MSM Claims Variant Can Spread Between Rooms? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

13 Comments on “MSM Claims Variant Can Spread Between Rooms? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Hey Hugo, are you using ‘Google alerts’? They are really handy for setting searches abs getting alerts when news comes on Google that fits your search criteria 😉….. they are really good for getting a constraint stream of news in your email inbox about a certain subject….. keep up the good work and let’s nail these commie bastards! 💪

  2. So now were probably going to be locked into individual rooms? I can see it now, no mixing allowed in the same household either

  3. MSM propaganda gets more and more insane….but still people believe this nonsense!

  4. If this doesn’t convince the sheep it’s all a scam, then I just don’t know what will??

  5. If this doesn’t convince the sheep it’s all a scam then I don’t know what will??

  6. Hugo, you should listen to the adverts on talk radio… Claims you can catch the Vid through open windows when letting in fresh air.

    • Weird, I thought Talk Radio were pretty cynical about all this?

      Anyway, that is aboslute rubbish. There are two simple rules of thermodynamics that are easy to remember. The first everyone knows: hot air rises. The second is heat follows cold. If you open a window, the room cools because the warm air in it is rushing out of the window, not because the cold air is coming in. Air will only come in from outside if it is hotter than the air in the room. This is why you don’t open windows if you have air conditioning.

      • The reason I don’t open windows is because it lets spiders in.

  7. (((they))) haven’t factored in that we are waking up Hugo! KTF🙏

  8. Thanks Hugo for all your work putting these together. Love to hear your comforting voice of reason in this deceived world.

  9. I heard a radio advert telling us to open the windows wide open if we had an emergency tradesman due to visit. Unbelievable! Especially when it is sub-zero outside.

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