Dark Winter 2 The Sequel Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hi Hugo talks Ive followed a lot of your videos and I like your content . I would like to ask if you could make a video on what we as people just sitting at home doing nothing can do to stop these restrictions getting tighter and tighter I’m starting to feel suffocated and I’m watching your videos and other peoples content being told that we’re being reset and I feel like it’s all well and good being told all this but what can we do about it how do we disagree or disobey without breaking the law or getting ourselves or families into trouble? I genuinely believe there’s a lot of people out there that don’t agree with all these stupid lockdowns and restrictions we just need to find a way to get ourselves heard without being called conspiracy theorists or anti vaxxers. Anyway kind regards and thanks for the videos. ❤️✊

  2. Hugo, I adore your guts. To respond to the masses non-reaction;

    In general, people are unaware of what mind-programing is and how insidious it has become.

    Another factor in this is an insensitivity to feeling the affects of anything, feeling being related to a heartfelt response (compassion etc) rather than emotionally which stems from our psychological make-up (which is what can become programed.)

    Secondly, physics tell us that fundamentally everything is light that basically moves in waves that creates sound and that sound creates form. There are numerous videos showing simple scientific experiments proving this. There is also a full documentary showing that every single thing down to a photon level is a frequency; the doc is entitled “Beings of Frequency.’

    As five-ji is being rolled out globally, and after having at least twenty-years of living in a global micro-WAVE oven, we, along with everything else living (birds and fish in particular) are showing the physical and mental affects of frequencies that Nature would never invent..

    So what I’m saying is that what is happening to the masses that cannot see what is really going on has been planned this way. Interestingly, what seems to give protection from all this is people that are truly heart-centered and not feigning it.

    There are those that will only wake-up when they begin to starve and then it will be a dog-eat-dog scenario. And there are those that already are awake, that know there is One Unified Field at work and that to attempt to cull a global population is to not only slit one’s own throat, but to destroy the very essence of Nature itself.

    This is evident now in relation to the sun about to micro-nova where not even those with the most high tech underground protection will survive.

    There will be survivors, and always have been during such (proven) cyclic events where the board has to be wiped clean to begin another round in this, the most highly testing dimension of reality.

    Check string theory. Note George Bernard Shaw’s reflection in 1933; Earth must be the lunatic asylum for the entire Universe.’

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