Are YOU Swallowed By The BEAST? Hugo Talks

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4 Comments on “Are YOU Swallowed By The BEAST? Hugo Talks

  1. Made enquiries as to why I was no longer getting emails from you and then found you on Telgram and then signed onto substack and got the Jonah talk sent to my inbox. So yes, substack working so far.

  2. remember the one about the military being a cult?
    well not only that but mabye the whole government in general is a cult.
    I was thinking about how if a cult in Montana offered free houseing they would have soooo many converts….
    and then was like, aha! some devil already thought of that!!!
    all the people hooked up to the beast are like romulus and remus at the wolfs teet.

  3. really nice video!!!
    Jesus promises living water.
    saw a show about the chaos before in the gap period being a leviathon world type thing.
    percy jackson movie from back in the day.
    i’m tracking. i get it. it all relates. of course it does, it’s God’s world and He makes it all work together in Jesus.
    tr;ying to keep us from salvation. so evil.
    so thankful that I am born again.

  4. Although I’ve read God’s Word, I hardly consider myself an expert and wish others felt the same regardless of how many times they’ve read the Bible especially when it comes to any literal interpretation regarding time. Ever since the Great Hoax, an end times is nigh mentality has spread like wildfire throughout most of the Christian community along with many others spurred on by the blatant revelation of Evil which has swept across the plane. I guess the predominant question for me lately is how much of the Bible is prophetic versus how much it serves as a blueprint for the Evil on earth to use against us.

    If the Christian and all the rest who claim they fear no Evil is true, then why are they rolling over and allowing it to happen without a fight? I’m not talking violence here, I’m talking about resistance, I’m talking about just saying “no”, I’m talking about people focusing on solutions rather than obsessing about the growing problems plaguing us, I’m talking about people coming together seeking common ground rather than opting to defend their political, social, religious, and ideological territories with a vengeance! Why would God give us life only for us to turn around and give it back before defending it?

    We are being divided and conquered like never before! Sometimes I feel that God’s Word these days is doing us more harm than good, that it has been weaponized against us!

    If anyone has the urge to attack me or come to Hugo’s defense, please note that my criticism is not directed towards him for I believe there is love and humility and wisdom in his words. This video was inspiring and grounding for me. Thank you, Hugo. Peace.

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