Three Parent Babies & The Book Of Life / Hugo Talks

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43 Comments on “Three Parent Babies & The Book Of Life / Hugo Talks

  1. Saw this yesterday and immediate reaction was similar to yours Hugo – it’s anti-God and demonic; and no, we won’t be fooling for their sales pitch. God is watching and doubt He is happy about this BS!

    • FYI: Unfortunately, our Bibles are currently satanically changing supernaturally, this phenomenon is commonly referred to as the “Mandela Effect”. Sadly, most people don’t see or choose to acknowledge these changes because they do not love the truth and are under the strong delusion.

  2. Hollywood have used films like Twins (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger) and The Matrix as predictive programming.

    • Did Atlantis get destroyed by god due to cloning and messing with creation. I ma aware they have the technology to clone now and unspeakable things are done that we don’t know about. How far does the push go before tipping 🫢

      • Doesn’t matter in the slightest because we will never know.

      • @Lorna Flanders no quite the opposite “as long as they followed the law,all was well with them,but they diluted the Devine portion to often and God destroyed them” you see a “papacy” rose from Atlantis ( the peak of a past cycle) you will see it everywhere within and throughout.take this but one example, 80% of the worlds population has a deviated septum and this is called abnormal?As far as I know we have at least 4 different species(maybe more) making up what is now called “race” all having a root but a tree intertwined,10% of the world has RH negative blood,(which has enmity with all others)females of this blood type reject offspring of positive types.

    • But you see technology has led us to this. Like say a mobile phone. It had its place in time/history when it would be invented.
      So the powers that be are led to the beast system because of where we are in world history.
      Maybe it’s not the system that is evil but those who have seized its technology for their own ends.

  3. Hitler, the anti christ at the time ,strived towards a pure Ayrian race ….all a foreshadow of what’s happening today The Bible is being played out before our very eyes. Well done Hugo, .Satan has changed much in modern translations from the King James . Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19 commands us not to ADD or TAKE AWAY from the words of this book .Keep up the good work ,praying peoples eyes will be opened to the deceipt and lies of the evil one . JESUS CHRIST IS OUR ONLY HOPE .

    • Hitler was a chess piece, the anti christ at the time would be the ruler behind the scenes as in Daniel’s statue it signified the ruling nations themselves, Babylon for example.

      • The pope is clear favourite to be the anti christ

  4. They’ve done what has happened so many times. Using science with the potential to do good ie using genetic therapy to cure devastating conditions, and turned it into an abomination. What man creates is essentially flawed.

  5. King James (Scottish Templar) was “the first” one to tamper with the bible in English…..

    • Another early translation: William Tyndale, 1494-1536, was an ordained priest and highly educated scholar who had
      studied at both Oxford and Cambridge and was the first person to translate the New Testament
      into English directly from the original Greek. Working primarily from Erasmus’ newly
      produced Greek New Testament, and also from Martin Luther’s 1517 German translation, the
      Latin Vulgate, the original Greek manuscripts, and whatever other sources he felt necessary,
      Tyndale printed the first New Testament ever translated into English directly from the original
      Greek. Except for Luther’s 1517 German translation this was the first translation into any
      language directly from the Greek since Jerome’s questionable Latin translation in C.E. 390.
      Tyndale’s passion about the English language and the languages of the Bible are best
      summarized by this quote from the preface to his “Obedience of a Christian Man”:

      They will say it [the Bible] cannot be translated into our tongue, it is so rude. It is
      not so rude as they are false liars. For the Greek tongue agreeth more with the
      English than the Latin. And the properties of the Hebrew tongue agreeth a
      thousand times more with the English than with the Latin.

      Tyndale was thanked for all of his efforts by being thrown into prison and eventually strangled
      and burned at the stake, before he was able to complete translating all of the books of the Old

      • Thanks appreciated, it’s a mine field and i’m well out of my depth on this one (i did put “the first” it in quotation marks), but not far off the mark in regards to the KJV’s purpose, imo of course…
        Also i “did” gather (which is the opposite to what you are saying), that there are a lot of pitfalls translating from Greek to English, never mind Hebrew…
        But again, what do i know.. I do know however (KISS) The Scottish Templars (now Scottish Rite Masonic Satanists) are not to be trusted (to put it politely) and are probably the ones who got Tyndale executed, if we can believe any of this stuff..
        Thanks again…

      • @ScotchMistConCeption A question of you will,are you Scottish?

      • Lol’s, no, sorry to disappoint.. More importantly, why does disappoint have two p’s and only one s, should be the other way around, surely.. If that doesn’t tell you they are fkin with us, nothing will… Great Scot, it’s all in the spelling and phraseology…
        I’ll break it down for you… Scotch Mist is Smoke, Mirrors & Bullshit, Con-Ception is what we are being fed, totally bogus narratives, it’s all a con…
        Masonic Control System, Scottish Rite in Action…

  6. Jesus is watching I pay no notice of news I truly believe 🙏 in the bible and that Jesus will reappear and wipe out all disbelievers and all the evil ones I 🙏 I still here to c it

    • Evil ones yes, “disbelievers” however, doesn’t sound very nice, why would you want to see any of that, even the evil ones? Again, not something i would want to witness at all, there’s already too much of that going on…

  7. Well said Higo. Scientists tampering with our DNA can have horrific consequences. I remember the film Splice and the filling in of absent parts of the DNA by using rDNA.

