Is The Big Reveal Modern Day BONE POINTING? / Hugo Talks

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116 Comments on “Is The Big Reveal Modern Day BONE POINTING? / Hugo Talks

  1. we all have relatives or friends who are “vaccinated”..and it’s terrible. but no normal person would go for it – my opinion!sorry.
    and whether they watch zombie tv or not, the poison is in their body. and we see the results.
    and even now, there are a lot of examples where horror happens to their health, they go to funerals non-stop and at the same time they say-“well, what does the “vaccine” have to do with it? It was a long time ago-2 years!”🤥

  2. No, dude, they’re releasing information about deaths because they have too. What are people going to think about the fake media when they’re reading about all these deaths through social media only? Remember today everyone is a journalist with these pocket computers.  The fake propaganda spreading retards have no choice but report these deaths at the same time try to normalize them (i.e.:  SADS).  I don’t think it’s a good idea associating deaths for the covid-19 injectibles with “bone pointing” either. I see this as a gas light attempt into getting more people into taking this pharmakeia.  

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