Elon Musk To Start BRAIN CHIP HUMAN Trials / Hugo Talks

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264 Comments on “Elon Musk To Start BRAIN CHIP HUMAN Trials / Hugo Talks

  1. Only last night on mewe I replied to a post holding up musk as the saviour of free speech for what he is apparently doing on twitter, my reply was you do know this is the same guy who wants to stick a chip in your brain to connect you to some kind of super computer? And you ought to be careful who you hold up as your saviour!

  2. Hopefully he will begin with himself, transit into a cyborg and leave us alone in his own universe and perhaps co-join with Zuckerberg in an unholy marriage of lunacy.
    All proving that life can be a damned sight stranger than Hollywood.

    • Maybe he can put himself in one of his rocket ships and blast himself off into the Devil’s Triangle with all the rest of our spacecraft. LOL

  3. Superb video. I can’t see how people can be tricked so easily, when they tell us everything that they intend to do.

  4. The snake oils are the human brain chip trials….graphene oxide is neural lace and the magnetic nano particles are the deep brain cranial surgery..Musk is Gates replacement

  5. He is also working on a project to allow blind people to have some sight returned. It involves gene theropy together with thin film technology to bypass a faulty retina. Being blind myself I see this as a positive and is inevitable. Sci fi stories have been talking about interfacing humans to computers for decades. read books by Peter F Hamilton to get an insight into what might be possible in the future. Hugo makes some good points sometimes, but I am afraid so much of the time he is a bit over the top. I am very aware of what is going on, but will continue to use a smart phone as they are a valuable tool to aid my sight loss.

  6. Thanks Hugo and you’ll always be popular with us. As for Elon Shit-Cologne, it amazes me how many people that are awake to much, are asleep to much else – and believe he’s some sort of saviour. He’s a f**king shill.

  7. Talking about the Chinese, hear about the biggest uprising of the masses against communism there that the MSN is not covering?

    • Don’t believe anything that comes from a communist country. They started this WuhNguyen pandemic and genetically sequence the clot shots.

    • And apparently there are huge ongoing protests in the Netherlands and Brazil that MSN is also not covering… Reminds me of the Canada Truckers Freedom Convoy… These people are so brave!! I admire their courage. When SHTF where I live, I’ll be on the frontlines too. I’m ready.

  8. He’s to greedy to donate he can keep everything I will follow my Lord God almighty I was born a Christian änd dye a Christian xx

  9. So, when Musk is “forced” to build his own mobile phone, because Apple won’t allow Twitter on Appstore, and, of course, running X-App, do you think it will also interface directly with your brain chip …?! 🤔

  10. Until about 2/3 years ago I did not know of Elon Musk or Bill Gates, now I am sick of hearing about them.
    Who would be crazy enough to be a human Guinea pig and have a chip put in your brain. What about those poor monkeys that died we don’t know how they suffered.
    I prefer the world as it was when I grew up in the fifties without this technology. I am not on Twitter or Facebook etc.
    Thanks again Hugo.

  11. The original Elon was a bad player and a satanist. I don’t believe he is still around. This imitation is being used to take down NWO twitter. I can’t believe anyone would volunteer to have a device such as that put in their brain but I didn’t think that many people would get the genocide shot either.

    • There are no white hats, Brenda.

      Elon Musk (the actor that he is) has not been replaced. He is playing the part that he has to play. He has never been a good guy.

      Thesis/antithesis…or, ‘Good cop/bad cop’…makes no difference because they are both on the same side – which is not ours.

      We are on our own.

      • If we were on our own we would be all enslaved and in socialism globally LONG ago.The Holy Spirit of GOD is restraining and has been for centuries and this will continue happening until the rapture and the removal of the church and the Holy Spirit from the earth

        2 Thessalonians 2:7-10
        For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,

      • Why do folks seem so wise and then bring up the rapture lie? I don’t get it. How can yall know God’s word and then believe there is rapture. I don’t get it.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Because, like you, they have been taught a pack of lies, and then like the emotional retards that they are, they hang on to them as truths, having not checked them out to see if they are truths – there’s none so dumb as stupid, and you should know!

      • And he just keeps following me around. I really get under yoir skin. Don’t i Charles?

      • You take no prisoners? You are just making a total a** out of yourself. People all know you are a nutter Charles. I am the only one that will talk to you for the most part. You don’t care what kind of talk it is, a long as someone is responding. You are relentless nutter troll. Lol

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! The only way this is going to end is for you to clear off. Otherwise I will respond, expose and rebut everything you say, so it’s up to you Mr Virtue Signalling, Gaslighting, Lying Jew defending servant of The Adversary.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Yes and with every comment you’re exposed just that little bit more. When I have finished with you, you’ll be like a turkey all trussed up and ready for your Saturnalia celebrations!

  12. They are all from the same satanic evil gang. Everyone is playing his or her role in this satanic globalist plan

  13. It’s going to be a hard fight to step off their satanic agenda train, especially if you’re tied to the system ie: mortgage, state benefits of some kind. Any and all things that you have or require to be able to get by, can and will, be used against you to force your compliance. The only way is to be totally independent, preferably with a plot of land, I understand that most people cannot manage this at all, but at least you understand their games and can try not to fall for any of the traps they set.

    • @Sadler Council, plot of land does not make anyone independent. Quite oppostie, it makes one rely on help of others who have machinery necessary for managing land, unless you can afford tractor. Crops can fail, can be eaten by the wildlife. Plus a lot of labour goes into growing it. It is trials and tribulations (apart from potatoes maybe) that’s what they say.

      • I don’t think that you are who you present yourself to be, Hunter.

        I responded to you a few days ago, pointing out that not all farming is as you describe. Actually, no farming is as you describe.. You got your seasons and your sprayings all wrong, which are fundamental errors…particularly, if you claim to be from farming stock (which you do), regardless of which part of Europe you claim to be from.

        Hmm, but…there’s something about the way you write that seems very familiar to me…you put me in mind of, ‘Annette’, the, ‘scientist’, who went to live in a fictitious village in France, with a broken leg, (whilst no travel was permitted) and contributed to, ‘Off-Guardian’, for a while.

