One thought on “Is An Alcohol PROHIBITION On The Way? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. My belief is that having watched hoe the police has gradually increased its bully boy tactics As a way of trying to incite civil disobedience and an uprising, they feel sure that this will definitely do the trick and can then introduce further draconian measures to control and contain the masses.
    I watch with interest but also with great sadness and trepidation, particularly at how quickly the Cabal et al are rolling their plan out and how successful, thus far, it has proceeded.
    Banning alcohol is ramping things up to another level which tells me things are going to get very dark in 2021 for those who are awake enough to see it and not, like so many others, take the meagre breadcrumbs given to us that are false and more importantly, dangerous as with the jab and the ‘promise’ of lives going back to ‘normal’ once we’ve all had the poison.


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