Netflix POISONING MINDS PART 2 / Hugo Talks

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67 Comments on “Netflix POISONING MINDS PART 2 / Hugo Talks

  1. These crime shows are addictive. Most people I know who use NETtflix get trapped in the net, binge watching the crap programming.

  2. It would appear that most of what we are shown, in fact I would say over 99% of all the news we are shown is fictitious, but why?
    Well, it’s a form of control, if people believe that humans are inherently bad, rather than inherently good, then they will go about their business in a more distrustful manner, keeping many at arms length and being suspicious of strangers.
    However, I, personally, believe that humans are NOT inherently bad, that we are really good natured, of course, there are those who are angry or bad tempered, those who, through conditioning and being treated badly by others due to programming are scared, but on the whole I believe that most humans are good.
    Take for example when someone falls down in the street, there will always be complete strangers coming to the assistance of the individual, time and again I have seen the kindness of strangers, how, without asking or even thinking of their own safety, will go to the aid of a complete stranger.
    Humans are good, but if we’re continually given the message that we are bad, just like they continually give the message to children now that the human race is nothing more than vermin, a plague on this world, a world in which we are an integral part, then of course many will grow up with a huge chip on their shoulder.
    Time to show love to others, show that we are no longer afraid of the fake news stories they put out in an attempt to scare us all half to death or into compliance, time to TURN OFF THE TV.

    • MUCH truth has been suppressed, including science. Heinz Kohut (1913-1981), MD, president of the American Psychoanalytic Association for a couple of years, did research on 2,000 inmates who committed cold-blooded crimes and found that these inmates were all lacking an allele in their DNA for empathy. This is only one area that has been and continues to be kept hidden from us. The Bible also addresses other beings mating with human females in Genesis. Therefore, there are DNA differences in us, and some people ARE inherently “bad” and there are some “good”, but by now, most are a mixture of both with some having more of one quality than the other.

      • Yes, there are absolutely people who are bad seeds from the start.

    • I 100% agree with this sentiment. Mistrust and neo-Darwinism – which is a perversion of actual Darwinism – are key things implemented to control humans and gaslight them to believe false things about our nature.

  3. Yep I’m the same Hugo… Can’t watch TV, most movies and mainstream peekaboo puppet music.

  4. Well, my friends,”There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear, because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love”. I guess at this point that Hugo knows that almost the only folks listening here, unless bots, already know the Lord, and already know what he is talking about. I think Youtube may be the only avenue to reach the unsaved at this point, sad to say.

  5. I never subscribe to Netflix amazon or any other crap on tv

  6. I had netflix before, around 6 years ago. But I cancelled it after few months. I hate propaganda, and netflix is pushing a lot of it on people.

    • The only false teaching here on this video is that God created the world 6000 years ago. The bible doesn’t state when the earth was made but it is 6000 years from when eve was visited and led astray in the garden, the fall of man. God bless you Hugo for spreading the word 🙏

  7. This topic is especially interesting today. I was just commenting to my husband how everything put out on television today is violence, zombies, Vampires, super natural, etc. They no longer put out anything upbeat and positive. Currently I’m watching Doc with Billy Ray Cyprus from 2001. Why? Simply because I want to see something positive that still shows people having some connection to God. You literally have to dig into older shows to find anything positive that doesn’t have some type of programming or indoctrination.

    • Check out PBS – Call the Midwifes or
      The Chosen I get it from Angle Studios

  8. We are ALL feeling it as of NOW Hugo, this is their time to turn their evil ways onto us, however, we are stood STRONG in our heavenly armour, held fast in the Power of the Holy Spirit, I. THE ALMIGHTY POWER OF Lord Gox The Heavenly

  9. I think you’re on to something here, Hugo. Spot on. I am glad to say… I have never ‘engaged’ with Netflix. God bless.

  10. Looking for wholesome entertainment nowadays is a real struggle, it’s been orchestrated this way to motivate greed and selfishness, condition and numb the empathetic response to suffering and increase the desire toward ever more perverse forms of sexual arousal which they want to see normalised in the minds of the young, who just happen to be their primary target audience.

    • Please see my comment below about Bollywood; it’s as wholesome as you can get.