        I’m calling you out.

        Folks, watch out for this one. It, softly softly, sucks you in, subverts and saps your will to live. Look at all Hunter’s posts. They are all, ‘might as well give up now’.

      • Hmmm… didn’t realize one needed a tractor to sustain the family farm. Wonder how we managed to survive pre-tractor.

        I think kerenibus is right, you do come across like a wet blanket. You must be a real blast at a party. LOL

      • @ChalieGoy – not even a family farm. Just a plot of land!

        I could be wrong, but I am 99.99% certain that ‘Hunter’, is an agent provocateur…except not to provoke – to suppress.

      • Kerenibus, please describe the modern farming, then. Ideally on commercial agricultural land [ not grazing]. Sounds like you have an expertise…

      • @kerenibus, where have I mentioned family farm in the UK? You are calling me out…you need my address ? You would google it and find out quickly that we are indeed small land owners (below 1ha) in the UK and my next door is a proper land owner, and a FM. I am not the only one who bought land in here. Jealous?

      • @charliegoy, of course you don’t need to have your own tractor, all you do is just to hire a farmer with one. This is why I wrote: owning a plot of land does not make you independent, quite opposite. It makes one interdependent.
        Have you seen small tractor mowers mowing grass taller than 6″? Unlikely, they would choke and break.
        Golf courses are done with tractor grass mowers, not tall grass meadows or uneven ground. This is where your next door is useful, regardless who they are and what society they belong to.

      • @kerenibus:
        Good at weeding? Look it up..naivity is sweet in children..


        Task for charliegoy? but he is already likely to know who used to own Round up brand, made by Bayer.
        And whose business is already planted in Kiev..and why Ukraine’s natural resources are so important in this conflict.

  14. Josh Blunt, if you are suspicious of him, what do you think his motivation might be?

  15. Its intresting to see all the comments on here and elsewhere about testing on animals which of course has never been done in the past. Everyone is guilty of using a product that in some way was tested on an animal. Fact! Dont get me wrong I apore cruelty to animals and would much prefer testing be done on pedos or serial killers etc, but its never going to happen. Elon is just a target because he is in the news so much. There are much worse offenders out there. Tony Blair anyone?

  16. Well done Hugo. Keep up the good work of challenging the false and coercive narrative of this fallen and world.

    • Elon’s maternal (Haldeman) grandfather (yes, the chiropractor) was head of, ‘Technocracy Inc’, (look it up) in Canada. That was a political party which was considered so dangerous that his grandfather was jailed.

      Even more odd is that the family (on both sides) are recorded as being Mennonites (similar to Amish), who eschewed technology.

      Even more curious, however, is how his grandfather managed to leave Canada…and fall straight into an emerald mine in South Africa – which seems to have left them all unable to see unless one eye is covered.

      All of this information is freely available for anyone to find (you can take his family much farther back), if they have the nous to look.

      As for the ‘brain chip’…exactly how many of the monkeys survived? None.

  17. Exactly! Well said Hugo. Because they refuse to believe the truth & are blinded. There seems to be too many. I pray for their souls.
    You’re only popular if you are part of the world.
    There will be weeping & gnashing of teeth.
    Thank you Hugo🙏🏼🕊

    • Why pray for them , god will judge them on their actions , pray your own actions are just and those of your loved ones for if you are saved , then you will witness a terrible horror in faith .

      • Hey Andy. I am a little confused on what you just said. We are to pray for others and our enemies

  18. Bravo! Better than any sermon that I can recall during those days when I attended church service. Hugo surely is a man of the people, and the world is truly upside down and inside out. I wrote the following this morning and I’ll write it again here.

    No doubt, The Adversary, better known as Satan, is messing with us big time. It feels very powerful after thousands of years of lying, thieving, perverting, and murdering. Finally, victory is within its grasp. It’s so close it can almost taste it, if only it had a body.

    Although this world is destined to come to an end, we do not have to submit to it happening in our lifetimes. We can set it on its heels if we could only muster the spirit of God to get behind us. I know, I know, it’s a tall order, but anything’s possible in the eyes of God.

    So, what will it be? Do we roll over and kiss our asses goodbye, or do we resist in every way we know how never taking our eyes off our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the process. Fight or flight? Which shall it be?

    • It doesn’t matter whether you fight or flight , the world will end and each and every one will be resurrected to face final judgment . Are you a true disciple ? If your not you will perish , if you are then you will witness everything and everyone you cared about perished before you , who hadn’t found faith . Are you ready …

      • So you would turn your back on the ones you loved , securing your place in a promised land … mr goy

      • Resist what ? Mr goy and your watcher ttnd Charles . I started with nothing and I’ll stop with nothing , that’s my creators wish , I am humble to my place . You are both delusional in your own importance . I need say no more for you know your own trespass .

      • @Andy, You’re a liar, for there IS NO JUDGEMENT FOR THOSE BORN OF YAH!
        Romans 8:1 (MCV) There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Messiah Yashua (Christ Jesus).

      • @Andy – I’m at a loss what you’re all in a dither about. Lighten up, brother, and help me understand. Delusional in my own importance? Please explain. And addressing me as Mr goy… wow, so formal. Really, it’s not necessary. Peace and God bless.

      • And the troll keeps showing his face. The nutter who follows folks around

      • You are an enemy of Christ. You are not cable of loving

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! Enemy of Christ? You would have know Christ in order to discern what an enemy of Christ is and you don’t know Christ for you’re a lover and defender of those that crucified Him. You are one evil lying illegitimate!

      • The true liar as spoken agian. That’s why everyone stays away from you. A nutter in the house.

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy!

        Talmud samples:

        ANIMAL CHILDREN Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

      • You just called yourself an animal. What is wrong with you nutter crunch?

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy!

        Here’s one just for you:

        SERVING JEWS Midrasch Talpioth 225 “The Non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves.” [2]

        You are a very good slave to your Jewish masters!

