6 thoughts on “Captain Sir Tom Moore / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Sad that the old guy has tested positive for the corona virus but as we who are awake know the test means nothing, my best that he recovers from the phnemonia we need people of his stature in this world, maybe the best we can hope for is some un bought MPs might take a lesson from someone who could not be bought, we are ALL going to die , why not die with a clean slate you cannot take it with you

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  2. Just from a medical point of view, if a person’s immune system is already working hard to deal with an infection, then vaccination is postponed so that the immune system is not overwhelmed.
    That is assuming of course that there is a virus, AND that the vaccine contained dead virus to confer immunity.
    Thus far I have seen no claims for the honour of isolating the virus, that was front page news with AIDS, so one can only assume that the virus remains not isolated, which makes tests and a useful vaccine an impossibility.


  3. This old gentleman is at the end of his life but the msm are still milking the story of the virus detected with a test that does not detect decease and so far does not exist having not been and possibly never will be isolated. It is disgusting the way these creepy msm are all over this. Just leave the poor man to pass in peace and not from the virus but from pneumonia which kills thousands of elderly every year. FACT


  4. They mix covid and non covid patients on the wards believe it or not, I can’t think why they would want to do that as you think people in that profession had some kind of common sense wouldn’t you ? =/


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