What’s With All The DINOSAURS & YOGA / Hugo Talks #NewAge #WooWoo

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44 Comments on “What’s With All The DINOSAURS & YOGA / Hugo Talks #NewAge #WooWoo

  1. Yes I agree sounds brilliant till u look deep inside me I would rather go on a Christian camping trip with everything included and plenty reading KJV bible studies sounds better and still, outside under the blanket of our Lord God almighty and his son Jesus Christ

  2. 100% bang on, Man and Dinosaurs didn’t co exist together, creative calender has mans existence at just over 6 thousand years.

    • Have you ever seen the Ica stones? “Largely regarded to have been a modern hoax”, but actually a physical impossibility for one man to have created…

  3. Everything that was ever made had a designer & maker. To believe in the scientific impossibility that nothing created something and then wait billions of years for everything we see today, reflects only the insanity engulfing our world. There is no evidence, no transitional life forms, and not a single bone of proof of evolution.

    And just like Covid, the proofs of creation & the scientists who demonstrate the facts are silenced & ridiculed. We surely are very close to the end.

  4. you cant tell what colour triceratops would have been.maybe they could change colour..it would be interesting to see if they have very robust attachments for a tongue that could unravel and catch giant dragonflies.is that why they are called dragonflies?because they are the staple diet of dragons

  5. The Dark Art of Deception:
    Why Dinosaurs are a Hoax.
    The ancient Romans built roads across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa during which time they excavated enormous quantities of sedimentary rock. They also built extensive ramparts, stadiums, amphitheaters, aqueducts and other structures of considerable size, all of which involved extracting large amounts of soil and rubble from the earth. But never once did they record the discovery of a dinosaur fossil, or the preserved remains of an animal skeleton similar to a ‘dinosaur’ or giant reptile. The Greeks, Persians and Egyptians also built great cities and, in doing so, quarried millions of tons of sedimentary stone and displaced great quantities of sub-soil. Yet, these advanced civilizations left no record of dinosaur finds.

    Both Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, men of great intellectual ability, made a detailed study of the natural world and were constantly enquiring after fresh information about foreign lands from travellers and explorers. Both took a great interest in unusual phenomena – botanical, zoological, geological, celestial, and so forth – that might shed further light on their scientific enquiries. Had any dinosaur skeletons been found anywhere in the known world at that time, these men would have been keenly interested in the details. But their extant writings make no reference to large animal fossils.

    Dinosaurs were only ‘discovered’ in the 19th century In fact, until the mid-19th century, the possible existence at some time in history of giant dinosaur-like creatures had not even been suggested. Myths and legends abounded, of course, but the exotic creatures depicted in these stories were, in general, exaggerated hybrids of existing fauna. From time to time a new species was discovered and stories about a fabulous new land would circulate, but in the entire literature of ancient civilizations we find no consistent and discernible reference to creatures – natural creatures, whether living or fossilized – akin to what zoologists today call dinosaurs.

    Should we be surprised by this? For some reason this is not a question that modern students of biology seem to ask. The separation of knowledge into discrete branches by our universities and colleges has led to a marked inability to frame and pursue questions of this kind. In any one of thousands of open pit mines around the world, Dinosaur bones are never found in any of them.

    Yes, we should be greatly surprised. The reason is very simple: If dinosaurs existed on the earth for millions of years, then they should have left a record so extravagant and so extensive that it would be virtually impossible to excavate any part of the earth and not find some evidence of their fossilized remains. The ancient Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Sumerians should have accumulated great quantities of largely intact dinosaur skeletons. And as they built the Great Wall in 200 BC, the Chinese should have unearthed tens of thousands of impressive femurs and jaw-bones, great domed skulls and enormous fossilized rib-cages. But they didn’t. No-one found anything.

    A million years is a very, very long time. Yet zoologists tell us that dinosaurs roamed the earth for 165 million years. Just imagine for a moment the mountain of sturdy bones that such a staggering population would have produced. If only one animal in a million left a fossilized skeleton and the population density was a mere ten individuals per square mile, then there should be several large, as yet undiscovered dinosaur fossils within a mile of your home, plus dozens of smaller specimens.
    Even though these assumptions are highly conservative, they point to the obvious fact that fossilized dinosaur remains should be extremely plentiful over most of the earth. Why then are they only ever found by ‘experts’ and only in remote locations? Why are there so few specimens in museums around the world? And why do so many of these feeble specimens consist of just a few bones? Despite the multiplicity of missing parts, entire animals, including their environment, are reconstructed from very little fossilized material. The artist has taken over from the scientist! Anything he chooses to sketch is accepted as reality and absurd conclusions are drawn – literally – from non-existent evidence.

    Outrageous claims in the great hoax known as Evolution, showed how bone fragments from pigs and primates were used to construct new species of hominid. In their determination to disprove the Bible and postulate a greatly inflated age for the earth, these ‘scientists’ were prepared to make the most outrageous claims based on nothing but their imagination, their unbounded arrogance, and their intense hatred of Christianity.