      • I am very important to him. Poor Charles. Stays under my comments. And he still hasn’t proven a thing.

      • I am far from being scared Charles. You have already proven yourself to be an all out Nutter. Boy Nutter fits you.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! A nutter to you and Phillip Patrick Jones! Hilarious! I would cry if that carried any weight or was the least bit significant! You two know-nothing morons are a couple of jokers!

      • We both know you are a liar and a Rabbi. RABBI CHARLES. Satans messenger

      • Satanist that is so used to his owns lies. Well what a pity Charles. But here is the thing. You absolutely do know you are a liar.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! I’ll know I am liar when you PROVE that I am a liar and I am still waiting for you make an argument based upon Scripture! Let me remind you what Peter said:

        1 Peter 3:15 (MCV) But sanctify The Yahavah Yah in your hearts: AND BE READY ALWAYS TO GIVE ANSWER TO EVERY MAN THAT ASKETH YOU a reason of the Hope that is in you with meekness and in awe of Him:

      • Loccie got it right. You have your own version the MCV. My Corrupted Version. Wow dude you are really exposed

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! So, excrement for brains, I have called you out more than once on what version you use, but again no reply to my questions. Yet more fear based silence. Now why would that be Mr Retard – what are you hiding – The ESV perhaps, or The NIV, or could it even be the so-called inerrant KJV? Put up, or shut up!

      • Look you Rabbi. No one would hate Christians as much as you if they were not a Jew. The Jews hate Jesus Christ. You are an antichrist.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Explain how someone becomes a Christian? Once you have done that, we will know if you actually know what a Christian is!

      • I just get under you skin. Don’t I Charles, the antichrist? You have to follow me around showing your face. How is your morning Charles the Satanic messenger?

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! Under my skin? LOL You flatter yourself, but then we already knew that you were all ego, and no substance, so no surprises there.

      • Hello Charles 👋 I must be an important part of your day.

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! There’s that ego again – keep polishing it, but I doubt it will ever shine.

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! LOL now you’re seeing threats!!! Boy! you need psychiatric help, unless you can reveal and prove what these threats are! and you call me nuts!! This will be fun!

      • Your actions would be threading to anyone. That’s why Noone will challenge you. But regardless nutter. I will.

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! What actions? Just because I expose you for what you are – a lover of Christ killing Jews? Tough! is all I can say to that.

      • @Jeff – I can’t help to laugh witnessing a master at work. He challenges your calm drawing out out your bluff and bluster.

        By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life. (Proverbs: 22:4)

      • CharlieGoy. Why arebyou getting involved? For you to even sit and beleive anything this guys is unbelievable to me. I have no fight with you. Please stay put of this

      • @CharlieGoy Hi Charlie, yes bluff and bluster! That just about sums the egotistic moron up – a bag of wind, as I have called him on numerous occasions, but his pea sized brain is impervious to it. LOL

      • Everyone knows you on here dude. They know you are a troll. And you have a few fans that continue to embrace you. I find it very strange that these guys see you as a Christian. And keep popping up to defend you. The same two guys. Why in the world would anyone defend your beliefs? I have no problems with CharlieGoy. I will continue to call you out for the anti christ you are and defend the word of God

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! Like Paul said, I am not here to please men, but to please Yah only, and I echo his words. You, however, are only here to please the Christ killing Jews.

      • You sure aren’t pleasing the Father with your pure hatred. That’s for sure. You are pleasing the evil one

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy!

        Talmud samples:

        NIDDAH Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

      • @jeff – I have no fight with you either, brother. Our ego defines us and can destroy us.

        God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; (Romans 3:4)

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! I boast only in Yashua Messiah, for if it wasn’t for Yashua Messiah, I would not be here exposing you for what you are – an anti-Christ.

      • And has Cow sex. Freaken disgusting You are truly sick. Why would you admit that.

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy!

        Talmud samples

        SICK PIGS Orach Chaiim 57, 6a “The Non-Jews have to be avoided, even more than sick pigs.”

        Your gaslighting is very low grade.

      • @jeff – We all have egos. Our ego defines us. It’s our best friend and our worst enemy.

      • @jeff – Jesus says in Matthew 22:39, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. ‘nuff said.

      • @jeff – I try to love all people, in my own way, but that’s a topic for another day. I give you the last word.

      • Well then stop defending Charles for no good reason. I have no problem with you.

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy!

        Talmud samples

        REPLACEMENT OF GOYIM ore Dea 337,1? “As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so you shall replace dead Non-Jews.” [4]

      • Look. Mr decieverdoctrine. Leave the cows and donkeys alone. You sicko

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy!

        “We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.”

        — Rabbi Reichorn, in Le Contemporain, July 1st, 1880

      • @Jeff, the Zionist Commie libtard shabbos goy! Gaslighting again – you’re not improving with practise!

        “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks we have forced the CHRISTIANS into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since CHRISTIANS massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on CHRISTIAN wars. Over one hundred million CHRISTIANS have been swept off the earth by wars and the end is not yet!”

        — Rabbi Reichorn, 1869.

      • Yet another quote from your brothers lol. Wow dude

      • You talk about gaslighting. You are using quotes from Jewish Rabbi you claim to hate. See I am in to you. You are one of them. A Poser. Using quotes from the ones you call serpents. Wow

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! I use anything and anyone that exposes the Christ killing Jews for what they are, even Jews themselves (example below), whilst you grovel like a low life amoeba and defend them.

        “We are a chosen people. Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we Jews are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”

        — The Jew, Harold W. Rosenthal

      • Yet another quote of his Jewish brothers again

      • Projecting. Huh? Lol. You are continually sending quotes from the ones you said are lairs and serpents. Its because you are a Jewish Rabbi. ✡️

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Hey excrement for brains I have already told you that I use anyone and anything to expose the Serpent Seed Canaanite Jews, and that includes Jews! And you’re still gaslighting!

      • Why are you calling your Rabbi brothers serpents Charles? 🐍

      • @jeff – It’s unfortunate that the chronology of messages gets jazzed up on this site, so I refer to what you said here.

