UK Gone Insane! 2 Women ARRESTED & HANDCUFFED For Sitting On Bench And Drinking Coffee

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  1. Yes…absolutely mental. But all we need to do is keep on doing it. Ignore the mandates and do what you want. If you’re stopped by the police, let them arrest you. Say nothing, don’t complain, just smile and say you don’t understand. Don’t sign anything. Be happy. Spend a night in a cell and enjoy knowing you’re there because you refuse to be a slave. Don’t pay any fines, let them take you to court if they have to…….because that’s the point it all falls apart, because they have nothing and will back off before the case is heard. It’s all intimidation….simply don’t be intimidated. Your time will be wasted, but what else have you got to do anyway. Again, just be happy and set the example. If you do go out for a walk, don’t take any ID what so ever. If they can’t identify you, it’s really frustrating for them, as they can’t do shit. What ever you do, don’t argue, don’t get angry, no matter how hard they try! Smile and spread the love like a hippie, fairy fruitcake🥰…you’ll see the hate ooze from them. (My mother used to do to me…..drove me nuts!🤣)

    • Learn from Ghandi. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight and then you win. Everyone should just go out and do this. Fill their cells, overload their resources. Spread the love and wind them up. Videos are one thing and they will try to censor where ever possible; but the important thing is civil disobedience. Leaflets, market stall displays giving info…..breaking away from the channeled internet which is completely controlled and monitored.

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