  8. I pray each day and night for my family & loved ones. I ALSO INCLUDE: All the people of the world good & bad (including the man that raped me as a 10yr old boy) Jesus has me 🤗 ALWAYS. It will all be God’s will & I will happily die in defence of our Lord & saviour 🙏 and will bow down to NO king or false god. In Jesus’s holy name 💗Amen 🙏

  9. take care of the children who have no parents – shocking to see little kids of no more than 7 years old, working in the cobalt/lithium mines. Underfed, lack of sleep, little skinny arms and legs and beaten as well. For the sake of mobile phones and cordless hoovers.

    Progress, what progress.

    Suffer the little children to come unto me, Jesus’s words.

  10. I understand your concern about translations of the bible (NIV, Message for example), and your adherence to the King James version. But what about all the versions that came before? Wycliffe Bible (c. 1382), Tyndale Bible (1525-1536), Coverdale Bible (1535), Geneva Bible (1560), to name but four. Tyndale’s last words before being burned at the stake for his translation were “LORD, open the King of England’s eyes”. I do not believe the KJV is the ultimate authority in declaring GOD’s word.

  11. well the kid will still have a mom and dad, there’s no way they can really do this. it’s phoney stuff. science and medicine and secular baloney are full of lies and arrogance. one of the ten commandments is honor thy father and mother so I don’t think little man can mess with what God has made to be the real dealio. they wish. i got to hang out with a democrat all day yesterday, they are so full of crap, i mean, i am not a genius but God is and I know Him. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  12. Sickens me to the core. I’d like to believe that if I couldn’t have had children for whatever reason, or if I had, had them I could have passed on some disease, I’d like to believe that I would have accepted the fact, especially if the alternative was allowing mankind to play God with a human life. Sometimes we have to accept that the answer is no. No desire of ours should allow a human being, to be experimented on. We don’t have the right to mess with other peoples lives.

  13. They won’t stop because satan is pushing them. They are ” unstoppable”….

  14. No doubt the three persons DNA involved in this abomination birth had been MRNA COVID vaccinated before it begin. Timing just seems abit conincidental

  15. You appreciate the next step could be 2 women’s chromosomes producing only female children!

  16. In an earlier comment I made on one of your videos Hugo I was talking about current philosophers, those rare ones, like Theodore Roszak who take the opposite stance to that taken by most modern philosophers and say that technology is not neutral but always leads, eventually, to bad results. So initially things can look good and progressive but, the gist of their arguments go, things always end up being much worse, more complex, entangled and in need of a new technology to get us out of that hole. Jerry Mander is another philosopher who commented meaningfully on this subject, pointing out that technological ideology is used as an excuse to tread all over the rights of First Nations peoples. I think that the old “Cosmic Trilogy” by C.S. Lewis illustrates all of this beautifully; a science fiction trilogy that in part is an argument against the Wests entrenched ideology of Manifest Destiny.

  17. i forgot about the Genesis 6 stuff that hapened so i guess the fallen angels can mate with human women SO this scientific junk might be the new version of messing with our genetics to fulfill some things Jesus told us about as it was in the days of Noah. unfortunately we hardly need all this crap to mess us up, seems like most people i know are so super ignorant of the Bible that they think killing unborn babies is healthcare.

  18. What happened to the video, it got hacked in the beginning of it. I know that couldn’t be you.

  19. It seems good now, I saw the whole thing. The first time it changed to weird things, and lots of cussing. I think I know what happened now. I bumped it forward somehow and a new video on rumble started that was vulgar…something about Joe Rogan. So your video was fine. i didn’t realize it just plays some random video after yours is over.Sorry.

  20. Aldous Huxley published Brave New World Revisited in 1958. It is short, informative and to the point. It is not fiction and is an absolutely compelling piece of work, highly recommended. Only humans who have not had their minds altered scientifically can prevent or change the direction society is taking, which we now see is towards digital slavery. Everything is a double-edged sword – water is essential for life, but you can also drown in it – and our judgement is called upon at all times to deal with the insatiable appetite for power and wealth that characterizes what Huxley calls The New Elite. Religious fanatics allow themselves to become less human and therefore less effective. God freely gives us strength to deal with problems, but in my experience, does not grant petitions. Balance and wisdom are what is required as long as we live on earth.

  21. This is disgusting interfering with nature. I just hope people will stand up against it. Thank you Hugo for exposing this as I very rarely watch news so didn’t know about this.

  22. Thank you Lord for revealing the truth unto us!
    Mat 16:17 KJV And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

  23. Hugo, what a wonderful simplistic, lovely answer to the question. You are exactly right!

  24. It is interesting with the DNA called The book of life. I did not know that. I remember years ago when I researched Edgar Cayce, the so called “sleeping Prophet”, that he said that the things written in The book of Revelation is an inward experience or revelation. I can’t remember much more right now. It would kind of explain the connection with DNA/The book of life subject if it is true.
    Perhaps it is both an inner revelation in our spirit, mind and body and an outer revelation, of what is happening now and will happen in the world in the last days. Just my own thoughts.
    God bless Hugo and all

  25. Re-lig-ion means re connecting to the Spirit realm. You can do it in an Alpha brainwave frequency through meditation or sleep.

  26. Yes, you are spot on Hugo, re telegram they are all controlled to occupy those who disagree with the narrative whatever that may be, while the entities continue to change, implement and push forward their agenda….yep I was also one of those unable to comment on your TG group..

  27. I think there is an agenda to eliminate families in the future.

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