        “Loccie got it right. You have your own version the MCV. My Corrupted Version. Wow dude you are really exposed”

        Imagine if you will, devoting half your life to understanding God’s Word and finding corruptions along the way in the English translation. At some point, I would imagine, it would be difficult to repeat them. That’s what I believe is going on here.

        So, take that for what it’s worth and don’t attack the messenger, and while you’re at it, why don’t you back off and seek understanding instead of building walls?

      • Loccie did get it right. Sorry. Why do you keep defending this nutter? Very strange. He is an anti christ. It’s obvious to anyone with discernment

      • You just keep showing your face. Don’t you Rabbi Charles

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Wherever you leave yourself like a sitting duck I’ll be there – just like spreading soft butter on toast. LOL

      • @jeff – Why don’t you defend yourself with scripture against what Charles has to say? Instead, you just sling mud and shit around, and then you brag of being the only one to stand up to him. LOL

        There is no honor in your behavior. Show me in your version of God’s Word where you are justified.

      • Charlie don’t come here acting like you are defending this guy. You seem to always pop up when Charlie’s is losing his wits. He is nut and he has absolutely not proven anything except that he is a nutter. Anyone teaching a serpent seed doctrine is one of them or just a nut. He is a Jew. A Rabbi. Who are you to keep getting involved. Very suspect 🤔

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth!

        Genesis 3:15 (KJV) And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between THY SEED and HER SEED; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.

      • You crackpot. Do you honestly think sending your twisted scriptures will change my mind or anyone else’s that you are a nutter 🧈 butter. I beg you Rabbi. Please come to Jesus and stop hating on Christians.

      • Who is calling the KJV twisted? You use the MCV. My Corrupted Version. Right?

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth!

        Genesis 3:15 (KJV) And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between THY SEED and HER SEED; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.

        This verse is from the KJV, dumb head, and you’re calling it twisted – so you’re found out yet again. I don’t know why you bother commenting – you make a fool of yourself every time! So how many seeds are there, Mr Twisted evil mind?

      • @jeff – I’m not going to get into a pissing contest here, so once again, I’ll give you the last word… but before I go.

        You seem to think your impression of me matters when I couldn’t care less. And then you get your panties all in a bunch when I have the audacity to get involved! LOL

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! You will be the only one doing that – just a matter of when, not if.

      • You are a defending a Rabbi. Why? Are you one also? Charles does just fine making a fool out himself without you. 😒

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! So you’re gaslighting Charlie now. You really are a piece of excrement.

      • @jeff

        Only in cyberland could such an exchange exist. In the real world, jeff would have his ass handed to him.

        Step up to the plate, jeff, and take your swings like a man instead of throwing spitballs from the dugout.

        I must admit, Charles, I’m having a good laugh from the bleachers. Play ball!

      • CharlieGoy is just another lover of Rabbi Charles. All three Charlie’s must hang out together Cause all the Charlie’s can’t help themselves and attack me. Yall have to pile up on me. Can hang by yourselves. Attack in packs of Charlie’s. In three’s.

      • Please CharlieGoy don’t start showing your Rabbi face

      • What is your purpose for defending this slimeball? Do you also beleive in serpent seed doctrine? 🤔 You have no business attacking me. Thats whats bizarre. I have to fend off two serpent seed nuts Charles can’t handle by himself.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth!

        How many SEEDS, scum bag?

        Genesis 3:15 (KJV) And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between THY SEED and HER SEED; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.

      • And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.
        This is the only Bible verse I am leaving you devil. It’s pretty cut and dry. Now go back in your satanic hole with your Talmud teachings. The Jews have corrupted everything to blot out the name of Jesus Christ and you are Jew that works for them. You really think wide awake folks buy your nonsense 😒

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! So you want to create a contradiction eh? Of course you do. You’re a satanic follower of contradiction creators:

        Genesis 4:1 Did EVE Really Say: “I have Gotten a MAN From The Lord?”:

        First from the Aramaic Targums:

        “Genesis 4:1 And the woman saw Sammael, the angel of death, and she was afraid and knew that the tree was good for food, and that it was a remedy for the enlightenment of the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise. She took of its fruit and ate and also gave (it) to her husband and he ate.”

        Second from the Aramaic Targum, pseudo-Jonathan:

        “Genesis 4:1 Adam knew that his wife Eve had conceived from Sammael the Angel (of death) and she became pregnant and bore Cain. And he was like those on high and not like those below. And she said: ‘I have got a man from the angel of the LORD’.”

        Third from the Targum Onkelos: THE TARGUM OF PALESTINE IV:

        “Genesis 4:1 And Adam knew Hava (Eve) his wife, who had desired (lusted after) the Angel; and she conceived, and bare Kain; and she said, I have acquired a man, (from) the angel of the Lord. And she added to bear from her husband Adam his twin, (superfetation) even Habel (Abel). And Habel was a shepherd of the flock, but Kain was a man working in the earth. (All brackets mine)

        Fourth from the Rabbinic work of Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer: (See link below.)

        “Genesis 4:1 And she saw that his likeness was not of earthly beings, but of the heavenly beings, and she prophesied and said: I have gotten a man from the Lord.”

      • Stop sending me links to your demonic site. You fool. Do you really think 🤔 i will read it. I have seen enough of your site that I get sick to my stomach. I had to get off. Its pure evil. You are pure evil.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Why are you frightened of The Truth Mr Jeffstein, and why does The Truth make you sick to your stomach. What are you basing your beliefs on that you should call The Truth demonic. Who taught you all the crap that fills your head? Do you realise the number of lashes you will receive increases with each of your evil comments?

        Even this papist has you retard morons banged to rights: https://archive.org/details/people-in-general-are-ignorant-emotional-retards-and-all-from-a-papist-bishop

      • Still sending links to your demonic site. I pray that the weak will not get near your site

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! So what are you offering people – feel free to give us all a laugh?