    In 1922, H F Osborn – a world famous expert on fossils, declared, on the basis of the tooth, that a new species of hominid had been discovered, dubbed ‘Nebraska Man’. An artist’s impression of what this ‘man’ looked like was published widely in the press in both America and Europe. The fossil turned out to be the tooth of a peccary, a type of pig and an official retraction was published in 1927. Osborn also described and named the ‘dino”
    There was one major difficulty with this ingenious scam. If the world had been populated for 165 million years by a staggering variety of exotic reptilian creatures, then one would surely expect to find great numbers still in existence today. Since there are obviously no dinosaurs anywhere on earth today, the Masonic tricksters behind this hoax needed a plausible way to explain their disappearance.

    Accordingly, it was claimed that the entire population of dinosaurs on earth – thousands of millions of individuals – were suddenly wiped out in a major catastrophic event. The tricksters also took advantage of the need to postulate such an event to reinforce the false idea of ‘outer space’ – another important element in the greatest ever deception. The Globe Earth. They claimed that a huge asteroid collided with the earth about 66 million years ago and caused such a sharp fall in atmospheric temperature that the unfortunate creatures, being cold-blooded animals, were unable to survive. Only very small, warm-blooded creatures – the early mammals – were able to endure the cold. allegedly.
    Science(less) Fiction : A ‘giant asteroid’ strikes the earth – another fictitious detail in the great Masonic hoax. Outer space is a myth, giant asteroids do not exist, and dinosaurs were not ‘wiped out’ 66 million years ago, because they never existed.

    The Babylonian, Jesuit & Freemasonic(Judaic) elite who control this world like their lies to interconnect. Good lies should sound plausible, and really good lies should seem like scientific revelations packed with explanatory power. Just look at the number and variety of lies that are exploited and reinforced in this fantastic scenario: a globe earth [lie], spinning [lie], in outer-space [lie], is struck by a huge asteroid [lie] that kills off all the dinosaurs [lie], on the ‘planet’ [lie] in a major extinction event [lie]; fortunately enough tiny mammalian creatures survived to evolve [lie] into the diversity of animal life forms – including man [lie] – that we see today.

    High-school propaganda, presented as “science” in our schools and colleges but it is nothing but proofless, religious nonsense. The earth is proven both level and stationary; there is no such region as ‘outer space’; there are no asteroids; dinosaurs never existed; and mammals never evolved.. everything we have been taught to repeat is a proofless lie…including Climate change ( aka seasons), germ theory and Conjob 19..

    • Agreed, his-story is not our true story. Well done!

    • Until one understands each and everyone of these lies, that you clearly demonstrated, they cannot deem themselves to be “awake” or a truth seeker, or any other similar “title”. Realizing all these truths is what FINALLY lead me to KNOW the Bible is the truth and Jesus is the way!

    • It’s interesting that it was in the 19th century that denial of the Great Flood started and started making people believe it was a myth.

  6. Maybe this dinosaur stuff is just a bit of fun for kids?

  7. Very interesting video. Yes, dinosaurs are another great hoax that they brainwashed everyone with. Their bones are all made at a factory in China!. The dinosaur industry must bring in a fortune. It’s amazing how they use everyone to push their agenda.

  8. Biggest lie they tell children at school.
    Is? ” Dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago…

    Absolute lie!!
    Dinosaurs are dragons in the bible, described with tails like trees…
    Read genesis!!..
    We’ve been lied to all our lives….
    They do it, to jumble up the mind because it comes into conflict with the bible….
    Satanists are very clever and they know the truth of the bible… Same with the evolution nonsense!
    Jesus tells us for a reason!
    “Be wise as serpents but innocent as doves”
    All teachers, professors, scientists are liars!
    Bought and paid for… Most of them are from the tribe, who rule over the stupid “Goyim”
    They hate Christ! And all who follow him!
    God bless!

  9. “Entertainment” are part of the Media (same thing), Jimmy Savile was a Royal Marine “Mascot,” favourite. I’ve heard tell some serious shit about some of those “marines,” from the horses mouth, so no wonder Savile was “welcomed” (worshiped) by them, especially proud of his Marathon connections…
    Also the subliminal messaging (nudging) via the media is relentless and it got worse once Radio and TV were introduced… Blatant and Subliminal, sideways, up and down, any which way, no scumbag act is too low…
    The Media (and “entertainment,” same thing) Are The Worlds Most Prolific and Accomplished Serial Killers, being polite…
    Blinded by “Science,” they tell you…

  10. Please leave Yoga out of your critiques. Yoga has nothing to do with New Age woo-woo; it’s an extremely effective discipline and philosophy developed in India thousands of years ago. Many of us practiced Yoga decades before New Age became trendy and young Americans and Europeans decided to mould it into their own wacky ideas. In fact, original Yoga is the very antithesis of what these new-agers are spreading. Same with meditation. You need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. And yes, these “guided meditations” and “mindfulness glass walking” are nonsense. Yoga does not deny Christianity or Jesus. You will find most Hindus have the greatest respect for Jesus. There is absolutely no conflict between Yoga and the New Testament. As for Dinosaurs — I have no words. Irrelevant.

