Disgrace! Police Arrest 92 Year Old Man / Hugo Talks #lockdown

11 Comments on “Disgrace! Police Arrest 92 Year Old Man / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. There’s no humanity left in these people anymore !!!

  2. Not slowly changing into a Police State. Already run by the CCP (Cuntservative Communist Party) led by Doris the (Grossly) Incompetent and his band of Cucks!

  3. Absolutely disgusting bullying an old man😡

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  4. Give the police the vaccine they can be the guinea pigs.

  5. Assange is a Russian asset I believe brother, I wish he wasn’t. And this is not fascism, we are falling to communism

  6. What a absolute disgrace arrested by the people he probably fought for in ww2 so they could preserve their freedom 👎🏾

  7. Fantastic, a man (of Faith) who knows the laws. Watched this with my family and we all cheered him on!!
    No to tyranny, No NWO!!!
    Rise strong people for our God given freedoms!

    Too many brainwashed people out there, heartbreaking!

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