      • Serpent seed, dual seed or two-seedline is a controversial religious belief which explains the biblical account of the fall of man by saying that the serpent in the Garden of Eden mated with Eve, and that the offspring of their union was Cain. This appears in early Gnostic writings such as the Gospel of Philip (c. 350). This teaching was explicitly rejected as heresy by Irenaeus[1] (c. 180), one of the early church fathers, and later by mainstream Christian theologians. According to The Celtic Church In Britain, by Leslie Hardinge, the early Celtic church taught the belief in the seduction of Eve by the serpent.
        Notable proponents of the serpent-seed doctrine have included Daniel Parker (1781–1844),[2] William M. Branham (1909–1965),[3]:98 and Arnold Murray (1929–2014).
        This belief is also held by some adherents of the white supremacist theology known as Christian Identity, who claim that the Jews are descended from the serpent.[4][5] It is considered heresy by the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and by most Protestants.[6] The Unification Church, for example, teaches that Eve committed adultery with the devil, but does not teach the serpent-seed doctrine. A section of the Mormon Fundamentalist group Church of the Firstborn (LeBaron order) led by author and publisher Fred Collier out of Hanna, Utah adhere to a form of “two Seedline” doctrine.[7]

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! TWO SEEDS TRUTH, not doctrine – you’re the arsehole with all the doctrine, and it’s only controversial to shabbos goys that fellate mutilated penises like you do.

      • You mean the two seed myth. Lol. This heresy is good for you cause you can openly be a bigot

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Ah yes ‘BIGOT’ yet another give away that I am dealing with a Cultural Jew Marxist, and not a Christian, for (((they))) love the ‘BIGOT’ slogan:

        Are You A Cultural Jew Marxist Or A Christian?…:

        You see Mr Jeffstein, I expose you at every turn you make, and you cannot win!

      • Your stats? Lmbo. You mean the fools that went to your site. I saw the years. Not that many people you liar. And another thing. You come on this site with your foul mouth and you are so nice on your site. You Rabbi deciever. You don’t allow what you consider negative feedback on your site. Let me go to your site and call you a Rabbi. Which you are. And see how you respond. Rabbi Charles

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! If it were inapplicable it would be foul but as it fits a treat where you’re concerned then so be it!

      • You are still quoting your Rabbi brothers. Use your own brain for once. I need another from Rabbi Silver

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Oh yes I use TRUTH no matter what the source, haven’t you not learned that basic yet Mr Jeffstein?

      • Ok Jeffstein it is. Now answer the dam question Rabbi 🙄 what does a serpent seed look like. We need to know. You are a true messenger of huhhhhh? Well you know who. So please tell messenger Rabbi Charles. What do they look like?

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! If you don’t know, with all your ‘discernment’, then I ain’t gonna tell ya – watch out for that ditch!

      • Calling me a Demon will not work Charles the Rabbi Jew impersonator. You have no power over me. A demon calling someone a demon. Nice try.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Oh I have ALL THE POWER over you, hence I have already defeated you numerous times. You’re a loser of losers that runs on ego and nothing else, and no matter how much you try a polish it that SOB will not shine. LOL

      • Its totally amazing how you talk about others having egos. 😳

      • Nobody is reading your links. Now tell us what the serpents look like? We are waiting

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! The stats tell me otherwise so you can shove your wishful thinking where the sun don’t shine.

      • What does a serpent seed look like Charles? And have you looked at their penises? You are a penis expert now. What do does a serpent seed look like Charles?

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Strange how this black fella knows your (((masters))) better than you do:

        “Hooknoses are trying to BLACKWASH European history. Besides the physical aspect of “white genocide”, there’s the academic and historical side as well. On all fronts, white identity is under attack. Racial pride and the ignoring of the white guilt factor is what can preserve white heritage. (((They))) are preparing and brainwashing ethno European youngsters minds. Since hooknoses do control all facets of information including history, academia, entertainment and media… I WOULD BE DAMNED IF (((They))) are going to promote these racial lies against whites… Fact is, there’s NO group of Africans that can rival the Europeans in intellect and creativity.”

        — Darnell Givens, Black-American anti-Jews, anti Cultural Marxist activist, Jan 10, 2018

      • Stop sending propaganda quotes Rabbi Charles.
        What 😳 do the serpents 🐍 🤔 look like Charles? Identify them please.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Good propaganda is fine! and I know it’s good ‘cos it’s pissing you off!

      • Only in Cyberland would three Charles attack one guy. Only in Cyberland would Charles make a total a** out of himself claiming there is a serpent seed among us. I sure would like to see Charles go on a Jewish site and spout this nonsense 🙄 He ain’t got the balls. He is coward. Let me know Charles if you decide to go on a Jewish site and spout your nonsense.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Oh poor little Jeff says he’s being attacked – that sounds just like a Jew playing his violin and the victimhood card. (((They))) have trained you well Mr Jeffstein!

      • Stop concentrating on poor little Jeff getting attacked. Personally I can take it. But it pretty darn obvious to anyone. But please Charles. Answer the rest of it.
        Go to a Jewish site and spout off your nonsense Mr brave demon soul. I would love to see that exchange

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Did you enjoy the video Mr Jeffstein I thought you would, ‘cos it’s right up your street!

      • Rabbi Charles. Nobody with a normal mind. Would go to your site. Wow

      • @jeff

        Who’s this other Charlie?

        Hmmm… I remember a character called thewholeworldisdeceived or something like that who was reduced to babbling rubble recently on this forum and vanished. He was buddy-buddy with loccie and also did that ‘Charlie thing’ except he accused them to be the same person.

        I wonder if jeff in the reincarnation of thewholeworldisdeceived.

        By the way, this thread is almost one hundred messages strong… impressive.

      • The whole world is deceived. Wow you are correct. And since you want to defend Charles. I guess that makes you decieved also

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Charlie’s not defending me, Charlie is defending The Truth from a lying demon possessed viper called Jeff who spends his time defending the indefensible! Charlie is doing a great job too!

