16 thoughts on “Mix And Match JABS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I will not and never will take their poisoned cocktail. We are human beings not guinea pigs to be experimented on. Josef Mengela would be proud 👹👹

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  2. This is the second attempt at the final solution if people don’t give their head a wobble soon we are all in trouble


    1. Thanks for this link, I found the video. But can you tell me why I get no results on Brand New Tube when I type in the name and the title of the video?


  3. Words escape me really, I think you said everything I was thinking about this, apart from they are still not vaccines at all, but are experimental gene-therapies, and I believe such experiments in human beings is illegal and may even be war crimes even though we are not officially at war.

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  4. These are the very same people that believe that closing down and destroying the world economy is the only way to fight a virus.Why would any of us be surprised to find those same minds wanting to experiment in this way.These kind of people are a sandwich short of a picnic.


  5. Spot on again. The covid cult continues. How people cant see through this is beyond me. I wish people would wake up please!


    1. Ive been trying to inform my friend. She replied the reset sounds too far-fetched but was happy to be swept along with it. Unfortunately these ones you can’t wake up. What’s the saying, “You can lead the horse to water but you can’t force it to drink”.


  6. This is Russian roulette they are playing. If people cannot see through this absolute lying shambles then they only have themselves to blame. It’s out and out bullying and criminal on all levels. F*ck the vaccine


  7. I would actually prefer a mix to receiving a shot of any single one.
    My ideal mix will be 0% of vax A, 0% of vax B, 0% of vax C and a grand total of 0% of whatever vaxs come next.


  8. The reason they can suggest all these things without any evidence is that they either don’t care or aren’t “expert” at all.
    Either is enough of a reason not to care about their advice and to not follow it.


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