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  1. UK Column News is the best, these Psychopaths have to go….they’re controlling everybody with their money but they are Luciferian and so very dangerous!

  2. UK Column get in touch with world freedom alliance .com more freedom fighters needed.

  3. World freedom alliance is headed by doctors, scientists, lawyers, bankers and the public can join with them and support them they have reps in Uk and other countries.

  4. The more they push their outrageous evil agenda the more people will raise their eyebrows and start to ask questions. I still think it has to get much much worse before enough of the public will push back against these satanic tyrrants.

  5. Nanobots are used already in medicine (all of this research is funded by tax payers mostly; and some private individuals and companies): This video is real (and for a biologist like me, very scary, as I am trained to ‘see’ every opportunity for error and undesirable outcomes). I’d rather trust my own amazing healthy body and DNA that were perfected over many millions of years by mother nature. Sorry Bill ….. I’m not into artificial versions of everything like you are.

  6. The word ‘variant’ is being used to scare people. But we have mutations in microbes all the time (they grow and divide quickly). We have had different flu strains each and every year, hence people catch the flu or a cold each year. They are new flu strains (or variants). That used to be treated as NORMAL every year – ever since humans evolved on earth. Viruses appeared on earth 3.5 billion years ago. The biomass of viruses is bigger than any other life form. All other life forms on earth evolved WITH viruses. We would not be here without them (research that statement for yourself). 8-10% of our own genome came from viruses. It is a NOVEL idea to be afraid of viruses, which humans have ALWAYS dealt with and we are designed to cope with easily. It is absolutely impossible to eradicate a virus. Any disease with 99.98% recovery rate is not worth our attention.

  7. It is not a vaccine, by definition. The manufacturers of it call it a genetic treatment or genetic device. Did you know that there is no COVID 19 RNA in this device. The ‘treatment’ is created as ‘a template’ to stimulate antibody development. The 99.98% who don’t get any symptoms or illness from COVID do not produce antibodies. It is their T Cell immunity that protects all of us healthy people. Check out this link to find out how your IMMUNE SYSTEM works. We have a huge arsenal of defence cells and antibodies are only one part of it. We only make antibodies (energy intensive action) when we have to. This educational video is used to train doctors and as a study tool to use to prep for an exam.

  8. I’m surprised they didn’t use a stitch on Star of David. Too soon?

    It’s beyond cynical that the state that was crying about being bullied in the 40’s, they are the ones to start with a new version of the SoD in the 2020’s.

    Unfortunately, I see the belgians being massive suckers for it as well.

  9. That’s strange how the 66 comes into it 🤔 or is that just me over thinking?

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