Three Mobile REPORT Your Lockdown Movement To Government / Hugo Talks #lockdown

12 Comments on “Three Mobile REPORT Your Lockdown Movement To Government / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I’m guessing they are all up to dirty tricks these days. I leave my phone at home and turned off.

    • Yeah, turn them off and leave at home… get a spare phone if you have to with pay as you go. World has gone insane and the loonies are running the mad house.

  2. Buy a burner if you have to. Yeah its getting crazy surely the mobile company are breaking customer consumer contracts in handing your personal data to a 3rd party?

  3. I think I’m going to have to get a PAYG basic phone for whilst I’m out and about. This is starting to get bloody crazy, it tells me one thing though, the more things like this happen, the more I realise that it’s got nothing to do with public health. Nothing at all.

  4. Just went onto YouTube and low and behold I was unsubscribed. Thank god a joined the telegram group .

  5. Thing is, with a burner phone, no one contact you in emergency. So what dya do then

  6. I checked yt and found out i was unsubscribed…. Also bought a nokia 3310 for safety purposes!

  7. It is wrong that I find this funny, ye know paying yer phone company tae spy on ye and grass ye up tae yer government (who ye employ). No its no wrong its funny as fuck!

  8. If 3 mobile are doing it chances are they’re all doing it, if their lips are moving when they say they’re not their LYING!! 😁

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