      • And I wonder if the three Charlie’s are the same persons. Its seems pretty dam obvious. Why would three Charles attack me. I had no beef with the other two. Very freaken weird. You just poped out of blue with the same freaken name. Give me a break. Its freaken ridiculous. I ask you a question. If you want to attack me for no reason. This is about me and the supposed independent Charles. Do you beleive in his evil blog? And his Jewish beliefs? He acts like a Jewish person who hates Christians. He is an actor and a poser. He uses Jewish names for God. Babylon is where he resides.

      • Mr Rabbi Charles. The serpent seed Caananite jew poser

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! So you acknowledge that there is such a thing as The Serpent Seed, I thought you said that it was a load of garbage – and I KNOW that you did!? So which is it you dip stick!? LOL Looks like I making progress with Hugo Talks in-house demon!

      • The only demon is you. Now tell me demon 😈 What do serpent seed Jews look like? Break it down genius

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Well you should know ‘cos you’re now acknowledging that they exist! So you tell us Mr Jeffstein!

      • Answer the dam question manipulator. What do they/the serpents looks like? Please help us to understand

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! I thought you said that you have discernment – if you have, then you would know what they look like, and you have admitted that they exist, so it’s now over to you as you’re the latest expert.

      • You are one big time manipulater Rabbi Charles. I have not admitted a dam thing. Wow. You say they are real. And I would like you to identify them for me. How do I identify a serpent seed? 🤔 What are these characteristics?

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Yes you have, for you accused me of being serpent seed so, according to you, they must exist! I manipulate nothing but I do highlight the TRUTH, which of course YOU HATE! Just like in these verses:

        Matthew 15:21-28 (KJV) Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon. 22 And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. 23 But he answered her not a word. And His Learners came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. 24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of House of Israel. 25 Then came she and worshipped Him, saying, Lord, help me. 26 BUT HE ANSWERED AND SAID, IT IS NOT FITTING TO TAKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL’S BREAD AND CAST IT TO DOGS. 27 AND SHE SAID TRUTH, LORD; yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table. 28 Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy Faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! And help you to understand? How could I help a deaf and blind guide on his way toward that proverbial ditch? – IMPOSSIBLE!

      • What do the serpents 🐍 🤔 look like Rabbi Charles?

      • @Jeff, The emotional retard, Zionist, Commie shabbos goy filth! Look you profess to be a follower of a jesus, so why don’t you pray and ask him what they look like – he’s bound to know, for he’s one of ’em according to you, isn’t he? LOL

      • What the heck are you saying. Jeff is the reincarnation of the whole world is decieved. How can someone be a reincarnation of the whole world is decieved. Thats makes no sense dude. Yall say some confusing stuff.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine

        So, I updated myself this morning on the plethora messages posted since retiring last night. A few thoughts if I may.

        How does one receive discernment without being open to possibility?

        The futility of dealing with a frightened and delusional mind.

        The importance of differentiating style from substance.

        And this. Imagine a boxing match between a fierce and tireless fighter in the ring with an opponent who refuses to go down. Every round he takes a pounding but manages to get back to the corner only to get pounded in the next. At some point, the referee must intervene and stop the carnage.

        So, I’m stepping into the ring once more and asking this to stop. I’ll leave it at that. Peace.

      • That means you have a delusional mind following Rabbi Charles.

      • Discernment surely is a gift Rabbi. All the Charlie’s definitely don’t have. All the Charlie’s are awake. At least Charlie’s are awake now. Lol.

      • The Rabbi calling me Jeffstein. Neat trick Rabbi Charles the satanic messenger. Look you, yourself and yourself. Go meditate 🧘‍♀️ and see what other trash and fifth of Satan yall can come up with.

      • @CharlieGoy Hi Charlie, You’ll be pleased to know that I have removed the dust from shoes re Mr Jeffstein – something I should have done a while ago. I let him waste far too much of my precious time – my mistake – thanks, too, for your wise words.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine – Hi Charles. I was writing my farewell to this topic apparently when you were writing yours, so I’ll say my piece.

        “Discernment is a gift of The Set Apart (Holy) Spirit. And Mr Jeffstein is devoid of both.” Indeed. Throw in delusional and irrational thinking and you have a lost cause.

        I suspect jeff is almost ready to hit the mat. First, he appeared as thewholeworldisdeceived, returned as jeff, and surely will try again looking to change the world by appealing to ego.

        Of course, he will fail again because we know what appeals to ego. I’m done with this Hugo Talks topic with its 258 comments, possibly a new high. I’ll see you in the next one. Peace… and thank you.

      • @CharlieGoy Yes, I knew he was ‘thewholeworldisdeceived’. I also thought he was Chaplain Bob Walker as well, but I don’t think so now. He was also ‘houstontexans2015fan’ which was another handle that disappeared after a short while.

        As for him changing the world, I have no idea what he stands for so what would he change it to? He’s all irrational emotion and ego and totally devoid of any argument so all I got was bitch sniping like an embittered old hag. Anyway the dust is removed from my shoes and he’s now in The Yahavah’s hands, so rather him than me!

        Matthew 10:14 (MCV) And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words of Truth, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in The Day of Evaluation, than for that city or for that man.

  19. There is little difference between Elon Musk and Yuval Noah Harari in terms of transhumanism.

  20. I don’t think Musk has any strategy as he is only an actor.
    Apparently he paid $44 billion for Twitter worth $5 billion. I does not make sense.
    He could create his own social network for a fraction of that amount of money he allegedly spend on Twitter.

    I think this neural link is a joke.
    His family originates from wealthy South Africans so he must be the offspring of one of the stooges of Rothschild.

    • Hugo, I think you nailed it into the head. People have no foundation and as you said are prone to strong delusions delivered 247 by the Intelligence.

    • but it’s unbelievable how many people of all trades and high intelligence buy into this “Musk the savior” psyop. But like Brendon and Miles said the Intelligence had to rump up the Woke, LGBTQ+ agenda to ridiculous levels (in the meantime a great distraction) to swing the public opinion onto another famous and ready stooge.