  11. You analyse too much on things that aren’t there!!!
    Me and tons of other people dont even have Netflix, Sky or any similar TV network.
    I never met a person who follows those crime documentaries and programs.
    Please quit the theatrics, because they dont make you sound credible…

  12. I did a search on my Netflix and got the chosen, Fatima and several other Christian movies. They even had Veggie Tales. Personally I don’t watch a lot of TV. But I get the point your trying to make. Garbage in garbage out as my mom would say.

  13. This gook has gone full Jesus Freak. What makes the fuckin’ eejit think that God is love? What evidence does the Gook have for such a statement?

      • Hugo, I love what you are doing, keep speaking the truth. It has been wonderful to watch you grow over the last couple of years and finally see the truth and to know Jesus, what a blessing it has been, and we have God to thank that he drew you to him. God bless you!

      • Don’t you have the wit to realise that what you’re quoting is just the opinion of someone called John? Likewise, the letters of Paul are just the opinions of a man called Paul. It’s not as if these men were glove puppets with a hand up their arses, and someone else speaking through them. They were just expressing their opinions, to others of a like mind ….

      • Hi Hugo can you please post the bit about 6000 years old. I find that hard to believe but am open to challenging my existing conception which is that it is much older.thanks

    • Why do you call him a gook?
      Surely if God isn’t real to you it shouldn’t make a difference what he believes God is. Maybe ask yourself honestly why it something so make believe gets under your skin.

    • @OldCigarette There’s always got to be a troll or two! Proof the ‘Old Man’ in me is dying, because if I hadn’t found Yeshua (his correct name) I would have come back at you with nothing but venom! Yeshua son if Gid tokd us all we needed to kniw about His Father, our creator! We dont have to prove a thing, we know The Great ‘I Am That Am’ is love, because once we find Him and repent we don’t want to be like you ever again, throwing hate around the mediasphere! If you took the time to look into ancient history, you will find Josephus Flavus (among others) and non christian, mentions Christ who was crucified and rose again. Proof Christ existed and Hugo quoted just one of His sayings from the Bible. The burden of proof He never lived or said such things is upon you. Many scholars with far cleaner thought patterns than yourself have tried and failed. People like you just can’t admit how envious you are of those of us who have Him in our hearts, minds and souls. I do sympathise with you, because we have the comfort, hope and trust He gave us, whereas you only find comfort in ridiculing others. Yeshua has already won, heathens just can’t perceive that yet, as the world is turning extremely dark and ugly, you fit in well, but we are NOT OF THIS EARTH! I can only keep praying for people like you to one day search and study and find the love and trust that those in Yeshua have.

      • Yo Dude, ask Yeshua in prayer to help you improve your ability to write in the English language. There were so many mistakes in your passive aggressive diatribe that I gave up reading it halfway through.

    • Old Cigarette… a handle that seems to fit the disposition. Gook? Jesus Freak? eejit? whatever that is. Old cigarettes are gross.

    • @Old Cigarette I’m not sure what you’ll be willing to accept as evidence but try looking at nderf website. Search experiences by God. Most describe God as a loving force/ entity. Of course to a believer no proof is necessary and to a skeptic no proof is enough…

  14. My sister is obsessed with true crime stories on Netflix. She retired over 5 years ago and watches everything about crime, and she’s read every book (either fact or fiction) detailing murder stories. She’s been obsessed with crime books since she was attacked aged 14. She’s the most short tempered and angry person I know. She fills her mind with this rubbish and wonders why she gets depressed and lives in fear.

    The Bible warns us in many places to be careful what we see and hear (via the eye and ear gates). Once stuff is in our mind, it’s very difficult to remove or cleanse. That’s why things like porn is so addictive. Murder, hatred, anger, etc. all stem from the same source. Depression and suicide are not far behind. If you open the “door” to these things, they quickly escalate and get out of control. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. It’s better to be wise and not watch this crap in the first place!

    Well said, Hugo.

  15. This makes me think, funnily enough, about the Star Trek franchise and how I’ve thought for a long time that the first movie, Star Trek-The Motion Picture, was given short thrift by most of the Trekkie fan base, and that yet the subsequent films just descended into cliched saber rattling odes to violence and revenge. The first film is a journey into, dare I say it, the cloud of unknowing. Is that too much of a high-falutin assessment? Has it got bugger-all to do with Netflix? Well, I guess it’s indicative of the slow and steady slide towards the institutionalized darkness in what’s supposed to entertain us. Call me a corny old romantic, but does anyone make pure feel-good fodder like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off anymore? I’m an 80’s child, can you tell? And here’s a final thought, anyone remember the Hell scenes from Disney’s The Black Hole? Those scenes were as sinister as heck but at least they were indicative of a different age where people considered it natural that the vaunting ambition of a mad scientist was punishable in such a way. Nowadays I’d imagine that your average Trekkie salivates in hopeless admiration of your Yuval Harari type. And he is a type; just think of Ray Kurzweill.

