Not ONE Outbreak From SUMMER Beach’s Last Year / Hugo Talks #lockdown

6 Comments on “Not ONE Outbreak From SUMMER Beach’s Last Year / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. BLM protests in London, I wonder how many came off the back of that? Non I’m guessing.

  2. about the Great reset I think clothes is using everyone else’s money to pull off his dream from Germany of years ago of running whole world he’s using the millionaires around but don’t think I can see her when he’s finally pulled it off they will be out he would take over their companies through all the other Germans it got shifted out of Germany when the war finish and they’re they’re now waiting in position to take over the rest of it that’s my belief I wonder what yours might be

  3. Why don’t you publish a list in order of merit, of who has had a bung from twat face gates. Would be quite enlightening

  4. I’m lost for words. More shite going on.,x

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  5. Hugo, can you please post links to the other platforms? Every user who doesn’t need to use YouTube is a loss for them and a win for the alternatives. Thank you!

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