    • Well – look into it yourself, Flavius. It’s not difficult.

      They don’t originate in South Africa.

      I’ll give you a clue. You’ll need both the paternal and maternal lines…and they are both registered as coming from Canada…as Mennonites, coming from Germany.

      His grandfather was the head honcho of, ‘Technocracy Inc’, in Canada, and went to jail for it. Need I say more?

      I don’t think that you do any research of your own, Flavius…so I don’t trust anything else you have to say.

      • So where was these gems from that young Musk filled his pockets to pay for stuff?

        Ok so what is the use of your findings?
        The “fact” that his father was from Technocracy Inc. or that they are from German Mennonites?
        It has no use.
        These people’s biographies are made up and you believe that his father went to jail for real.
        It’s all written to lead researchers to nowhere to some Mennonite village.
        It’s quite similar to Assange’s alleged upbringing.

        I don’t need to do any research on this spook because Miles W. Mathis already did it 7 years ago.
        Great thanks to people who do a proper background check of these characters because I wouldn’t do it. They look and behave worthless.
        Just watched a bit of his TED 2022 propaganda talk. This guy is uncomfortable for most of the time. This is not a real CEO regardless but they try to cover this up by making him some sort of a genius so all these observations supposed to be ignored.

      • @kerenibus – I tend to agree with Flavius Stilicho. I can’t believe in much of anything these days. Flavius admitted not doing the research you feel necessary by saying, “Ok so what is the use of your findings?”

        Bottom line, it doesn’t matter because we know Elon Muskmelon is a front-man, a puppet like Hugo calls him regardless of his bloodline or status as slave to Satan or Royal Order of the Buffalo (Flintstone’s reference). We’re in a heap of trouble and we need to resist their Beast System in every way we are capable of resisting… period!

      • I’ve posted what I know numerous times on this website. The emerald mine? I’ve also posted about that.

        You say that you don’t need to do any research because Miles Mathis has done it all for you – but Miles doesn’t know everything. I took his research as a starting point and took it a bit further.

        BTW – it wasn’t Elon’s father. It was his maternal grandfather. You couldn’t even be bothered to read my post, properly.

        His affiliation to ‘Technocracy Inc’, and his going to jail is a matter of record – if you know his name – which you haven’t been bothered to notice.

        You are right in what you say about people who do a proper background check – because, as you say, you wouldn’t do it.

        Which says it all about you.

      • @CharlieGoy. I want to know, exactly, who these f*ckers are and I have spent a long time trying to find out. None of them are getting off the hook – even if it is only my hook.

        It matters to me, my ancestors and my grandchildren…

        And, I’m nearly there.

      • @kerenibus
        My approach to research does not say “everything” about me.

        If Miles Mathis wrote 11 page article about Musk but according to you he does not know everything like you do so where is your paper about Musk?
        Miles does not waste time arguing with some wretched non-researchers like me at HugoTalks.com comments section or anywhere really.

        Some people need proofs to know the truth some do not. They just look at the person and they know.
        Miles does not write articles for his own sake or for his awakening. He already knows the core mechanisms.
        It’s his sport, writes primarily for others to yet again prove his initial assertions that the game is rigged, they steal trillions and destroy culture and arts.

        By the way is it you who the other day stated departure from HugoTalks.com because of too much Christian stuff? Maybe it was someone else. If it’s you I would suggest you cut on research, fact checking and start relying more on your gut feelings / belief.
        Don’t be like Thomas the Apostle (John 20:25)
        Because in this world there is no brain that can process all the information garbage Intelligence produces 247. At some point you develop some shortcuts to save time and mental health. If they did false flags in the past do I have to check every following event as well? No. I just assume it’s again the same shit. From time to time I could be wrong.

        Indeed. I am not perfect and I am not going to spend my whole life to research everything. I made mistakes on the way of awakening but what I found is that the whole spectrum is peppered with CIA and other agents.
        If a spook is from Hopkins Institute or from Chatam House or from Knights of Malta is irrelevant because they are all Phoenicians pushing the same agenda.
        Miles uses that term and I also adopted it.
        There are other bad people that are not Phoenicians but Phoenicians are crème de la crème of the shysters. The world is out of balance, they have to be exposed and taken down.
        I would not expect that in 2022 I will be supporting USA in this struggle because places like China, Russia, EU and UK are already set for new gulag system. They made sure the banking is in the hands of few. Maybe the situation in UK is not that bad but there was a number of acquisitions and mergers since 2008.
        But in EU in the last 20 years 20000 smaller banks (yes 20k banks not branches) disappeared from the financial sector.
        And a single CBDC central bank per one multi-polar region is a Phoenician dream come true.
        US is one of few places where the banking sector regardless of Wall Street and enormous debt it is still overall healthier because it’s diversified.

      • @kerenibus – I took your words to heart and feel I was a bit offhand in my last comment. It is important to develop informed opinions of people of influence and to understand significant events as overwhelming as that task may be.

        As for letting anybody and anything off the hook, my confidence in the establishment / Beast System is so poor that they’re all on my hook until I let them off.

        @Flavius Stilicho – I read the paper you referenced on Elon Musk written by Miles Mathis. I found it interesting but the nature of his analysis and presentation of facts gave me a bit of indigestion.

        Not being familiar with the work of Miles W. Mathis, I decided to do a little research on his body of work and what I found reinforced my initial suspicions. I refer you to this article, An Open Letter to Miles Mathis, Part One => http://blog.banditobooks.com/an-open-letter-to-miles-mathis-part-one/ written by Allan C. Weisbecker for example.

        I will need to investigate both individuals further before solidifying my opinion, but the forecast calls for rain. Peace.

      • @CharlieGoy, Hi Charlie, Mathis is definitely disinfo – his Adolf Hitler crap is enough to expose him for what he is. Another one out there is aangirfan with his ‘pink Nazis’. They’re both lackeys for The Tribe.