  16. It is so easy to be brainwashed by Netflix, you’re practically guaranteed to become an unthinking participant if you don’t have the awareness to realize what is happening to you. It’s not just Netflix though, it’s social media in general, one must as you say, Hugo, be careful what we consume

  17. i like Daystar tv especially Joni and friends. CTN has skywatch and prophecy watchers. Lawrence Welk and some other PBS stuff is fun, getting so woke now tho. Even Jeapordy has so many trannies on now, but still has Bible questions alot. I watch our local legislature in action, we are passing good pro life laws here in Montana but then judges come along and block them. Lots of liberal howling about our republican waves we keep voting in. But yeah, almost everything else is all pushing the agenda and/or is gross. Comet tv has good godzilla movies from the 70’s….kinda cute and nostalgic. I watched some X files but now know it is a ufo psyop prebunk or whatever. Plus too boozy. flip flip flip. nothing to see. read a book. hey! read the Bible! or just watch the day turn into night. ahhhh sigh…so nice. God’s in charge. My husband like some sports on tv but is so repelled by the rainbow crap. and when they were not respecting the flag. I liked the progressive commercials with flo until they got so gayish. arg. my daughter tried to cancel her netflix and it wouldn’t let her and keeps taking money from her…consequences I guess.

    • You’re a victim. You seem to think voting is legit among other red flags. Get rid of it. Trust me. Thank me in a month or two when your life drastically improves

  18. I had just the old fashioned service where you order disks and canceled it in response to the double whammy of the “Cuties” pedo scandal followed by them forcing jabs on all employees. Enjoyed old Bette Davis films and the like but wasn’t giving THEM another dime. They actually shed more than 200,000 subscribers here in the US last year and stock went plunging. They are headed the way of Disney here in the US. True Crime is fine in MODERATION. Especially like the show “I Survived” where the story is told from the survivors point of view only. It’s always inspirational. In my opinion the worst crap on Netflix is actually all the Satanic, agenda driven, scripted shows.

  19. I never watch TV or Netflix. I bought a TV for our new house purely for Netflix and YT as my wife loves Korean drama and romantic comedy movies, and our small neices and nephews love to watch cartoons at the weekend.

    Myself, I highly recommend Bollywood; the production quality is superb and it’s easy to get English subtitles. I just watched 2 epic Indian comedy dramas, PK, and The 3 Idiots and they put Hollywood to shame in terms of genius comedy and family friendly.

    I’ve yet to hear a single swear word or see gratuitous nudity.

    • Thanks Roy, 3 idiots is actually on my to watch list and have just added PK.

  20. MK ULTRA. I haven’t watched TV for about 6 years. I don’t have Netflix or Amazon Prime. I only watch you Hugo. x

  21. The Cuties rubbish was what finally convinced me to quit Netflix, although for a while before that it was getting harder to find anything worth watching.

  22. New episodes of a series called “You” has some very interesting themes. It seems to be provoking violence toward the elites and starting a class war. One scene was particularly odd where one of the elites literally hunts down the worming class main character like a dog in the woods… its a good job I see this as it is – pure propaganda!

  23. It also conditions the public to police their friends, neighbors, similar to communist DPRK. Some people who don’t feel good about themselves actually like seeing people go to jail, as long as it could never happen to them.

  24. chatGDP does anyone know what it is the reason am asking because it’s been heavily pushed by the media you got I suggest you should go look into this it’s very interesting because the media is pushing this so much

  25. Indeed, trying to dumb down the next generation even more, like they aren’t brainwashed enough already!!

  26. I hear what you are saying Hugo and agree but in the sense of how I’ve always felt, these kinds of shows especially police docu-soaps actually show the deranged out there how to be more successful in their heinous acts (the ex probation officer in me) by telling the viewers what the perp did wrong which led to them being caught. Incredulous in my opinion! I haven’t had a TV for 6/7 years now because of the degradation in programs, I started to feel like a peeping tom with some of the garbage they put on. To me its ‘ How low can you goTV. I do subscribe to Netflix n Prime but I choose what I watch carefully because my body is The Lord’s Temple, and what goes into it or is seen by it is decided by whether it is deemed suitable for one so wonderful as He!

