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20 Comments on “Stringing Along The Goats / Hugo Talks

  1. Thank you Hugo you are right on target! I appreciate your insight!

  2. Thank u I will always follow my sherpard Jesus christ

  3. Mick Shannon mispronounced his name several times during the 1990 world cup. He referred to him as LINE-AKERR

  4. In the great myths of old,the monster always guards the treasure.The hero faces it down and it crumbles before him.The coward flee’s and the story of the monster gets a little more twisted.Until none dare touch ground near it,they go left,they go right,they dance around it but never will they find the treasure.

  5. Well said Hugo. I wondered what all this fuss was about with Gary Lineker as I don’t buy newspapers and only watch the odd bits of news. I am not listening to any of it and will not react.

  6. I don’t listen to any of it, he’s bought and paid for like so many otger goats. I don’t waste my energy on reading or listening to the likes of him and james o’brien and those of that ilk.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think of the term sheeple as anything to do with The True Shepherd Yeshua. I don’t have a cross or anything society connects to Yeshua because He didnt want anything of this world connected to Him, and that way it can’t be misused against Him.

  7. Everyone but everyone now refers to their children as “kids”. Kids are young goats and I still refer to children as children. After listening to Hugo’s view I feel even more justified in my belief.

    • @thistle93 yes and we used to call them “lambs”another inversion.

      • And they use the phrase “LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER”.

  8. Well said sir, as a few have said already, I also don’t read papers or watch news, or very little. But works for me and lowering my blood pressure at the same time, its a double win.. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿✝️

    • Absolutely. It’s all nonsense and distraction in any event.

  9. Old Gaza…He be running for parliament next knowing him,

    Cheers Hugo.

    Have great weekend All.

  10. Usual “terror propaganda” used by SOE et al since WW2, the Brit public are so gullible that they never felt the need to change the strategy – what makes it worse is that they are far less clandestine and more overt that 1941

  11. Jehovah witness are not Christian they reject winebread every year by passing around and throw in bin .They follow Jehovah which is a made up name from 1278 .I know as I was in this cult and it’s brain washing that make people do this ,There has been fire 🔥 on this cult because of this manny take own lives

    • I was going to say similar. Fake Christian cult believing that Jesus was a great prophet, denying any more than that. Denying a physical hell saying hell is just separation from God. Also believing that man is currently living in the 1000 year reign of Christ. Also not too long ago there were charges of Pedo type child abuse in the church and they did their best to cover it up. Maybe this is revenge. Just an FYI Hugo.

  12. Usual “terror propaganda” used by SOE et al since WW2, the Brit public are so gullible that they never felt the need to change the strategy – what makes it worse is that since 2000 they are far less clandestine and more overt that of 1941

  13. A variant spelling is Linnecor. I used to know someone called Barrie Linnecor and wasn’t sure of the spelling, though I knew it wasn’t spelt L-I-N-E-K-E-R. So I’ve just looked for him on Facebook, and there he was. Interesting that when you look for someone at random, so often you find that they’re supporting the agenda in their profile box. Barrie is, and the other Barry Lineker that showed up is big on the vaccine by the looks. You hardly ever randomly see anyone who’s showing they are awake to the BS, only when you already know they’re friends with someone who is.

  14. my daughter has been making shepherds pie weekly this winter and it’s her meal prep to take to work and then it feeds her dad a nice nourshing meal too. i love little lambs, i have a litle collection on a shelf. the cemetary we will be buried in used to use a little lamb figurine for a tombstone on all the little children graves. they are so cute. interesting now goats are used in yoga now. creeeeeepy. Jesus is so good and kind and lovely. I think back to when and why i started to tune into Rush Limbaugh back in the day, i think there was a radio show on my Christian station that would get political too. I have to say that i sort of wonder if SOME of the controlled opposition can be helpful. Like at least it waked me up to how evil the democrat agenda of abortion is so evil. I know that there’s alot of fakery on the republican side, but at least they pretend to care. Rush used to say that his talent was on loan from God. I guess we’ll see someday if that is true or not.

  15. Hugo, if you take the numeric value of each letter of his surname, and times it by the number on his shirt (9) it’s 666, well he’s got to be part of it !!! Or is this a ridiculous link just like yours ?

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