  11. Dinosaurs were invented by a Knight of the Royal Society in about 1842, he was the Superintendent of the British Natural History Museum .At that time, no bones existed and up to this date no dinosaur scull has ever been found nor any complete skeleton either.

  12. A couple of notable quotes if I may. “They know that unbelievers will have a spiritual hole that they will innately recognize as having something missing from their lives, so festivals like this push the new age concepts so you follow and accept that rather than turn to the Bible for guidance.” And more concisely stated at the end of this wise video, “It’s all about leading you away from being saved.” Thanks, Hugo.

  13. Dinosaurs were on the ark. First animal to go extinct for all the meat on their bones.
    Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron.
    (Job 40:15-18)
    In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.
    (Isa 27:1)

    • @Raybob imagine if you will,you look out across the sea,and see ships and a flag,you have seen them before a few years past they came and took your wife and daughter and now they return,what horror to know the son you will never have will take more of your people as they are slavers and replenish their ranks through rape,see them slither on their belly toward the shore.what a “monster”what a “leviathan” no “fairy tales” brother.

  14. Funny you should mention dinasaurs. It’s a free game on playstation plus this month, and in the Nintendo game animal crossing you have to collect Dino fossils.

  15. BBCs latest poster has a dinosaur in it.

  16. Considering the returned, unfiltered search engine results, whoever thought that ‘GoneWild’ was an appropriate name for an event aimed at children?

  17. The Raptor meet and Greet….I take it Lord Rothschild will be there then.

  18. i would teach the children the reason dinosaurs went extinct was bc they were so tasty

  19. Apparently first dinosaur bone discovered in 1846 … clearly the skeletal remains of the fallen before the flood . I’ve found more things interesting than dinosaurs while pulling my carrots up , or some would say ‘ pulling them down spruce ‘ if you believe it’s a sphere … 😂

  20. I was quite excited to find out that a seagull has similarities to a raptor/ bird dinasaur but I’m old and easily pleased! Just came across a Youtube video entitled “Did the Bible “borrow” the Noah’s Ark story from the Epic of Gilgamesh”? With the Euphrates river drying up currently (along with the River Jordan) the parched river bed has apparently unveiled the long lost tomb of Gilgamesh. There’s a reference to the bible Revelations Ch.16 Verse 12 about the sixth angel pouring out his bowl on the dried up River Euphrates.Hmmm

  21. Dinosaurs are simply another tool to drive home the lie of evolution into both young and mature maliable minds and permanently erase the existence of God the Almighty Creator. The Earth is only 6000 years old, not billions of years and Dinosaurs, just like Aliens, Outer Space and the Moon Landings have never existed. They are simply chains of indoctrination that humankind are bound with from the first day that they innocently set foot in the Beast System Schools.
    Only when humans see the divine creation with their own eyes can they then see the Divine Creator who is an intelligence beyond all understanding. Learning to fly some years ago showed me without any shadow of a doubt that our Earth is a stationary level circular plane with a single magnetic pole at its centre which is enclosed within a solid dome structure. Once a man sees this then it cannot be unseen and the Lord God Almighty can never be denied. There is nothing the Beast System and all of its Masonic foot soldiers fears more than mankind seeing the creation in all of it’s divine perfection which immediately exopses the lies of our Roman Governments. The Earth is not a ridiculous spinning ball flying through some made up infinity. There isn’t or ever was any climate emergency. Men have never been to the Moon as the Moon, like the Sun is a plasma luminary, not a rock. Dinosaurs have never existed and nothing made by mankind can ever leave or enter this earth, including sattelites. Only when a man or a woman truly researches the creation and disregards the mocking then God can be seen in all of his Glory and the chains of deception binding the soul are broken forever.
    Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you.

  22. Festivals have long been used as tools of social engineering to push the “agenda”. When we look back it’s clear that festivals like the Newport Folk Festival, the Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock and even Altamont were not just spontaneous events, but were in fact carefully planned and publicized in order to craft public opinion.

  23. my non Christian liberal sister mocks us when she gets drunk for not believing in dinosaurs

  24. Great video thanks.
    Hope you All are doing great & yaself Hugo .

    Have good day/evening Everyone.

  25. Dinosaurs as you would call it did exist and one is mentioned in the bible in the book of Job. The fallen angels mixed with human DNA but also mixed with animals and created evil creatures or dinosaurs and that is why God destroyed the earth with the flood. If you read the book of Enoch it mentions it.

  26. I used to be an atheist and mocked anyone who believed that the world was only 6,000 years old was laughably wrong. I now think that the Big Bang theory and all that comes with it is far less believable.

    • The “Big Bang” theory, is not even a theory, it’s a fairy tale like most of their “theories,” gravity being another one… All hidden behind words/deceit, re blinded by science, they tell us. The most recent major science con being covid of course…. Nothing Stops Them…

  27. 65millions years ago- area 51 (year 56-57) If you believe in Santa you believe in a invisible corona. If you believe in Dinosaurs you will believe in Aliens ; )

  28. I wonder if there is a link between the Nephilim and the Annunaki?

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