Hey Whitty! Leave That Kid Alone! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The lad has opinion, these celebs having go and MSM are just deplorable virtue signallers. The kid is right anyway, whitty has got it wrong and the data used is not to be trusted.

  2. Disgusting behaviour on the part of the media – verbal abuse my foot! This youngster has made a point but nobody wants it to be heard. How readily the big guns club together to toe the narrative line.

  3. Hugo, once again always very revealing.
    I read an article about sterilisation from Dave Cullen Computing Forever. Thanks Amy.

  4. Interesting…. I told my mate that Whitty looks like a naughty kid in a principal’s office about to get spanked… lol…

  5. Freedom of opinion, just like freedom to roam, freedom to speak, freedom to protest, and even freedom to breathe without obstruction will all be things of the past. They are all, bit by bit, being taken away as a few take over global control. Remember this is happening worldwide (some countries much worse than others of course). This is a multifaceted immensely detailed plan to implement the so called fourth r/evolution in which not many people will be required. The population will be decreased. The elite which have led us to the point we are at now, for their own gain of course – chemical meds, poisoned air, water, deplete soil & franken-foods, oil based industry, fraudulent banking systems, are now leading us like lambs to the slaughter, to the AI techie world. But to do this they need CONTROL and COMPLIANCE. Hence the virus. Get people in fear and they can be controlled, they will argue with/against each other allowing the eugenicists to roll out their plan and their weapons of mass destruction – the fictitious virus, the false statistics, false facts, incentifying inappropriate diagnoses, treatments & causes of death, unnecessary vaccines, the 5G installations, fluoride in water, chemtrails from air, EMF devices everywhere, heavy metals in teeth and vaccines, additive medications to dumb down, rigged education systems to keep us dumb and stop free thinking/enquiry, divide and conquer, keep it going for several years, cause breakdowns in society – jobs, businesses, debts, stress, loss of education, freedom, rights, homes, increase in illness (physical & mental), suicides, remove treatment, cause shortages of food and commodities (blame on virus /brexit /weather /nature /populations), label people as the threat and set police/Quangos/laws against them. On top of all this cover with misinformation, false facts, and sugar coat with all the good they are supposedly doing for the benefit of mankind (a cleaner greener world/more time to do what we want!). Only reporting false pre-scripted news, gagging anyone that questions/ challenges/ proves that their facts are wrong or there are alternative & safer solutions, brainwashing and fear mongering only allowed in MSM. Inciting divides between people, race, religion, politics, age (old people are responsible/young people will put right, when in fact it is the same banksters/tyrannists that have led and kept people in their money/power way of life for hundreds of years). And they have the audacity to do this under the guise of “caring for us”, “saving the NHS”, “supporting businesses”. Your caring, sharing Govt, NHS, Media, Bankers, all those kind, generous philanthropists, who could have solved famine and water shortages years ago if they were that kind, are now looking out for YOU. What a JOKE. It is devastating to know that our lives are not our own. WE ARE OWNED. WE ARE COMMODITIES. We are traded like products. All this is going on IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. AND HARDLY ANYONE NOTICES. HARDLY ANYONE CARES. HARDLY ANYONE IS PREPARED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET ! WE HAVE ALL, ALL, ALL, ALL, ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. We have become MICE. Weak and feeble, no backbone. How many of us are there? How many of them are there? How many of the people they are controlling, who are equally as guilty as their puppet masters, are awake enough to cut their chains…usually money, threats to life/family/career….Corruption. If WE want the human species to survive this, WE ALL HAVE TO COME CLEAN. Wake up to the part WE have played and STOP. That’s all there is to it – STOP. STOP PLAYING YOUR PART. WALK AWAY. SAY NO. SAY NO, I WANT A BETTER WORLD. I WANT A WORLD THAT IS BASED ON KINDNESS, CARING, LOVE, SUPPORT, HELPING, NURTURING NATURE, HEALTH, WELLBEING (mental, physical and spiritual). We do not rule nature, we do not have a battle with nature. WE ARE PART OF NATURE. We must learn and accept our place and stop trying to dominate. Even the people orchestrating this will have a judgement day. For those of us that are awake, we hope that they get more than one judgement day. The one here on Earth for us all to witness and the one with The Creator. God Bless, Good luck to all those whose eyes, ears and hearts are open. This is only the BEGINNING.

  6. This turns me on so much the kid needs some botox that would get me. Yes, it is me your botox queen Kate Shemirani. Alo, Hugo want how much you need for that kid I’m sending you? THe kid is all botox up like you ask.

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