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  1. Two petitions have been nobbled by the government… 1. Make it illegal for MPs to mislead the public 2 Stop the rollout of vaccine passports… both these petitions have had the numbers greatly reduced …. waste of time but interesting never the less !!

  2. Thanks to posting Hugo.
    I enjoy them.

    I watch UK Column News regular. Two things, my brother sent me a YouTube link where Trump had been interviewed yesterday and I tried to open it but guess what? It had been deplatformed for violating community guidelines.

    Secondly, I’ve just signed into Bitchute channel where a well experienced American Surgeon Dr.Lee Merritt was interviewed and expressed how this Covid strain was a bioweapon.

    How it basically worked as a spike protein distributed to every cell in the body. This is not a pathogen as in a routine vaccine.
    It’s Introduced to cause the immune cells to react but extracts the “messenger” RNA. That’s the “m” you see in mRNA

    The problem isn’t when you’re first vaccinated but the outcomes on further vaccinations causing havoc in your body.

    I’ve emailed the link to myself to keep it as it too, may disappear. Into to note that in animal trials, all the animals died without testing of vaccine cats and ferrets who have an affinity will Coronaviruses

    I’m a retired nurse who suffered from Covid in 2019 before it came out in March 2020.

    • And we get older DNA rolls around like a ‘ticker tape’ and is responsible for producing many proteins that cause disease. Say a protein was introduced that attacked organ(s) in your body, say the heart muscle and weakened or destroyed it. You would die of what would be recorded as a heart disease or most likely Covid-19. It is not ridiculously obvious effects such as growing two heads or growing a tree out of your rear end that are used to mock us that we should be concerned with but more subtle, potentially deadly effects such as organ failure, cancer, auto-immune diseases that would be impossible to ‘take to the bank’ and attribute to the ‘vaccine’.

  3. Thanks Hugo love the content, don’t know whether you’ve seen the interview Brian Gearish (UK Column)did with an ex nurse, dont remember her name ,in which she talked about a document produced by John Hopkins University called ‘spar pandemic 2025’ its a month by month projection of a imaginary world decease outbreak and the response to it. The amazing thing is this so called covid outbreak is identical to this document. You can download the pdf from J H U they just hide all this stuff in plain sight .
    Thanks again for your great content.

  4. That photo in the metro showing miserable masked men and happy beer carrying women’s? How sexist is that? Are drunk women the happy antithesis to the idea of being stuck on an all men escalator? I also looked to see if Prince Philip had been vaccinated when I heard he had gone to hospital and there was no mention of it.

  5. Hugo Have ou seen the news article on cows milk fatalies in children….sky. This is misinformation to scare people not o use milk. Remember we don’t want beef, we’ll what’s the ther reason you have cows. This is all insane. Keep going get the truth out there. I watch ever one f you vids. We’ll done. Celia mullen

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  6. These psychologists at the behavioral insights team seem to have lost the plot becoming modern day Goebbels. Don’t they realize they are breaking their own ethical codes? If the army are being used now for intelligence, considering anyone who thinks for themselves to be the enemy, then what is to come in the future?

    I have no faith in the political parties we have at all now and my membership of one of them is long overdue to be cancelled. There is no opposition: they are all sycophants; they have peanut brains, for that matter so do most of ‘the scientists’.

    There may come a time when we will have to form our own communities with our own currencies, shops etc. We will have to live in ghettos, but it will be better than selling our souls and bodies to the state.

    Thanks for all your work, as someone else said, it’s much needed

    • It’s good to know there are still some free thinking people out there and your comments Michael are identical to my own I feel exactly the same we are going to end up living in ghettos and working together to survive.

    • What? Like a Brazilian ‘favela’, a South African ‘township’?

  7. Not that I care about Nazi royal dying, but they are killing these old people in care homes for one simple reason: to detach societies young from the info of the past. How to live selfsufficiently, what the freedom looks like, how the real food tastes, how the skies used to look like without those horrible lines and basically how to live without fear!!!

  8. Hugo,
    think seriously about changing your search engine (google monitors then passes info on to whoever) – try “duck duck go” << no censorship, also, change your email addy to something like ProtonMail < <<< this email type is encrypted unlike gmail which is open to the authorities…

  9. I almost feel sorry for old Phillip, he’s about to serve as the perfect distraction from the lockdown, one state funeral for the latest covid victim, even though WE all know it was the jab that’s going to do him in.

  10. This is a great site, so up to date and fast moving.
    The Army doing surveys in Wessex?
    How the hell do they get to do that?
    Guess when you’ve got no real enemies , you can turn the guns on your own population
    Truly evil, so great to have found you.
    Keep them coming, will spread the word.
    ” A vaccine so safe that they’re trying to force you to take it.
    To combat a virus so dearly that you need a test to tell you whether you have it”.
    And tests so shit that they look for something that they’re yet to work out what it is.
    Chinese Man Flu, 3rd class.
    But they’re working on far worse….where SARS meet HIV with Gates coining it in.
    As I say. Evil

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