  27. Remember those optical illusion pictures in the 90’s?
    At first the picture just looks like a mish-mash of dots lines and shapes but if you relax your vision a picture emerges (Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, Car etc). I remember looking at those in the shop windows along with other pedestrians. You would hear some say ‘I can’t see anything’ then a couple of seconds later they would say ‘ah yes, I can see it now. It’s a sunflower’ etc. Others could be heard saying ‘I still can’t see what it is’
    Well, to me those who just couldn’t see what the image was are those who are asleep to all of this we are going through, right now.

  28. I find Hugo’s hyperrealization (and let me say just in case that word has also been poisoned) on what pushed him over the top to drastically change his ways regarding what he consumes from mainstream “entertainment” to be mine as well as probably most who regularly engage on this blog. Although I had divorced myself from commercial TV for more than twenty years, I still had a Netflix account until 2017. It was the show Santa Clarita Diet that finally pushed me over the top cancelling my subscription.

    With the 2020 surprise I’ve largely extracted myself from all radio, TV, movies and like Hugo, even my personal movie and music collection. The Plandemic has created such a huge divide in the world, like the parting the Red Sea the world separates never to mend until the cancer that has metastasized dies or kills us off in the process.

    It is time we all realize there is no free will except for choosing which will to follow, God’s or Satan’s? The time is NOW to detach as best we can from Satan’s beast system and his blatantly obvious agenda.

  29. Everything you’ve said is the absolute truth, as my husband and I feel the same as you do when we hear certain music or see certain tv shows. We’ve purged all worldly things and keep our eyes on the Lord. Thank you Hugo.

  30. I watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix about when the Danes invaded England. I thought it was a great series, informative about the times and great cinematography, although the violent scenes were un-watchable – with such explicit visceral violence that you had to shut your eyes. Many people have noticed a darkness about our current times – mainly the demise of the importance of the truth and the callousness we see and hear about in the media, and people selling their souls while laughing and joking. The social contract beween Government and people seems to have quietly broken.down. The way things are going does not augur well for young chidren growing up these days. Darkness and coldness replaces the way the truth and the life while satanism is incoming. As Dylan Thomas said in his poem about his father going blind, we should “rage, rage against the dying of the light”.

  31. Yugo, you got to give up this Jesus Freak pontificating. Either that, or start wearing a brown cassock and go around town centres, aggressively preaching your bible bashing nonsense, you could do it with a megaphone, and read out segments of The Book in that ridiculous Middle English of the sixteenth century.

    • The brown cassock and megaphone are ordered and awaiting delivery, Your wasting your time boring me and everyone else here with your formulaic moaning, The Bible is pivotal to what is going on, Your ignorance of this is what the enemy relies upon, that is why we now have a majority of reactive automatons who are being controlled by their predictive responses to what they are shown by the media instigators (scripts) as opposed to being led by something that is timeless and true (scripture).

      • @hugotalking – Alleluia! It’s human to wonder, to question, to challenge, but when it comes to matters of faith in the Divine, for Christians in their undying love for God Almighty and His sacrifice for our salvation… it’s just too much for some to bear. They can’t stand it! It brings the ugly out of them. The peace and confidence it brings to the believer is just too much for some like Old Cigarette to bear. God bless him.

      • Didn’t The Lord Jesus say that Believers will do the works that he did, and even greater works, John 14 12. I take it Yugo, that you’re going around healing the sick and casting out demons etc, and if you’re not, then may I ask you why you’re not?

  32. ‘Eductional’ lol
    Only serials killers/ rapists learn from these kinda of shows… How to cover their tracks more and not get caught

  33. Kids are so brainwashed by there phones that they are near slaves too them now…
    Far as social media goes its a load of rubbish and people just end up reclusive

  34. This has been going on for decades, just got worse, it’s on main stream TV also. Just have to be VERY picky and selective as to how we are ‘ entertained’ .

    • You are right Hugo. It’s a way of evil, being present in people’s lives, by a sort of ‘ representation ‘, third party, or ‘delegation’. Evil likes to be around….by any means.

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