddam Hussein. Remember the playing cards of the Most Wanted? Johnson would be Ace of Spades, Hancock the King and then maybe Whitty the Ace of Diamonds and so on. I can visualise Johnson with a month’s beard being dragged out of a sewer along the Thames, pleading for mercy…

  14. Will never happen; this is why they ‘HAVE TO’ get everyone vaccinated, or the majority at least (thus the drive in today’s papers). If by the Summer everyone has had the jab, they can claim the natural drop in cases (why cases have ever meant anything in the first place is a mystery to me?) as a victory for the vaccines. If however, hardly anyone has had the jab and numbers start to plummet, then all the vaccine villains will be stood there with their trousers round their ankles, with court cases being thrown at them left, right and centre. It fucked up in 2010, they can’t afford to do the same again

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