Boffins Want MASKS FOREVER / Hugo Talks #lockdown

4 Comments on “Boffins Want MASKS FOREVER / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Hey H… Thought this may be of interest… The thin, end of the wedge. The tide is turning in Israel with blame being put upon those unvaxxed for the collapse of the health system. Forwarding your messages to friends in the US, Hawaii and Brazil…. most appear to be sleep walking right off the cliff. Keep up the good work. Best Martin

  2. Good one

    Get Outlook for Android


  3. Come 1st March ,my mask is going in the bin ,they can fine me all they like.
    Thanks to these nut cases I’m completely bankrupt I’ve lost my job no furlough and without a very dramatic turn in my circumstances I am also going to lose my house .So good luck getting any money out of me
    I’m totally skint .So 1st March is my cut off date for this madness i urge everyone else to do the same,or this will never end

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