THOUSANDS Gather In DENMARK Against Lockdown Hugo Talks #lockdown

4 Comments on “THOUSANDS Gather In DENMARK Against Lockdown Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Does anyone remember that brits were going to open and defy lockdown on the 30th jan. Didnt happen. Weak brits

  2. @galb2030 – I havn’t wore a mask through this entire SCAM! D.I.Y. Get on with looking after yourself. In the last week I’ve been challenged in ALDI, GREGG’S, NATIONWIDE BUILDING SOCIETY and even POUNDLAND (FFS – LOL) for not wearing a mask.

    Get on the EXEMPTION TRAIN!!

    If you are challenged, take it up with the manager.

    Produce GOVERNMENT docs, RE: EXEMPTION – Exemption cards or badges.

    And if things go bad, i.e. refusal of service, produce doc’s RE: U.K. GOV. EQUALITY ACT 2010.

    The tools are out there to challenge and win!

    USE THEM!!

    • I tried avoiding, because I had enough troubles woth the police in the past, protesting unfair laws, threatened by the police many times, put in police cars, threatened, and I am a white grandmother. I have a different way, they want you to break the law so they can arrest you. Never give them a reason to arrest you, cooperate to the point you cant avoid, buy a plastic face shiedld, order online, and you will find other peoole who resent it as well,. I made more friends this way, people will tell you how much they hate it. It is not as popular as the government believes, most do not want to wear one, they ar fooling the government. Good way to find friends. Screw the government.

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