      • @CharlieGoy
        Miles Mathis is not always correct but regardless he made a bunch of good observations.
        He is correct that Stephen Hawking was dead long ago and was replaced with some other dude who don’t even look like him.
        He is also mostly correct about Hitler pointing out that he basically repeated Napoleon’s epic fail a century earlier.
        I don’t think he is correct about JFK’s death and Mussolini’s execution to be faked but Hitler’s suicide most likely was.

        He is an able hunter of Joos and he is good at it of course sometimes he makes farfetched assumptions but I prefer his ultimate suspicion.
        He also exposed a lot of spooks and celebrities with fake biographies.

        Of course he could be one of the spooks and according to his own quote a plant that tell a lot of truth to salt in lies.
        I haven’t verified Weisbecker’s claims that Miles is some Brit because he used “shite” and “twelvemonth”.
        I have been emailing Miles for over 2 years and this man exists.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine – That helps, thanks. aangirfan with his “pink Nazis”? That’s hilarious! I’m going to have to check that out when I’m in need of a good laugh. Peace, brother.

      • @CharlieGoy, Hi Charlie, Yes another one who promulgates the ‘pink Nazis’ garbage is Henry Makow, but he’s a Jew, so no surprises there! Having said that, for a Jew, Makow is not too bad, as he does put out quite a bit of Truth and spills the beans quite often on his tribe – a bit like Milton Kapner, aka Brother Nathaneal, the fake orthodox Christian.

      • @Flavius Stilicho – Respectfully, if I may point out the beginning of your first four lines.

        “Miles Mathis is not always correct… He is correct… He is also mostly correct… I don’t think he is correct…” Seems like we must already know what Miles Mathis is telling us before he tells it. Not much value in that!

        As for Weisbecker’s claims that Miles is some Brit because he used “shite” and “twelvemonth”, that’s a minor consideration compared to the unbelievable body of work this self-described “one man show” claims to have produced. As for his scientific prowess, he appears to be Euclid, Blaise Pascal, and Isaac Newton all rolled into one.

        And we get it all for free! I grew up with mom telling me there’s no such thing as a free lunch and as best I can tell, she was right!

    • I don’t think he bought twitter, especially not for that amount of money. 😂😂😂

    • I like the other video, 101 instances of the use of the phrase “deadly virus” in films/t.v over the decades.

      • Thanks for taking the time to watch it. Much appreciated.

  21. All and every freemason, is an actor in a gigantic Con run by Lucifer himself, to take souls to Hell.
    They all play their parts and their group is run exactly like the social credit system.
    The more they serve and are useful to satan, and the devil’s agenda, the big Con, the more money power, status and rewards they receive.
    When they are no longer useful actors their fortunes and fame dwindle.
    The social credit system has been around a long time.
    The whole con is to convince you God does not exist Jesus is a con and a lie and replace God with themselves.
    It is what Lucifer wants, to be God and use his science and technology as replacement for God’s power of creation.
    All his science and technology do is destroy life, and the earth itself, you are all too sucked in to the con to notice.

  22. Hi Hugo 😊 when you are talking about the 1 world government theory, didn’t you recognise that it is actually exist now?

    • There is no NWO yet but the agenda is very convincing to many especially to many establishment wolf packs. But I don’t think these people will settle this between themselves because how do one shyster knows he won’t be screwed by the other? He don’t and there is a fight. We don’t know the details but maybe you could enlight us if it happens you work for one of the Intelligence agencies. That would be cool

      • @Flavius Stilicho The Jesuit subversive on Hugo Talks, 100% WRONG! The Jew World Order has been in existence since the fall in The Garden of Eden and shortly thereafter with birth of Cain, and later still, fully established and consolidated with Ancient Babylon with King Nebuchadnezzar – then Persia, then Greece, then Rome!

    • They tightened the screw because shysters like Kissinger, Soros, Rothschilds can kick the bucket anytime so they have to pull it now otherwise there is a risk their softer children won’t have enough balls to enforce NWO.

  23. It’s all the same thing. Bojo when he said go out but stay in. Don’t mix with family unless family mix with you blarr blarr blarr. All mixed messages. Musk I’m the saviour of free speech but by the way I want to put a chip in your head. It’s all nonsense designed to occupy your head space with rubbish and distraction. Trust yourself disengage with the media and live your life as true to yourself as you can. Trust in God and forget the rest and you will be on the right road and fireproof.

    • He certainly seems like he needs it, watching the presentation he gave on his chip plans he came across as an utter dribbling moron.

  24. Today’s savior will be tomorrow’s en slaver sadly!

    Shame I really like Musk, his attitude and what’s he’s managed pretty much on his own, he made a site sold it, used funds to create paypal then sold that, then not sure how he made enough to start Tesla and Space X to be fair, only sold for 30million.

  25. Hugo, I learned the following about Elon Musk first-hand:

    In the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016 I drove my C-Max Energi part-time on weekend nights for Uber just to get out of the house. Late one Saturday evening at the infamous Bohemian Club in the city (SF) I picked up a well-dressed somewhat drunk elderly couple and drove them to their hilltop Oakland Hills mansion. On the way, as his wife napped, the gentleman and I talked. (Back then Uber didn’t yet offer high-priced ride options such as Uber Black or Select so occasionally I drove celebrities and famous people like Justin Timberlake from hotel W to his private jet; Facebook CFO Sheryl Sandberg from FB to the EJC at SFO; Reed Jobs from his Palo Alto home to the Fairmont in the city, etc.) So this elderly guy—obviously part of the hidden power structure (and an admitted regular attendee at Bohemian Grove)— told me Musk was an “Intelligence cut-out” and when I asked what he meant, he clarified (and I quote):

    “CIA, 5 Eyes and other organizations use actors like Musk to present new realities to the public for their acceptance and compliance.”

    When I asked, “What realities?” his response was chilling:

    “That I cannot say.”

    It was just then we had arrived at his home where he thanked me then said good night.

    • I try to tell folks Musk is just a Trojan Horse. Might possibly be an antichrist, not THE Antichrist, but one of the many antichrists the Bible speaks of.

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